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China Lake Naval Air Station, 10th May 1980


This iconic photo was taken by
V. H. Kretsinger


        "The photo was taken during the opening of the Air Show at China Lake Naval Air Station, 10 May 1980. I believe the Commanding officer of the Test Squadron was flying the plane. He initiated the ejection sequence, from the front seat, That is a mannequin in the seat. The plane is flying at about 150/200 ft.

        The photo is cropped from the original photo. In the original photo, 6" by 4", you can see the In Flight refuelling probe of a Blue Angels plane.  One and a half inches to the left of the F4H and one inch below it. The Blue Angels plane was parked on the flight ramp in front of me. I was in the crowd at the air show."


 photo V.H.Kretsinger used with permission