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  Airbases: USAF LUKE


Arizona, USA

Please Contact Me  with any omitted ejections, corrections, extra information and any pilot photos

Looking for other ejections from other types of aircraft at Luke AFB

Date Air Force A'cft Unit - Serial


crashed crew photo seat
6th February 1953
F‑84B   Luke AFB, AZ, USA Training mission ejection seat failed, pilot killed   Republic
16th January 1962
F‑104C Starfighter 57‑0924 436th TFS
479th TFW Luke AFB
engine lost power during take‑off, crashed near Luke AFB

pilot ejected safely

27th January 1982
F-16A Block 10 79-0318 16 TFTS 'HL' Luke AFB Flight control failure. Crashed into an unpopulated area Southwest of  air base pilot ejected safely   ACES II
10th February 1995
F-16C Block 42C 88-0478/LF 56th FW 308th FS
Luke AFB, Arizona
collided with F-16D 83-1185/LF which landed safely Pilot 1st Lieutenant Charles Durfee ejected safely. Both heels were broken  due to ejecting at very low altitude. Parachute not fully deployed.   ACES II
21st August 1995
F-16C Block 42C 88-0455/LF 56th FW/ 308th FS Luke AFB Routine training mission. Crashed 40 miles southwest of Prescott in a
remote area of Arizona
Capt. Nathan Hill, ejected safely   ACES II
21st December 1995
10:20 hours

F-16C Block 25D 84-1250/LF 56th FW/ 62nd FS
Luke AFB
Routine training mission. Engine failure. Crash 12 miles southwest of Winslow,
Arizona following engine failure
Lt. Col. Joseph A. Abbott, (on temporary duty from Cannon AFB) 309th FS ejected safely   ACES II
29th January 1997 USAF F-16 83-1134 61st FS
Luke AFB
  Capt. Robert Churchill   ACES II
22nd October 1998
13:00 hours

F-16 Block 42B 88-0414
310th FS
56th FW
Luke AFB

Routine air-to-air training mission. collided with F‑16C 90‑0730 shortly after take‑off 10 M N of Luke AFB, AZ, USA

Lt. Col. James Bright ejected safely   ACES II
15th December 1998
F-16C 84-1314
61st FS
56th FW

Luke AFB
Barry M Goldwater range, 40 M W of Gila Bend AFAF, AZ Maj. Will Sparrow   ACES II
7th January 1999
13:00 hours
USAF F-16 88-0154 'LF' 310th FS
Luke AFB
  Pilot Capt. Julian Chesnutt ejected   ACES II
Instructor Capt. Brian Egger ejected   ACES II
3rd February 1999
10:00 hours
USAF F-16 Block 42A 84-1034 'LF' 62nd FS
Luke AFB
Engine problems Crashed at the Barry M. Goldwater range about seven miles south of Gila Bend, Arizona Student pilot 1st Lieutenant, Esther Obert ACES II
  All Luke AFB F-16's were grounded
26th March 1999 USAF F-16 88-0490 308th FS
Luke AFB
  Capt. Michael G. Rider   ACES II
26th April 1999
18:05 hours
USAF F-16D Block 42G 89-1275 'LF' 63rd FS
Luke AFB
Landing gear lights indicated undercarriage problem. Attempts to sort problem continued until the aircraft ran out of fuel. Crashed 20 miles northwest of Luke AFB on White Tank Mt. Range  Instructor Pilot Maj. Kevin Grove   ACES II
Capt. Stephan Kleinheyer [German Exchange Pilot]   ACES II
20th September 1999 USAF F-16 83-1179 61st FS
Luke AFB
  Maj. Sharon J. Preszler ACES II
16th February 2000
12:10 hours

F‑16C Block 42F 89‑2094
63rd FS/56th FW Barry M Goldwater range, SW of Gila Bend, AZ, USA Major Anthony Barrell ejected   ACES II
  All Luke F-16's were grounded
16th June 2000
7:45 hours

F‑16C Block 25E 84‑1311
309th FS/56th FW pilot inadvertently shut down engine, 12 M WSW of Sells, AZ, USA First Lieutenant Doyle Pompa  ejected safely   ACES II
23rd July 2001
F-16D 88-0167
308th FS 56th FW
Luke AFB
Fasteners came loose in engine which caught fire, N of Gila Bend, AZ, USA Maj. Bob Egan ejected safely   ACES II
24th October 2001
F-16 84-0217


62nd FS
Luke AFB
ran off runway during landing Maj. Yarema Sos   ACES II
11th April 2006
09:50 local

Block 25
Fighting Falcon
62nd Fighter Squadron

Can anyone confirm ???


56th Fighter Wing

Luke AFB, Phoenix, Glendale, AR. USA

Crashed in a field just after takeoff on a training flight near Cotton Lane and Camelback Road in the West Valley, about two miles southwest of Luke Air Force Base Pilot Captain Jason Attaway safely ejected and was taken to Banner Estrella Medical Center   ACES II
4th December 2006
8:30 a.m. local time

F-16D Fighting Falcon
62nd Fighter Squadron

Air Force Base Arizona USA
 Training mission. Crashed in an unpopulated area east of Highway 85 in the Barry M. Goldwater Range Instructor Pilot ejected and safe   ACES II
Student Pilot ejected and safe   ACES II
            ACES II