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  USS Carriers

USS Abraham Lincoln
Ejections & Losses

Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
25th October 1994

F-14A Tomcat 60390/ 103/NH VF-213
"Black Lions"
USS Abraham Lincoln
40 miles southwest of San Diego while
on a training flight from NAS Miramar
during final approach to USS Abraham  Lincoln
Lt. Kara Spear Hultgreen ejected too low killed
                  via Sally Spears    
Lt. Matthew P. Klemish ejected   Martin-Baker
20th September 1995
F-14A Tomcat 161146
NH 112
VF-213 Miramar from USS Abraham Lincoln

Engine exploded during high‑speed fly‑by of USS John Paul Jones

crashed 55 miles from the carrier 800
miles west of Guam
into Pacific nr Philippines
Pilot ejected - burns to upper body   Martin-Baker
WSO ejected - burns to upper body   Martin-Baker
4th December 1996
F/A‑18C   VMFA‑314 into Pacific off USS Abraham Lincoln, skidded oft the deck pilot ejected safely and landed on the carrier    Martin-Baker
29th September 2000
F/A‑18C 164681
NK 411
  Persian Gulf off USS Abraham Lincoln pilot ejected but died later   Martin-Baker