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  USS Carriers

USS Forrestal
Ejections & Losses

Please Contact Me  with any omitted ejections, corrections, extra information and any pilot photos.
Looking for other ejections from the USS Forrestal


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
Help needed completing the aircraft losses for the Forrestal including crew names and ejections.
26th September 1957
A-3     NATO Exercise. Norwegian Sea. Crashed while attempting to land aboard the carrier      
27th October 1962
F4H-1 Phantom (B) 148374 VF-74 crashed during takeoff Pilot Lt. W. C. Meintzer ejected and rescued   Martin-Baker
RIO killed.    
11th January 1966
Douglas A4D-2N Skyhawk 149510 VA-112 missing 43 miles from carrier
Mayday call
Pilot missing    
Was this Skyhawk from the USS Forrestal - Confirmation needed
1st April 1966
A4D-2N Skyhawk 147840 VA-112 crashed into water off port bow Pilot killed   no ejection
29th July 1967
F-4B Phantom II 153046 153054

                                                                         PHOTO: USN OFFICIAL

Fire on board the carriers in the Gulf of Tonkin, SEA.
134 officers and men killed
62 Injured

21 Aircraft Lost

Link to The Virtual Wall that contains the names of all those who lost their lives that day.

A ZUNI rocket was inadvertently fired from an F-4 aircraft (#110) and struck the external fuel tank of an A-4 aircraft (#405) of LCDR Fred White. Also attributed to the ZUNI hitting A-4 (#416) of John McCain

153060 153061
153066 153069
A-4E Skyhawk 149996 150064
150068 150084
150115 150118
150129 152018
152024 152036
RA-5C Vigilante 148932 149282
October 1969
E-2A   VAW-123 During a night recovery. Rolled on landed, inverted and crashed into the Meditterranean Killed    
15th January 1978
A-7 Corsair II   VA-81 Crash-landed on the flight deck striking a parked A-7 and an EA-6B. Two killed,  ten injured USA off St. Augustine, Florida pilot ejected safely and was recovered, suffering only minor injuries   Escapac
24th June 1978
A-7E Corsair II   CAW-17 Crashed into the sea during a practice bombing mission
 Ionian Sea, east of Sicily
Lt. Cmdr. T. P. Anderson, Operations Officer CAW-17 killed    
25th June 1978
A-7E Corsair II   VA-83  Crashed shortly after take-off into Ionian Sea, east of Sicily pilot ejected suffering minor injuries. Recovered by SH-3D Sea King helicopter from HS-3   Escapac
6th July 1981
A-6E Intruder 158530 /AA-5 VA-85
CV-59 USS Forrestal
crashed into the Mediterranean Sea following power loss     Martin-Baker
Lt. Cdr. Stubbs ejected Cdr. D. A Wright ejected Martin-Baker
8th July 1991


E-2C Hawkeye   VAW-122
Norfolk, Va

Uncontrollable engine fire. Operation Provide Comfort


Recovered by Helicopters from USS Forrstal and USS Yorktown

Bailed out   Parachute
Bailed out   Parachute
Bailed out   Parachute
Bailed out   Parachute
Bailed out   Parachute

My old detailer a few years back was an NFO on that aircraft but for the life of me, I can't remember his name. I think he screened for command and might be an XO or CO of a squadron right now. Another NFO on that flight was killed in an E-2C that crashed a year later when a fire burned out its hydraulics. Tough one to listen to.
Bunk22 in Forum reply 14th February 2007

Not much out there. FID relieved us on station and this happened not long after. VAW-122 with an uncontrolled nacelle fire and the crew bailed out. The plane continued on heading towards Syria and an F/A-18 from VFA-132 flown by a Lt Reilly bagged it with 20mm. E-2 crew was picked up by helo's and the Yorktown and spent little time in the water IIRC. There was a history of the Steel Jaws article in Hook in 96. I suspect the author of that might be the best source of info.
Pugs in Forum reply 14th February 2007

I am indebted to the Forum members at AIRWARRIORS aviation forum for supplying extra information on the E-2C Hawkeye loss on 8th July 1991


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