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Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
 4th January 1964
NRB‑57D 63‑3973 Wright ADC, nr Dayton, OH, USA both wings broke off in flight pilot ejected safely    
6th January 1964
Indian Navy
Sea Hawk   300 Sqdn   Lt D K Yadav   Martin-Baker
10th January 1964
Mohawk       Lt. M. Freitag   Martin-Baker
2nd Lt. Dao Dac Dao   Martin-Baker
Monday13th January 1964
B-52D 55‑0060 484 BW
Strategic Air Command
Excessive turbulence resulted in structural failure.
northwestern Maryland
Maj. Thomas W.  McCormick [pilot] ejected - survived - found Monday    
Capt. Parker C. Peedin
[co-pilot] ejected -survived - found Tuesday
??? found dead - possible ejection or bail-out    
??? found dead - possible ejection or bail-out    
Melvin Wooten
[tail gunner]  - possible ejection or bail-out - fate ???
 16th January 1964
F‑104A 56‑0830 319th FIS engine failure, crashed in sea off Homestead AFB, FL, USA pilot ejected safely    
 22nd January 1964
F‑104B 57‑1306 319th FIS engine failure, on beach nr Coronado Motel, nr Eglin AFB, FL, USA pilot ejected safely    
 22nd January 1964
 F‑105D 60‑0520 49th TFW engine exploded,, 40 M W of Wheelus AB, Libya pilot ejected safely    
 24th January 1964
F‑102A 54‑1404 496th FIS engine flamed out at 35,000 ft during  practice intercept, 50 NM NNE of Hahn AB, West Germany pilot ejected safely    
24th January 1964
809 NAS
RNAS Lossiemouth
Engine flame-out on final approach. Crashed on to runway     Martin-Baker
Lt. A J. .Goodenough ejected, injured Lt. M. J. Howitt ejected, injured Martin-Baker
28th January 1964
Scimitar F1 XD249 R/111 800 Sqn
Ferrying from Yeovilton
Hydraulic leak. Crashed into the Moray Firth off Lossiemouth, Morayshire Lt. P. E. H. Banfield ejected, injured, picked up by SAR Helicopter Martin-Baker 4C
29th January 1964
F-4B Phantom II 150433 MCAS El Toro, emergency landing, lost control on approach, 6 M from MCAS El Toro, CA, USA, 1st Lt's R. M. Pennell   Martin-Baker
K. F. Grennan ejected   Martin-Baker
31st January 1964 WGAF F-104G Starfighter 7091


MFG 1 Mid-air collision near Leck Lt Harm Zander   Lockheed C-2
31st January 1964 WGAF F-104G Starfighter 7092


MFG 1 Mid-air collision near Leck Lt Hans-Joachim Buth check serials??? Lockheed C-2


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
3rd February 1964
 F‑105D Thunderchief 59‑1821 4529th CCTS/4520th CCTW engine failure followed by fire, nr Currant, NV, USA pilot ejected   Republic
7th February 1964
F‑105D Thunderchief 62‑4345 355th TFW, 33 M SE of Eielson AFB, AK, USA hit tree during strafing pass pilot ejected   Republic
10th February 1964
Javelin FAW 9 XH747 60 Sqd Crashed into sea the off Singapore     M-B Mk.3JS
Flt. Lt. T. P. Burns ejected at 18,000 ft - 400 kts - injuries Flt. Lt. G. Sykes ejected at 18,000 ft - 400 kts - injuries M-B Mk.3JS
11th February 1964
F‑105D Thunderchief 62‑4322 421st Air Division 355th Tactical Fighter Wing  the 12th Air Force March Air Base engine failure, nr Ft Irwin, 26 M NE of Barstow, CA, USA pilot ejected   Republic
12th February 1964
Mohawk           Martin-Baker Mk 5
Capt. D. B. Gray ejected 2nd Lt. J. R. Glasscock ejected Martin-Baker Mk 5
12th February 1964
F-4 Phantom II 149454
NG 2

 in Pacific 63 M W of San Diego, CA, USA, rolled at low level. 

pilot LTJG Reneau killed LT R. W. Butler ejected. RIO was not able to contact pilot and ejected when aircraft came too low, RIO ejected safely, Martin-Baker

F-4 ejection in 1964 off San Diego....You have the RIO listed as Lt Butler...that's correct, the pilot's name was LTJG Reneau, and the squadron was VF-92.
Reneau's brother was on a Destroyer off the coast, he made a low pass and rolled, the RIO realized they couldn't recover and ejected, no time to get the pilot out with command ejection
in email 24th November 2007

18th February 1964
F‑104B 57‑1308 AFFTC went into violent roll during take‑off, NE part of Edwards AFB, CA, USA ejected   Lockheed
ejected   Lockheed
19th February 1964
Norwegian A.F.
F-84       Lt. O. Johannessen ejected   Martin-Baker
19th February 1964
F-4B Phantom II 150488
USS Independence

 in Mediterranean on flight from , fuel system failure

pilot tried to ditch the aircraft but was killed    
RIO Lt(jg) D. G. Critchfield ejected   Martin-Baker
19th February 1964
RF-8A Crusader BuNo 146869 VFP-62 / CVA-60   Pilot ejected    
20th February 1964
F-4B Phantom II 150647
NE 1
USS Midway

 in sea off Japan, crew abandoned aircraft, which was almost out of fuel,  following six abortive attempts to land on carrier

Lt. F. O. Boone ejected   Martin-Baker
Lt. D. V. Hanna ejected   Martin-Baker
25th February 1964
F-8B Crusader BuNo 145501 VMF-232 Crashed in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii 2nd Lt. D. L. Dummond ejected   Martin-Baker
25th February 1964
French A.F.
Mirage       Lt. Roux De Besieux ejected   Martin-Baker
27th February 1964
F-4C Phantom 63‑7472 WHO WAS PILOT ??

8 M S of Murphysboro, IL, USA, pilot's ejection seat inadvertently fired under negative G-forces. RIO also ejected as he was unable to fly the aircraft from the rear cockpit

Mr. C. P. Garrison ejected   Martin-Baker
Mr. B. A. McIntyre ejected   Martin-Baker
27th February 1964
Swedish A.F.
Hunter       J. L. Svanstrom ejected   Martin-Baker
27th February 1964
F‑105D Thunderchief 59‑1751 4529th CCTS/4520th CCTW Nellis AFB, NV, USA engine failure SE of approach end of runway 02R at Nellis pilot ejected safely   Republic


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
1st March 1964 RAF Hunter FGA9 XG265 20 Sqn.

Crashed at Labuan, Borneo after a fire in the rear fuselage

pilot ejected 800ft., 200kts. I.A.S. in 20degree nose down attitude. Parachute torn on ejection. Suffered fatal injuries on landing.

2nd or 3rd ??March 1964
F‑4B 148417
VF‑121 20 M E of NAS Miramar, CA, USA Lt. B. H. McCart USN ejected safely   Martin-Baker

Capt. R. E. Kemble USMC ejected safely

3rd March 1964 USAF F‑104D 57‑1329 479th TFW caught fire during refueling, nr Moron AB, Spain  ejected safely   Lockheed
 ejected safely   Lockheed
4th March 1964 USMC F-8 Crusader       Lt. J. T. Gunn ejected   Martin-Baker
4th March 1964 Swiss A.F. Vampire       Cpl. Imhof ejected   Martin-Baker
4th March 1964 German A.F. F-84F 53-7077
JBG32    O/Lt. P. Eichorn ejected   Martin-Baker
6th March 1964 USAF F‑100C 54‑2078 4510th CCTW 23 NM WSW of Needles, CA pilot ejected safely   NAA
8th March 1964 USMC Cougar       Capt. J. H. Ditto ejected    
10th March 1964
RB‑66C 54‑0451 19th TRS/10th TRW
Toul Rosiere AB, France.
Navigation error strayed outside a Berlin air corridor and was shot down approximately 16 miles inside East Germany nr Gardelegen, East Germany by 2 MiG-19S from 33 IAP based at Wittstock Pilot Capt David Holland ejected safely and captured. Was released 11 days later   Aircraft Mechanics, Inc - Upward seat

Navigator, Capt Melvin Kessler ejected safely and captured. Was released 11 days later

  AMI Upward seat
 electronics officer, Lt Harold Welch ejected and captured.  Suffered a broken leg and a broken arm, was released 11 days later   AMI Upward seat
12th March 1964
 Jet Provost T4 XP639 CFS Collided in formation aerobatic with XR670 which landed safely at Little Rissington. Aircraft crashed near Morton-In-Marsh   Gloucestershire      
Pilot, Fl. Lt. R. S. Cox, ejected in vertical dive suffering compression fracture   M-B Mk.4PI
15th March 1964 USN RF-8A Crusader BuNo 144439 VC-1 in Hawaii Lt. Cdr. J. L. Berry ejected   Martin-Baker
17th March 1964 USN F-8 Crusader       Lt. S. J. Thomas ejected   Martin-Baker
18th March 1964 Norwegian A.F. F-86       Lt. E. Aase ejected   Martin-Baker
19th March 1964 German A.F. F-86       Fw. J. Kammann ejected   Martin-Baker
25th March 1964 Rolls Royce E.E. Lightning F2    

Crashed at Keysham. Leicestershire after an inflight fire

Mr. D. Whitham ejected   Martin-Baker
XN927  / '223/LM'
809 NAS
RNAS Lossiemouth
Crashed near to Elgin, Moray, Scotland
- False engine fire warning after take-off from port engine due to fuel leak, attempted single-engined landing failed, due to rapid loss of airspeed
Lt. R. G. Richens ejected at 400ft unhurt   Martin-Baker
Lt. E. K. Somerville- Jones ejected at 400ft injured   Martin-Baker
26th March 1964 USN F‑4B 148384
USS Kitty Hawk
during test flight explosion was heard in port engine. Returned to ship and caught fire on approach to carrier, Lt. Cdr. J. R. Moore   Martin-Baker
RIO ejected on approach when aircraft pitched down - never found   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
?? April 1964 USN F‑4B   VF‑143 Engines flamed out during approach to carrier near French Frigate Shoals, HI, USA ejected   Martin-Baker
ejected   Martin-Baker
1st April 1964 USN F-8A Crusader 143725 VC-2 in US Lt(jg) A. D. Jenkins ejected   Martin-Baker
5th April 1964
About 17:30
USMC F-8U Crusader     Returning from Kadena AB, Okinawa Prefecture, to Atsugi AB, Kanagawa Prefecture crashed in shopping area2 Choume, Haramachida, Machida City, Toukyou Capt. R. L. Brown ejected   Martin-Baker
11th April 1964 Chance Vought F-8 Crusader       Test Pilot Mr. R. E. "Bob" Rostine ejected   Martin-Baker
Bob was stall testing the boundary layer control system and entered an inverted flat spin at about 12,000 ft.  He was about 50 miles southwest of Dallas when he finally punched out at about 5000 ft.  He suffered a broken leg but recovered OK.  After Bob ejected, the plane recovered by itself, climbed out to the NE over downtown Dallas, ran out of fuel and crashed in a corn field in east Texas near Greenville.  Speculation was that the drag from the canopy and the ejection explosion together gave the airframe the push it needed to find some air again, but by that time Bob was gone.  The flight over Dallas was caught on the cameras mounted on the vertical stabilizer and made for some really good blooper film, as did the wheels-up landing in the corn field.  It was serious "pucker time" there at the telemetry station for awhile.  We all really got lucky that day.  Bob was never allowed to forget the incident, and I never will either.

Jim Pyeatt
LTV Aerospace, 1962-65
17th April 1964 USMC F-8C Crusader 146959 VMF-333 Location not known Ejected   Martin-Baker or Vought
17th April 1964   F‑105E 62‑4431 49th TFW in‑flight explosion , nr Simandre, France, 50 km W of Geneva. Switzerland ejected safely    
ejected safely    
21st April 1964
Hunter FGA9 XG293"F" 20 Sqn Crashed in Malaysia. Flame out after inverted climb Fl. Lt. P. S. Martin ejected at 3-400ft., 160kts I.A.S. suffered compression fracture   Martin-Baker
21st April 1964   F‑105E 63‑8264 4529th CCTW engine flamed out on approach, Indian Springs AFAF, NV. USA pilot ejected safely    
21st April 1964 USN Lockheed TV-2     Aircraft stalled shortly after take-off

Pilot was killed. Cockpit safety pins had not been removed

  M-B Mk.5
The rear seater,Lt. Charles W. Kerber [Kergber], flight surgeon [with VMA-533?], ejected at low level, through the canopy. spent 20 months in Bethesda Naval Hospital   M-B Mk.5
22nd April 1964 USN Demon       Lt(jg) H. E. Henning ejected   M-B
23rd April 1964 USN F-8E Crusader 149160 VF-124 in US Ens. P. V. Vampatella ejected
[see book in file for biography]
27th April 1964
Lightning F1     Probable flame-out on GCA and cockpit misting Pilot ejected but was killed   M-B Mk.4BSA


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
5th May 1964 Danish A.F. Lockheed T-33       Sgt. J. Pedersen   Martin-Baker
Fl. Lt. B. Nielsen   Martin-Baker
8th May 1964 German A.F. F-84       O/Lt. J. Lemm ejected   Martin-Baker
9th May 1964 USAF F‑105B 57‑5801 Thunderbirds broke up in flight during 6G pitch‑up for landing Hamilton AFB, CA, USA pilot ejected but was killed   Republic
11th May 1964 RAF Vulcan B2 XH535 A. & A.E.E.   co-pilot Flt Lt. R. L. Beeson B Sqn, A&AEE ejected sustaining major injuries ejected at 2,5000 ft   Martin-Baker
captain Mr. O. J. Hawkins TP - Avro ejected shortly after at 2,000 ft   Martin-Baker
11th May 1964 WGAF F-104G Starfighter 8142 AG 51 Engine failure at Manching

Capt. Norbert Senger ejected successfully

11th May 1964 USN A-4E Skyhawk       Lt. J. H. Fetterman Ejected Douglas
12th May 1964 Norwegian Lockheed T-33       Capt. Breived ejected   Martin-Baker
13th May 1964 USAF F‑105D 59‑1744 4529th CCTS/4520th CCTW shortly after take‑off lost power. Pilot tried to steer aircraft away from populated area WSW of Nellis AFB, NV, USA
4 on ground killed
Pilot ejected too late - killed   Republic
14th May 1964 USAF F‑105D 62‑4245 12th TFS/18th TFW engine failure - nr Okino‑Daito, 230 M SE of Okinawa, Japan pilot ejected   Republic
17th May 1964 USA Mohawk       Capt. A. J. Ortner   Martin-Baker
Capt. H. L. Woodard   Martin-Baker
21st May 1964 USN Intruder       Lt. W. M. Tschudy   Martin-Baker
Lt(jg) J. D. Harden   Martin-Baker
21st May 1964 USMC F-8B Crusader 145506 VMF-232 in Hawaii 2nd Lt. F. C. Gardner ejected   Martin-Baker
22nd May 1964
 F-4C Phantom II 637416 MacDill AFB, FL Crashed at the Avon Park bombing range in central Florida Capt. Joseph J. Onate killed    
Capt. William F. Buhrman killed    

    checked out your listings of ejections from F4s.  You do not list  F4C 637416 from .  It crashed at the Avon Park gunnery
range in May of 1964. The pilot of the aircraft was able to eject but aircraft was inverted  and about 50 ft off the ground and his chute never had a chance to  open.  Rear seater rode it in and was also killed.  I was a jet engine mechanic and worked on the accident
investigation and know for a fact that the pilot ejected.  I saw both  the seat and his helmet.  I have the names of the crew on my web site at.

Buck Seibert
in email 12th March 2007

26th May 1964 USN F-4 Phantom II       Lt(jg) C. W. Bennett   Martin-Baker
Ens. R. E. Plues   Martin-Baker

27th May 1964

Folland Gnat T1 XR949 / 25 4FTS Hood fractured, Canopy disintegrated and intercom lost. loss of control. Aircraft flew into Aernig Fawr, near Bala, Merioneth Student ejected at 21,000ft. 330-350kts. I.A.S. suffered compression fracture.   Folland

Pilot ejected 24,000ft., 310kts. I.A.S. suffered compression fracture.

27th May 1964 USMC Lockheed T-1A       WO. B. Perry ejected   Martin-Baker
28th May 1964 USAF F‑104D 57‑1325 479th TFW

Rear canopy came off in flight and engine ingested large pieces of canopy glass, causing engine failure

55 M W of Albuquerque, NM, USA
pilot ejected safely

no other crew on board

29th May 1964 German A.F. F-84       Herr Isermann ejected   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
1st June 1964
F‑105D 62‑4402 23rd TFW explosion in aft section, control lost, stalled. Crashed near Clonmel, 17 NM SW of McConnell AFB, KS, USA pilot ejected safely    
6th June 1964 USN RF-8A Crusader 146823

probably assigned to VPF-63 Det. C at Nong Pet or an airborne early warning squadron VAW-111/CVA-63

Ejection in Vietnam. This was the first combat loss of the Crusader. N of Xiangkohang, Laos Lt. C. F. Klusman ejected and captured and later escaped

Martin-Baker Mk.5
7th June 1964
F‑8D Crusader 147064
NH 110
USS Kitty Hawk
 AAA, crashed over the Plain of Jars 35 M S of Xiangkohang, Central Laos Cdr Doyle Wilmer Lynn,
ejected,rescued following day by an Air America helicopter
[see also 27 May 1965]
8th June 1964
F-8E Crusader BuNo 150314 VF-174 in US Lt. R. H. Brown ejected    

9th June 1964




354th TFW, 355th TFS

crashed into Atlantic Ocean 420 miles W of Shannon

Pilot ejected safely but died of Exposure in his life-raft



10th June 1964
F-8D Crusader BuNo 148669 VF-32 in US Lt(jg) L. M. Nelson ejected    
12th June 1964
Italian Air Force
Fiat G.91R MM6293
51° Stormo   Capt. R.  Marozzi   Martin-Baker
14th June 1964
Iraq Air Force
Hunter       Lt. M. Musafer ejected   Martin-Baker
14th June 1964 USMC F-4 Phantom II       Lt. T. R. O'Brien    
Lt. Col. R. J. Barbour    
15th June 1964
Jet Provost T3 XN5480 RAF College Scopwick Lincs

Following fire warning and cockpit filling with smoke. Crashed at Scopwick, Lincolnshire

pilot Fl. Lt. G. A. Etches ejected safely at 12,000ft. at 120 kts. I.A.S.   M-B Mk.4P1 [P]
student Fl. Lt. Denham ejected safely at 13,000ft. at 120 kts. I.A.S.   M-B Mk.4P2 [S]
15th June 1964
F‑4B Phantom II 148411
VMFA‑314 lost attitude gyro, cost, Manila Bay, nr NAS Cubi Point, Philippines     Martin-BAker
ejected ejected Martin-Baker
15th June 1964
F‑104A 56‑0764 Test Pilot School entered flat spin at 80,000 ft nr Edwards AFB. CA, USA pilot ejected safely   Lockheed
19th June 1964
F-8C Crusader BuNo 145581 VF-194 in US Lt. B. C. Morehouse ejected    
22nd June 1964
F-8E Crusader BuNo 150847 VF-53
  Lt(jg) D. L. Bourland ejected    
28th June 1964
A-6 Intruder       1st Lt. R. L. Springfield USMC ejected    

LtJg B. E. Allen USN ejected

30th June 1964
Hunter FGA9 XE647 "H" 208 Sqn Collided and crashed during a practice ground attack   strike on a disused lightship near Dasa Island in the Persian Gulf

Fl. Lt. M. J. Gibson ejected at

 6,00ft., 290kts. I.A.S. with aircraft level

The pilot

 could not reach blind as bone-dome was touching canopy

June 1964   Hunter FGA9 XK139 "J" 208 Sqn        


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
2nd July 1964
F-4B Phantom 148396
AF 106
NAS Miramar
Cockpit filled with flames at Mach 1.3. Aircraft suddenly exploded. Crashed into the sea near air base,     Martin-Baker
Cdr. W. R. O'Connell ejected Lt. Galen P. Powers
ejected at high speed
His body was found in his self-inflating raft off Oceanside Calif.  and recovered by an amphibious aircraft
2nd July 1964 WGAG Fiat G91

R-4 or R-3

G91R-4 BD+372  or G91 BD+413


    Herr B. Engelien ejected    
5th July 1964
Iraq Air Force
Hunter       1st Lt. S. Yussef ejected   Martin-Baker
6th July 1964   F‑4A 146819 NATC Entered unrecoverable flat spin near  Pocomoke City, MD, USA pilot ejected safely    
6th July 1964 USMC F-4 Phantom            
Capt. J. Hubner ejected    
6th July 1964 WGAF F-84F 52-6567
JBG34   Sgt. E. Giebelhaussen ejected    
7th July 1964 USN Lockheed T-1A       Cdr. A. J. Adams ejected    
9th July 1964   A‑12 60‑6939   Hydraulic failure on approach to Lockheed, Groom Dry Lake, NV, USA pilot ejected safely    
10th July 1964
Hungarian AF
MiG-21F-13 221     1st Lt. József Alker ejected   KM-1
10th July 1964   F‑104B 57‑1301 AFSC Eglin, Eglin AFB, FL, USA Right wing struck runway, aircraft left runway and spun around      
ejected but killed ejected but killed  
14th July 1964 USN F-8E Crusader BuNo 149206 VF-174 in US Lt. Cdr. A. L. Alexander ejected    
15th July 1964 USN F-4B Phantom II
149408 VF‑14
USS Roosevelt,

Lost engine during launch. Other engine caught fire and aircraft lost altitude. Crashed  in Mediterranean off Crete, Greece,

pilot killed RIO Lt. R. F. Weller ejected rescued  
16th July 1964
Scimitar F1 XD216
 E.T.P.S. Farnborough During spin, complete electrical failure initiated by operation of crash inertia switches in violent manoeuvre, starboard engine then port engine surged and flamed out. Crashed in English Channel 5m off West Wittering, Sussex Fl. Lt B. L . Gartner (RCAF)  ejected over coast at 1,500ft and 200knots but remained attached to seat by leg restraint cords. Waded ashore helped by holiday makers   Martin-Baker 4C
16th July 1964
Vulcan B1 XA909 101 Sqn

Suffered an engine bay explosion. Aileron control lost after explosion near noes 3 and 4 engines. The pilot turned the aircraft out to sea and the crew baled out. Crashed at Gwalchmai   near Valley Anglesey

Fl. Off. C. Woods ejected at 3,000ft., 250kts.    
Fl. Lt. M. H. Smith ejected at 3,000ft., 250kts.    
baled out    
baled out    
baled out    
17th July 1964 USMC F-4 Phantom            
W.O. J. W. Frederick ejected    
20th July 1964 WGAF F-84       Lt. J. Bordt ejected ??    
Folland Gnat T1 XR978 / 47 4FTS Inverted Spin. Crashed into drained Llyn Celyn reservoir, near Blaenau Ffestiniog Student Pilot ejected 17,000ft, 150kts. I.A.S OK Folland 4GT2  
Instructor ejected  20,000ft badly injured found on Nynydd Nodol Folland 4GT1  
24th July 1964 USN Skyray       Lt. W. Vickers ejected    
24th July 1964 USN F-8A Crusader BuNo 145334 VC-4 in US Lt(jg) G. L. Lawrence ejected    
27th July 1964 WGAF F-104F Starfighter BB-380 WaSLw 10 Loss of control      
Capt. Antonio Stura (Aeronautica Militare Italiana) ejected

Capt. Mario Arpino (Aeronautica Militare Italiana) ejected

28th July 1964 USN Cougar            
Lt. J. R. Baker ejected PH2 E. H. Muzylowski ejected  
29th July 1964
Danish Air Force
F-100 55-2777     Fl. Lt. H. Brimer ejected    
29th July 1964 RCAF CF-100            
Fl. Lt. Lilley Fl. Lt. P. Holm ejected  
31st July 1964 USMC F-4B Phantom II 151460 NAS Atsugi, Japan anding gear would not retract following take‑off. At 1500 ft both engines flamed out and aircraft crashed      
1st Lt. G. F. Hanke ejected safely CWO3 F. H. Schwartz ejected safely  


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
3rd August 1964 Swedish A.F. Hunter       J. L. Svanstrom ejected    
5th August 1964
F‑8E Crusader 150139
NM 1
USS Bon Homme Richard
engine failed, Operational loss South China Sea off SVN, pilot Lt. W.D.Storey ejected, recovered   Martin-Baker Mk.5
5th August 1964 WGAF Fiat G-91            
Lt. B. Skrude ejected Oblt. S. Thormann ejected  
5th August 1964
A‑4C Skyhawk 149578, NK 411 VA‑144
USS Constellation
AAA; North Vietnam Lt (jg)  Everett Alvarez Jr. ejected,
6th August 1964 WGAF F-84       Fw. G. Scheurmeir ejected    
10th August 1964 USMC F‑4B Phantom II 150457

aircraft stalled during snap‑up manoeuvre at 70,000ft and entered a spin; engines also flamed out. c35 M NW of Eureka, NV, USA

Capt. I. W. Black ejected safely at 20,000 ft Lt. J. E. Martin ejected safely at 20,000 ft  
11th August 1964
Hunter FGA9 XE623
43 Sqn Crashed following flame-out

Fl. Off. R. S. Burrows ejected at 1,000ft., 200 kts. I.A.S. n level attitude. Suffered compression fracture

  M-B Mk.2H
13th August 1964 USMC F-8B Crusader BuNo 145504 VF-232 in Hawaii Capt. J. M. Moriarty ejected    
18th August 1964 USAF F‑100D 56‑3085  428th TFS/474th TFW Hit by ground fire over Laos during ResCAP, Crashed near Nong Khai, Thailand, 1st Lt Colin A. Clark ejected safely and was rescued by Air America helicopter   NAA
18th August 1964 USMC Cougar            
Capt. D. E. Auten ejected Capt. D. F. Newton ejected  
19th August 1964
Blackburn Buccaneer S.Mk.1 XN935 / '124/V'
801 NAS
HMS Victorious
hydraulic failure, undercarriage collapsed during 'Deck Landing Practice' (DLP) crashed into the sea off Singapore
 ejected safely
Lt. I. M. B.Aichison ejected safely   Martin-Baker
Lt. R. G. Evans ejected safely   Martin-Baker
24th August 1964 USN F-8C Crusader BuNo 145585 VC-4 in US Ens. S. W. Hauck ejected    
27th August 1964 WGAF F-86       Herr H. J. Detzer ejected    
27th August 1964 Indian A.F. Hunter       Fl. Off. R. Sellasppa ejected    
28th August 1964
Lightning F.3 XP704
74 Sqn Spun into the ground at Leuchars   during solo aerobatic practice Flt. Lt. Glyn M. Owen ejected but was killed when the aircraft hit the ground before ejection sequence completed

[see also [see also 22nd July 1954 & 29th November 1954 (ej)]

  Martin-Baker Mk.4BSC
28th August 1964 USMC Fury       Capt. A. M. Fleetwood ejected    
28th August 1964 USN Intruder            
1st Lt. R. L. Springfield ejected Lt(jg) B. E. Allen ejected  
31st August 1964 RN Hunter GA11 WT718
764 Sqn

Crashed into the sea off Port Gordon near Lossiemouth, Morayshire

Lt. T. G. Gilroy ejected.

31st August 1964 USMC F-8E Crusader BuNo 150285 VF-235 in US apt. D. E. Downing ejected    
18th August 1964 USAF F-100D Super Sabre 56‑3085 428 TFS, 474 TFW on TDY, USAF, Takhli Hit by Pathet Lao ground fire on suppression mission in support of downed T-28. Headed south, crossed Mekong. Crashed  near the Thai town of Nong Khai 1 Lt Colin Arnie Clark ejected

[see also 22 January 1969]



Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
1st September 1964 USAF F‑105D 60‑0484 22nd TFS/36th TFW In flight fire12 NM SW of El Uotia gunnery range, Libya pilot ejected safely    
3rd September 1964 WGAF Fiat G-91       Fw. R. Glaser ejected    
7th September 1964
Indian A. F.
Gnat IN-162 23 Sqdn TO from Santa Cruz - Pilot Ejected 1600 Hrs   Folland
8th September 1964
USN F-8C Crusader   CVA-31 USS Bonhomme Richard.

 Engine problems. Crashed at the Tateno Metal Factory in Kamisouyagi, Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Several ground injuries and fatalities

Lt. LC.Schroeder   Martin-Baker
8th September 1964 WGAF F-84     Oblt. Niehaus ejected      
9th September 1964 Norwegian A.F. F-84     Lt. O. Sandvik ejected      
11th September 1964
Lightning F1 XM134 226OCU Undercarriage failure. Crashed into the North Sea off Happisburgh, Norfolk

Fl. Lt. T. Bond ejected at 10,000ft, 250kts. I.A.S. with aircraft level

  Martin-Baker Mk.4BS
14th September 1964 EWR-Sud VJ-101C D-9517 EWR-Sud

control was lost

 during a conventional take off


American test pilot George Bright ejected at 33ft[10m], 155 mph [250 km/hr]

pic Martin-Baker Mk.GA7
15th September 1964
Lockheed T-33A 7369 DB+382
JaBoG 32
Lechfeld AB
Engine suffered power loss.
a few kilometres south of Augsburg
  Martin-Baker Mk.5
Oberleutnant Ludger Hölker
Flew aircraft away from populated area
ejected at low level outside ejection seat envelope. Died three hours later in hospital
Major Walter Sütterlin
Martin-Baker Mk.5
15th September 1964
Hunter T7     Crashed after failure to recover from spin

Lt. N. K. Pathak ejected at 15,000ft. suffered compression fracture

  M-B Mk.4H
17th September 1964 USN F-8D Crusader BuNo 148641   in US      
17th September 1964 French Navy Etendard       Lt. De Vaisseau Wallet ejected   Martin-Baker
20th or 27th September 1964
Indian A. F.
Hunter F56 BA-345 14 Sqdn Engine flameout - Pt Ejected Date 15-30 Sep Fg Offr K S Sahwney   Martin-Baker
21st September 1964 USN F-8E Crusader BuNo 149135 VF-162
  Lt(jg) R. A. Bengston ejected   Martin-Baker
24th September 1964 USN RF-8A Crusader BuNo 143749 NATC PAX in US ???    
24th September 1964 RAAF Sabre   79 Sqn

Crashed in Ubon, Thailand after the engine lost power.

Flt. Lt. I.D. McFarlane ejected at 700ft., 135kts. with his parachute opening at 100-150ft.

 Landed heavily in a paddy field and received superficial injuries

26th September 1964 USMC F-8E Crusader BuNo 150886 VMF-312 in US Capt. J. T. Smith ejected   Martin-Baker
26th September 1964 USN A‑1E
132450 1st ACS
34 TG, USAF, Bien Hoa
hit by AAA near Ap An Dien, Mekong Delta, SVN      
Maj W G Harris bailed out, rescued VNAF observer bailed out, rescued  
28th September 1964
Scimitar F1 XD230
803 Sqn Lossiemouth Hydraulic 1 failure whilst acting as tanker, ditched after port leg would not lower. Unable to dislodge it. Crashed into Moray Firth off Lossiemouth Sub Lt. P. J. McManus ejected  recovered injured from sea by helicopter   Martin-Baker 4C
28th September 1964 USAF F‑4C Phantom II 63‑7597    engines flamed out and controls froze after explosion. Crashed near Greenwood, MS, USA      
Capt.  Roscoe Henry Fobair ejected

see also 24th July 1965 KIA

Capt. B. R. Adams ejected  
30th September 1964

 Jet Provost T4 XR664  6FTS Engine damaged by bird strike  3m North‑east Jedburgh Roxburghshire     M-B Mk.4P1 [P]
Flt. Lt. D. J. Phillips ejected safely in slight dive at 800 ft. 110 kts. Acting Pilot Officer John P. Brown ejected safely in slight dive 1,000ft both approx. 110kts. M-B Mk.4P2 [S]


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
1st October 1964


MiG‑21 F‑13

74 1605
  Technical problem. Crashed Oertzhof, Germany Lt. W.Seidel ejected   SK-1
5th October 1964 Den F-86 Sabre       R. E.  Pederson ejected.    
7th October 1964
Vulcan B2  




Crashed on landing pilot ejected at too low an altitude and received fatal injuries on impact   M-B Mk.3K

co-pilot ejected at too low an altitude and received fatal injuries on impact

  M-B Mk.3K
rest of crew ????    
7th October 1964 USA OV-1 Mohawk     Vietnam. Combat Capt. J. M. Jones    
1st Lt. Bui Van Lang ejected    
9th October 1964 USN F-8D Crusader BuNo 148629 VF-32 in US Lt. R. N. Fitzgerald ejected    
12th October 1964
Folland Gnat T1 XR976 / 44 4FTS Undercarriage failure Hit ground after overshoot Rhosneigr, Anglesey Flt. Lt. Mike Vickers ejected at 5-600ft approx. 150 kts. I.A.S   Folland 4GT1
Lt. Richard Sheridan (RN)
[personal testimony]
[RN]  ejected at 2-300ft approx. 150 kts. I.A.S.
Folland 4GT2
12th October 1964 USN F-4 Phantom       Lt. J. N. Berry ejected    
13th October 1964 French Navy Etendard       Lt. D. V. Giraud ejected    
14th October 1964 USN F-8E Crusader BuNo 150856 VF-124 / CVA-34   Ens. C. W. Glasscock ejected    
16th October 1964 French Navy Etendard       Lt. D. V. Muizon ejected    
16th October 1964 WGAF F-104G Starfighter 2085
JaboG 33 Engine failure near Massevaux/France

Capt. Hans-Jürgen Rentel ejected

16th October 1964 USN F-8E Crusader BuNo 150929 V62 / CV A-62   Lt(jg) L. K. Clark ejected    
Friday 16th October 1964
Lockheed F-104C

also seen as F-104E





479th TFW, nr NAS Miramar, CA, USA Engine failure during  a practice instrument landing attempt at Air Show at Miramar Naval Air Station, San Diego , California Ken "Skip" Burns
ejected safely
  Lockheed C-2
16th October 1964
F‑104C     engine failed during approach of NAS Miramar pilot    
18th October 1964
F‑102A 56‑1178 525th FIS, nr Bitburg AB, West Germany caught fire during functional check flight after engine change pilot ejected safely    
19th October 1964
Hunter FGA9 XK136
20 Sqn failure to recover from a spin and crashed in Malaysia Fl. Off. Heinz E. Frick ejected at 4,000ft., 150kts. I.A.S. to add M-B Mk.2H
24th October 1964 USN F-4B Phantom II 150428
USS Forrestal

suffered hydraulic failure during launch. Pilot lost control  Crashed  in Mediterranean off Crete, near Greece

Lt (jg) R. C. Rawlings Lt(jg) R. L. McFillan  
26th October 1964
also seen as

Blackburn Buccaneer S.Mk.1 XN931 801 Sqn Lossiemouth Pitched up a/c spun and crashed into Johore Strait, 4m N of Tengah     Martin-Baker
Lt.  N. M. Tristram ejected through canopy Lt.  P. I. Mathews ejected through canopy Martin-Baker
26th October 1964 USMC Cougar    


Lt. D. F. Callahan ejected    

27th October 1964




48th TFW/492nd TFS

crashed into houses at Gorleston, England

Pilot ejected safely



28th October 1964
Northrop F‑89J Scorpion 52‑1872 179th FIS MN ANG
Sawyer AFB,  near Marquette, MI, USA
caught fire on take‑off pilot Colonel John Heard ejected safely   Northrop
31st October 1964 NASA T-38 jet trainers   NASA

Ellington AFB, TX, USA

Routine flight. Bird-Strike. He was preparing to land near Houston when a snow goose struck the left side of the cockpit canopy. Shattered plexiglass entered both engines. CAPT Theodore C. Freeman (USAF) ejected at low level and the parachute had insufficient time to fully open. Freeman was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
Instructor training test pilots at the USAF Aerospace Research Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base - selected for the astronaut program. He had over 3,000 hours of flight time. He was to be trained to pilot an Apollo mission.


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
November 1964 USMC A‑4      

Unable to complete in flight refueling during trans‑Atlantic crossing. Crashed into Atlantic ocean off Portugal

pilot ejected safely and recovered by Italian ship   Douglas
10th November 1964   F‑104A 56‑0860 319th FIS Compressor stall and engine failure, Gulf of Mexico 40 M SW of Fort Myers, FL, USA pilot ejected safely. Rescued after 40 hours in the water   Lockheed
12th November 1964 WGAF F-104G Starfighter 8126
AG 51 Engine failure near Manching Maj.Charles Learnard(USAF) ejected successfully
CHECK spelling of pilot's name
12th November 1964 USMC F-8E Crusader BuNo 149224 VMF-122 in Philippines Lt. R. D. Marshall ejected    
13th November 1964 USN A‑4C 149570
NK 606
USS Constellation
Collided with RF‑8A 146879. Crashed in South China Sea off Lap An, NW of Da Nang, SVN pilot ejected and was rescued   Douglas
13 November 1964
F‑4B Phantom II 151412 VA‑142
USS Constellation
Operational loss, stalled, entered spin during ACM  Vietnam     Martin-Baker
Lt. W. R. Moore ejected, recovered by Navy helicopter Lt(jg) W. M. Myers ejected, recovered by Navy helicopter Martin-Baker
18th November 1964 USAF F-100D   613 TFS; 401 TFW on TDY, USAF, Da Nang

Shot down in central Laos near North Vietnamese border

Hit by AAA near Ban Senphan. Evidence suggest pilot Capt William Reynolds Martin ejected but died of injuries. Found dead next day by SAR   NAA
19th November 1964 WGAF Lockheed T-33A 1658 JD+396 JG74   Fw. W. Ottawa ejected    
21st November 1964 USAF RF‑101C Voodoo 56‑0230 15th TRS/18th TFW
Tan Son Nhut
hit by 37mm AAA,  near Ban Kouantan, Laos pilotCapt B L Waltz  ejected and was rescued. Badly injured  


23rd November 1964   A‑4E 151037
NF 5
USS Ticonderoga
Salt water contaminated the fuel, Crashed in SEA (off South Vietnam?) pilot ejected safely    

23rd November 1964




48th TFW/494th TFS

crashed near Wheelus AB, Libya

Pilot ejected safely



26th November 1964
Blackburn Buccaneer S.Mk.1 XN948 / '119/'V'
801 NAS
HMS Victorious
On an engine test flight. Aircraft ditched off Changi, Singapore near to carrier     Martin-Baker
Lt. Cdr. Paul H. Perks (Squadron CO) (RN) killed Lt. Cdr. Arthur J. White (Senior Observer of 801 Squadron) ejected safely, minor injuries

[see also 21st October 1963

27th November 1964 USAF F‑102A 56‑1189 509th FIS Det.5/405th FW
 Tan Son Nhut
engine failure,  near Bien Hoa AB, SVN pilot ejected safely    
First F-102 lost in South East Asia


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
1st December 1964 USAF A-1E Skyraider 52‑132640 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF, Bien Hoa Training flight. star­board wing by ground fire and crashed near Phuoc Vinh      
1 Lt K P Roedeman bailed out - survived. Rescued by helicopter WO D S Tan,ba VNAF bailed out(KIA)  
4th December 1964 Danish A.F. F-100 54-2190     1st Lt. V. W. Hansen ejected   Martin-Baker
7th December 1964 RAAF Mirage   ARDU RAAF Crashed near Avalon, Victoria Sqn. Ldr.I.A.G. "Tony" Svensson[RAF] ejected at 9,000ft., 700-750kts. Serious injuries during ejection, parachute deployment and landing
[personal testimony]
8th December 1964 USN F-8A Crusader BuNo 145333 VC-5 in Japan Lt(jg) W. C. C. Clark ejected   Martin-Baker
9th December 1964 USAF F‑100D 64 55‑3748 4520th CCTW  lost control 33 M N of Nellis AFB, NV, USA pilot ejected safely   NAA
10th December 1964 USAF F‑105D 61‑0141 49th TFW nr Wurzburg, West Germany pilot ejected safely    
11th December 1964 USMC RF-8A Crusader BuNo 146888 VMCJ-1 in US Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
12th December 1964 USAF F‑105E 64 63‑8314 49th TFW nr Muckeln, West Germany, in‑flight fire pilot ejected safely    
ejected safely    
13th December 1964


MiG‑21 F‑13

JG‑8 Aileron problems, circled over Strabourg before crashing, Germany Olt. Volkmar Seipt  ejected   SK-1

19th December 1964




48th TFW/494th TFS

crashed 12.5 mi SSE of Norwich, England

Pilot ejected safely



19th December 1964 USAF U‑2C 56‑6712 4080th SRW crashed shortly after take‑off, nr Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, USA Taiwanese, pilot ejected safely   Lockheed
21st December 1964 IDF/AF Mirage IIIJ
6627   Shot down by Jordanian Hunter flown by Capt. Ihsan Shurdom. This is disputed by the IDF/AF who claim it was fuel starvation Michael Barazam ejected safely   Martin-Baker
Capt. Ihsan Shurdom was not flying that day - however four other RJAF pilots were and they claimed Israeli shoot downs
30th December 1964 USMC F-8B Crusader BuNo 145440 VMF-232 in Hawaii Lt. A. R. Atkinson ejected   Martin-Baker
31st December 1964 Classified       Now believed to be the Israeli loss on 21st December pilot ejected   Martin-Baker

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