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Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
4th January 1981 USN Prowler       Lt. M.W.Posthuma ejected   Martin-Baker
8th January 1981 USAF F-4 Phantom            Martin-Baker
Capt. P.Correia ejected MAJ G.D.Haines ejected Martin-Baker
12th January 1981 USAF F-4 Phantom            Martin-Baker
Capt. G.R. Barnett ejected Capt. E.S.Ford ejected Martin-Baker
12th January 1981 USMC F-4 Phantom       Captain C.F.Toler ejected   Martin-Baker
12th January 1981 Pak SY.F6       Flg. Off. Marwat ejected   Martin-Baker
15th January 1981 HAF F-5           Martin-Baker
MAJ P. Michelis ejected 1.Lt. T. Alafakis ejected Martin-Baker
15th  January 1981 USN A-7E 160860   AE 3 VA‑15
Atlantic Fleet
  Pilot ejected   Douglas Escapac
19th January 1981 French Air Force Alphajet E.71   spun into the ground while on a pre-delivery test flight from
Pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
20th January 1981 USMC   F-4 Phantom            Martin-Baker
Lt.COL M. R. Plummer  ejected Lt.COL J. A. Marshall  ejected Martin-Baker
21st January 1981 USAF  F-4 Phantom           Martin-Baker
1.Lt. K. S.Callicutt ejected Capt. A. Bready ejected Martin-Baker
23rd January 1981 Swedish Air Force Lansen     crashed at Vidsel, Sweden ejected   Saab
ejected   Saab
23rd January 1981 Italy MB326        WO G.Ciccarelli ejected   Martin-Baker
CAFT V. Angeli ejected   Martin-Baker
24th January 1981 USAF F-4 Phantom        Capt. P. Flannery ejected   Martin-Baker
MAJ D. M.Carson ejected   Martin-Baker
25th January 1981 USMC AV-8A 158958
VMA‑513, MICAS Yuma, AZ, USA FMFPAC crashed on approach after flame out Pilot ejected.   Stencel
26th January 1981 RAF F-4 Phantom        Flt. Lt. R. J. Lawley ejected   Martin-Baker
29th January 1981 Civ Alpha       Mons. Witt ejected   Martin-Baker
30th January 1981 US Navy Reserve A-7B       Pilot ejected   Douglas
30th January 1981 USAF FB-111A 68‑0263 509thBW crashed into an apartment block in Portsmouth, New Hampshire The
crew successfully used the escape capsule system
  McDonnell Capsule
30th January 1981 USN A-7E Atlantic Fleet crashed   on approach after flame out Pilot ejected
[is this the same incident as above???]
  Douglas Escapac
?? January 1981 USN TA-4J Training Command   in flight fire in tail section Pilot ejected and was
rescued by SAR helicopter 36 hours later
  Douglas Escapac



Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
4th February 1981 RNoAF TF-104G 66-13627 Skv Canopy opened in flight and
parts were ingested causing engine failure. Crashed at Bodo, Norway.
ejected Martin-Baker  
ejected Martin-Baker  
14th February 1981 Canadian Air Force CT-133     crashed on approach to Winnepeg pilot ejected safely Lockheed  
19th February 1981
F-4 Phantom II     ejected at 35000 feet  hit by two SAM 2 over Iraq Martin-Baker
Capt. Mohammad Reza Labibi
Lt Kouh Payeh
20th February 1981 USN A-7E 16086
CV/62 USS Independence
collided with F-4J 155865/AE-105 VF-102 and crashed into the Indian Ocean pilot ejected. Both F-4 crew killed   Douglas Escapac
 21st February 1981 USMC F‑4N 153036
MG 10
VMFA‑321, MCAS Yuma, AZ, USA Snakeye exploded beneath aircraft during take‑off crashed on final approach Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
GIB ejected   Martin-Baker
23rd February 1981 USAF F-4E Phantom  68‑0368
3rd TFW crashed in the Philippines, during bombing run Lt.COL R. T. Swope ejected   Martin-Baker
Capt. J. A. Roy ejected   Martin-Baker
26th February 1981 USMC AV-8A 159248
left runway after landing Pilot ejected   Stencel
?? February 1981 USN A-7E   Atlantic Fleet crashed after flame out Pilot ejected   Douglas Escapac
?? February 1981 USN A-7E   Pacific Fleet flew into the sea during carrier approach Pilot ejected
but was killed
  Douglas Escapac
?? February 1981 USN AV-8A   FMFLANT exploded shortly after take off Pilot ejected   Stencel


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
1st March 1981 Oman  Jaguar        Flt. Lt. R. Prest ejected   Martin-Baker
Flg. Off. S. Wearing ejected   Martin-Baker
2nd March 1981 USN A-7E 157456
AJ 305
USS Nimitz
Atlantic Fleet
ramp strike during night landing and exploded Pilot ejected   Douglas Escapac
2nd (or 3rd??)March 1981 USAF F-4E 72-1476
52nd TFW crashed Tholey 18 n.miles NW of Zweibrucken, West Germany Capt. K. W. Smith ejected   Martin-Baker
Capt. J. F. Sullivan ejected   Martin-Baker
4th March 1981 USAF Two F-4D's one (66-755/SP) from 401st TFW and one (66-7620/TJ) from 52nd TFW collided
and crashed 75 miles SE of Madrid, Spain. Not sure which aircraft the crew were in
CAP TW. H.Christian ejected   Martin-Baker
Capt. G. A. Loughran ejected   Martin-Baker
FA-11 c/n 6H-11 Fiscal Year : 78-0126 Line-nr SABCA : B-015
  • 290180: Taken on charge by the Belgian Air Force
  • 120381: During a low-level interception exercise one of the automatic flaps malfunctioned. The pilot, Kapt.vl.Jean-Marie Paul (350 Sqn) lost control over the aircraft and not able to eject and was killed. The aircraft crashed at Ville-du-Bois (Vielsalm).
    (1 Wing - 349 Sqn)


15th March 1981 Ind AF Kiran       Cadet G. M. Dua ejected   Martin-Baker
17th March 1981 Fr AF Mystere       Capt. Jousset ejected   Martin-Baker
17th March 1981 RN Hunter PR.11 XF977 'VL/865' FRADU crashed into the English Channel 12 n.miles SW of
Start Point
Mr. J. Stewart-Smith [Airwork] ejected safely and was picked up by the
SAR helicopter.
18th March 1981 USMC AV-8A
WH 17
159246 VMA‑542
rolled out of control on vertical take off in Far East, Pilot
25th March 1981 Pak SY.F6       Flt. Lt. T. Muhajer ejected   Martin-Baker
27th March 1981 Switz Venom       Sgt. F. Keller ejected   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
3rd April 1981 RAF Hunter FGA.9 XG151/H 2TWU Fuel Leak. Engine failure. Crashed onto the runway at Lossiemouth, Grampian WC D. S. B. Marr ejected safely Martin-Baker  
7th April 1981 Spain Mirage       Captain Galan ejected Martin-Baker  
Captain Compagny ejected Martin-Baker  
7th April 1981 Libya Mirage       2.Lt. Reirhan ejected Martin-Baker  
8th April 1981 Braz  MB326        R. A. Nachmanowiks ejected Martin-Baker  
10th April 1981 USAF F-16A 79-0316 388th TFW HAFB Buckley, Colorado Major John Cary ejected safely ACES II
14th April 1981 RAF Jaguar GR.1 XX973/DG 31 Sqdn Spin. Crashed about 4 nautical miles SW of Gutersloh, West
Sqn. Ldr. D. H. Milne-Smith ejected safely. Martin-Baker  
14th April 1981   A-4M 160250
suffered power loss after take off, in Far East Pilot ejected   Douglas Escapac
15th April 1981 USAF   F-4 Phantom        Capt. M. R. "Ruddy" Dixon ejected Martin-Baker  
Captain Charles G. Sallee ejected
[second ejection]



Just a little additional info on the F-4E crash on 15 Apr 1981.  The aircraft I don't know, but the unit was the 526TFS/86TFW Ramstein AB, FRG.  The 526TFS was deployed to Eglin AFB for WSEP (before the move to Tyndall).  The aircraft (Lead) was shot down with a Aim-9 from his Wingman.  As Leader, this was "Ruddy" Dixon's first trip up the rails.  For Charlie Sallee, his second set of Martin Baker test pilot wings.


I know because I was going through F-4 Weapons School at Nellis at the time.  Our Air-to-Air Instructor and us had somewhat of a laugh about the incident.  A week later, this same instructor and I had orders to the 526TFS at Ramstein - OOPs.  I ended up crewed with "Ruddy" and heard the story several times.  We sat alert (Zulu) and I was often with Charlie and Ruddy.  I won't go into the "Shooters" - that's another story


Charlie Sallee, AKA "Puff & Toot" hurt his back on his previous ejection, an air refueling accident in SE Asia, I believe.  Ruddy had to argue with Charlie - "Charlie, we've gotta eject - we've lost both PC's".  Charlie kept crying "NO"!  His back hurt, he walked hunched over, had cronic back pain, etc etc, and he didn't want to make it worse.  Finally he agreed.  The ejection was more successful than Martin Baker ever knew - a medical miracle as it may be - The second trip up the rails for Charlie fixed his back or undid what the first trip caused. 


Ruddy is alive and well, flies for SWA.  Charlie is alive and well, I guess.


Hope this helps



in email 30th-May-2006

15th April 1981 USMC   F-4 Phantom        1.Lt. D. Viera ejected   Martin-Baker
16th April 1981 Ind AF  Jaguar       Flt. Lt. S. Adhikari ejected   Martin-Baker
20th April 1981 USMC AV‑8A 159234
USS Nassau
aborted take‑off. Crashed into Atlantic Pilot ejected   Stencel
24th April 1981 USN F-14A Tomcat 161157
     VF‑101, NAS Oceana, VA, USA crashed during take‑off Lt. R. T. Phillips ejected   Martin-Baker
Lt. Cdr. R. L. Kimmel ejected   Martin-Baker
27th April 1981 USN A-7E 159657
VA-122 collided with another A-7 during
refuelling training, CA, USA
Pilot ejected   Douglas Escapac
27th April 1981 USN TA-7C   Pacific Fleet electrics failure, ran off runway upon diversion to civil airfield Pilot ejected   Douglas Escapac
30th April 1981 USAF F-4 Phantom        Capt. D. R. Ziegler ejected   Martin-Baker
Capt. R. L. Neese ejected   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
8th May 1981 Fr AF Mystere       Lt. Bournique ejected   Martin-Baker
8th May 1981 Fr AF Mirage       Captain D. N. Rwashdeh ejected   Martin-Baker
12th May 1981 USAF F-4 Phantom       Gummel ejected   Martin-Baker
Muldoon ejected   Martin-Baker
13th May 1981 USN F-5E 159879 / 541 Top Gun Flight control loss during DACT Pilot ejected   Northrop
21st May 1981 Switz Mirage       1.Lt. D. Baumann ejected   Martin-Baker
26th May 1981 RAF Harrier GR3 XW923 1417 Flt Crashed on take off from Belize Flt. Lt. J. Mardon ejected safely   Martin-Baker
27th May 1981 Ger AF  F-4 Phantom        Lt. T. Gressmman ejected   Martin-Baker
28th May 1981 USAF F-106A 57-0231 87th FIS Control problems. Crashed near Ewen, Michigan Pilot ejected.   Convair
8th May 1981   A‑10A 79‑0083
81st TFW During bombing run, Wall range, Lines, UK Pilot ejected but did not survive   ACES II


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
1st June 1981

Jaguar T2 XX828
226 OCU Bird strike. Engine problems from shattered canopy perspex.. Crashed near Forfar, Tayside
Mods. to canopy of Jaguars resulted
Flight Lieutenant Kenvyn
Flight Lieutenant D Webb
1st June 1981
F-4G Phantom  69-0257
37th TFW Kelso near Edwards AFB, CA      
Lt. Col. Robert "Bob" E. Venkus ejected Capt Craig L. Blackman ejected Martin-Baker Mk.7
1st June 1981 Fr AF- Mirage       Capt. Salomon ejected  Martin-Baker  
1st June 1981 Pak  SY.F6         Flt. Lt  Muhmood ejected Martin-Baker  
4th June 1981
F‑106A 59‑0071 49th FIS Crashed near Annsville, Adirondack mountains, NY, USA pilot ejected safety   Convair
9th June 1981 USMC A-4M 159481 / WE-06 VMA-214
 During approach lost power. Crashed near Yuma MCAS Pilot ejected safely   Douglas Escapac
9th June 1981 USN Crusader RF-8G BuNo. 146897
AE 6
VFP-63, CV-62
USS Independence
Flamed out, crashed at sea, during mission Lt.JG R-Wright ejected   Martin-Baker
9th June 1981 RAF Buccaneer            Martin-Baker 
Flt. Lt. E. J. Whitaker  ejected    
10th June 1981 Fr AF  Mirage  IV      Ejection over the Golfe du Lion     Martin-Baker
Lt. Audoit
Major Arnoux  ejected Martin-Baker
13th June 1981 USMC   F-4J Phantom   155885
VMFAT‑101, MICAS Yuma, AZ, USA Control lost  during touch‑down     Martin-Baker
MAJC. W. Holmes ejected 1.Lt. F. J. Welsh ejected Martin-Baker
15th June 1981   F.G91        Lt. R. A. Falcao Port  ejected   Martin-Baker
16th June 1981 Fr AF  Jaguar       Lt. Volto ejected   Martin-Baker
17th June 1981           ejected   Martin-Baker
17th June 1981           ejected   Martin-Baker
17th June 1981           ejected   Martin-Baker
17th June 1981           ejected Martin-Baker  
19th June 1981   RF-8G Pacific Fleet   rashed at sea after flame out Lt. G. F. Tritt ejected Martin-Baker  
25th June 1981 US F-4J FMFPAC         Martin-Baker
Capt. K. E. Yowell ejected 1.Lt. D. Williams ejected Martin-Baker
27th June 1981 USN F-14 Tomcat  160674
NL 204
USS Kitty Hawk
Crashed into Indian Ocean     Martin-Baker
Lt. D.Pittman ejected Lt. Cdr. D.McCort ejected Martin-Baker



Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
3rd July 1981 Italy MB339       Lt.Col. C. Martina ejected   Martin-Baker
S.M S.Copriglione ejected   Martin-Baker
6th July 1981 WGAF F-104G     crashed near Mulfingen, West Germany Hpt. T. Reinker ejected safely   Martin-Baker
6th July 1981 USN A-6E 158530 /AA-5 VA-85
CV-59 USS Forrestal
crashed into the Mediterranean Sea following power loss     Martin-Baker
Lt. Cdr. Stubbs ejected Cdr. D. A Wright ejected Martin-Baker
6th July 1981 Grumman F-14A  Tomcat 161278 Grumman

crashed into Atlantic 12 NM off Long Island, NY, USA during pre‑delivery test flight

Mr. C. Sewell ejected   Martin-Baker
Mr.  P. Merana ejected   Martin-Baker
9th July 1981 RAF Phantom FG1 XT866/O 43 Sqn Leuchars, Fife. The aircraft cartwheeled across the airfield and burnt out Sqn. Ldr. R. L. Dixon ejected   Martin-Baker
Flg. Off. M. R. L. Syndercombe ejected   Martin-Baker
14th July 1981 RAF Harrier GR3 XV807 1417 Flt Crashed near Georgeville, Belize Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
14th July 1981 Ger AF  F-104        CAPTC. R. Glaeser ejected   Martin-Baker
2.Lt. R. Dietl ejected   Martin-Baker
17th July 1981   F-16A J-217 KLu/322 Squadron crashed and burnt out on the runway at Leeuwarden pilot ejected   ACES II
17th July 1981 RAF Jaguar GR1 XX113/09 226 OCU Lost on a test flight from Abingdon. Crashed one mile south of Malvern, Worcestershire Flt. Lt. I. P. Kenvyn ejected   Martin-Baker
19th July 1981 USN Crusader RF-8G BuNo. 145641 VFP-63det.2, CV-43 USS Coral Sea
Pacific Fleet
engine failure Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
21st July 1981 USN TA-4J 158515 VT‑25
Training Command
control lost during ACT Pilot ejected Douglas Escapac  
21st July 1981
                                                                                                                  via Chuck Schmitz
USAF RF-4C Phantom  69‑0375
26th TRW/38th TRS
Zweibrucken AB, FRG
           Crashed  into Baltic Sea 35 M S of Bornholm, Denmark Capt. N. R. Koeck ejected WSO CAPT Charles "Chuck"  B. Schmitz ejected Martin-Baker
22nd July 1981 USAF F-4 Phantom        Booth ejected   Martin-Baker
23rd July 1981 RAF Lightning F6 XR765/AJ 5 Sqn Crashed into the North Sea thirty miles east of Spurn Head,
Flt. Lt. J. Wild ejected   Martin-Baker
23rd July 1981
 EA‑6B Prowler 158813
NH 606
USS Enterprise
crashed on take‑off, Indian Ocean LTC. H. Leach ejected   Martin-Baker
Lt. Cdr. W.C. Alpeter ejected   Martin-Baker
Cdr. W. D. Joslin ejected   Martin-Baker
24th July 1981 USN TA-4J 155075 VT‑22/TW‑2Training Command control lost during ACM, Pilot ejected Douglas Escapac  
24th July 1981
RAF Jaguar T2  XX916
ETPS Bird strike. Crashed into Bristol Channel, twelve miles east off
Hartland Point, Devon
Sqn. Ldr. Barnett ejected Martin-Baker  
navigator Flight Lieutenant Sean SPARKS ejected but drowned. Martin-Baker  
25th July 1981 USN EA-6B Prowler 161117
AA 610
USS Forrestal
Engine failure. Crashed into Mediterranean off Lt. A. J. Howard ejected Martin-Baker  
Cdr. D. B. Sehlin ejected Martin-Baker  
Lt. Cdr. R. C. Christian ejected Martin-Baker  
Cdr. T. S.Robinson  ejected Martin-Baker  
30th July 1981 RAF Jet Provost T3A XN643/26 3 FTS Flameout during aerobatics. Crashed near Snaiton, North Yorks AP.O G. D. Trezona ejected Martin-Baker  
18th July 1981
USSR Sukhoi Su-15TM 733 166 Iap Collision (deliberate ramming) while intercepting 'Transporte Areo Rio Platense" CL-44 LV-JTN that had flown into Soviet air space over military district of Baku, Azerbaijan Captain Valentin Adeksandrovich Kulyapin



Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
4th August 1981
Ger AF 
F-104        Capt. W. Daberkow ejected   Martin-Baker
4th August 1981   TA‑7C 156777 USN Systems Comm
Edwards AFB, CA, USA
Engine flamed out 5 M NE of California City     Escapac
ejected safely ejected safely Escapac
4th August 1981   F‑104G  66‑13525 69th TFTS
58th TTW
Engine failure. Crashed Gila Bend ranges, AZ, USA

ejected safely

10th August 1981
Swedish Air Force
J-35   F13 Wing crashed 25 km ENE of Simrishamn, Sweden OR 14 nm from Simrishamn ?? pilot
10th August 1981
Mirage       Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
10th August 1981
Mirage        F. Sgt. Bury ejected   Martin-Baker
13th August 1981           ejected   Martin-Baker
14th August 1981
Hunter       Capt. P. U. Ribbe ejected   Martin-Baker
15th August 1981
Mystere       Capt. M. Pena ejected   Martin-Baker
17th August 1981
F-104G JbG-33   crashed in Lorraine, France O. Lt. U. Ahrens ejected safely   Martin-Baker
19th August 1981
Argentinian AF
A-4C 4BA   crashed near Mendoza, Argentina Pilot ejected safely   Douglas Escapac
19th August 1981
EA-6B Prowler 58806
VAQ-138 , 75 M WSW of NAS Whidbey Island, WA Lt. S. D. Sanders ejected   Martin-Baker
Lt. Cdr. M. S. Williams ejected   Martin-Baker
Lt. J. H. Mallory ejected   Martin-Baker
21st August 1981
Ger AF 
F-4 Phantom        HPT E. Blind ejected   Martin-Baker
24th August 1981
SY.F6       Flt. Lt. P. Tabassam ejected   Martin-Baker
25th August 1981
Harrier GR3 XZ139/AZ 3 Sqn Crashed west of
Ahlhorn, West Germany
Flt. Lt. M. D.Beech ejected   Martin-Baker
26th August 1981
Ger AF
F-104        O. Lt. H. Schmidt ejected   Martin-Baker
 O. Lt. Z. S. Bauer ejected   Martin-Baker
29th August 1981
Swedish Air Force
SF-37    F21 Wing crashed near Lulea, Sweden Pilot ejected safely   Saab
29th August 1981
F-14A 160895 /NH-... VF-??? crashed into the sea (Indian Ocean ???) ejected   Martin-Baker
ejected   Martin-Baker
?? August 1981


MiG-25R Foxbat B ??? GAZ 21
(Gosudarstvenny Vviatsionny Zavod 21)
Engine failure during acceleration trial part of test flight of reconnaissance aircraft at high altitude. Crashed near ear Nizhny Novgorog (formerly Gor'ki) 235 east of Moscow, Volgo-Vyatski region Test Pilot Alexander Konovalov ejected at mach 2.6, 59,000 feet

photo AFM

?? August 1981
TA-7C Corsair II   Systems Command crashed after engine flame out Crew ejected   Douglas Escapac
Crew ejected   Douglas Escapac


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
7th September 1981
F-14 Tomcat 160677
USS Kitty Hawk
Lost over the side of the carrier when an A-7E collided with it during landing     Martin-Baker
Lt. W. R. Mnich
LTC. E. Nangle

"I'd like to add a pertinent fact to one of the listed ejections on your site, that of an F-14 (Bu.# 160677) from VF-51, while embarked aboard USS Kitty Hawk on 7 September, 1981.
While the pilot and RIO did, indeed, eject safely from the aircraft, another squadron member, AE2 Garrell Powers was killed by debris, blown by the exhaust. It is an incident which, if I live to be 150 years old, I will never forget   .  .   ."

M. V. Dickson
in email 21st February 2008

8th September 1981 RAAF Mirage A3-80 77 Sqn Undercarriage failure. Crashed near Salt Ash, Williamtown, N.S.W F. Off.
Nick Alexander ejected
14th September 1981 Pak Mirage       Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
14th September 1981 USAF T-33A   Michigan ANG crashed at Bad Axe, Michigan, during aerobatics     Lockheed
Pilot ejected safely passenger killed Lockheed
21st September 1981 USAF A-10A 80-0182
81st TFW crashed at Gambassi Terme, Empoli, Italy Pilot
ejected safely
23rd September 1981 RAF Buccaneer S2B XW537 237 OCU on approach to Wattisham,
Flt. Lt. Southwold ejected Flt. Lt. S. T. Logan  ejected Martin-Baker
25th September 1981 USN F-4N 151451
AF 113
Navy Reserve
Crashed near  Brownswood, nr NAS Dallas, TX     Martin-Baker
Lt. Cdr. D. R. Thomas ejected Lt. Cdr.C. T. Springfels ejected Martin-Baker
29th September, 1981
F-4D Phantom     Two F-4Ds striking bridge near Basreh using LGBs, Iraqi SA-6 missile homed in on the designating aircraft which was hit, crashed and destroyed      
pilot ejected rio ejected  
25th September 1981
TA‑4J 158084  VT‑25
Training Command
suffered in flight fire     Douglas Escapac
ejected ejected Douglas Escapac
29th September 1981
Grumman F-14A Tomcat 160895 NH 100 VF-114
USS America
crashed into Arabian Sea     Martin-Baker
Lt. K.C. Ayers ejected Lt. R. B. Bell ejected Martin-Baker
28th September 1981   TA‑4J 156896 NATC

Hit by by jettisoned bomb rack while filming F-18 stores separation. CrashedChesapeake Bay, MD, USA

    Douglas Escapac
ejected ejected Douglas Escapac
?? September 1981   A-7E 160557 Atlantic Fleet Spin. Crashed North Sea Pilot ejected   Douglas Escapac



Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
1st October 1981 Ind AF Kiran       Flt. Lt. A. Singh ejected   Martin-Baker
Cadet A. Singh ejected   Martin-Baker
2nd October 1981 Togo MB326       ASP T. Digbandjoa ejected   Martin-Baker
7th October 1981
Iraq Air Force
Mystere       WO R. Farraj ejected   Martin-Baker
8th October 1981 Gree  L.T33       A. Tsaklis ejected   Martin-Baker
9th October 1981 Ecuad  S.Mas         TEN T. Jativa ejected   Martin-Baker
9th October 1981 Ecuad  S.Mas       Lt. R. Penaherrera ejected   Martin-Baker
10th October 1981 Gree  L.T33       C. Pallis  ejected   Martin-Baker
13th October 1981 Mor Mirage       Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
13th October 1981   TA-7C 156766
NJ 2
Pacific Fleet
crashed after engine flame out ejected   Douglas Escapac
ejected   Douglas Escapac
14th October 1981 Mor Mirage       Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
19th October 1981   A-4M 160241
Explosion after in flight hydraulic failure, in Far East Pilot ejected.   Douglas Escapac
20th October 1981 Col Mirage       Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
21st October 1981 RAF Jaguar GR1 XX957/CG 20 Sqn Both engines failed following lightning strike on approach to Bruggen, West
Flt. Lt. S. B. Prescott ejected   Martin-Baker
21st October 1981 RAF Hunter T7 XL619/88 1 TWU Crashed into the sea 50 miles south west of Brawdy, Dyfed Sqn. Ldr. l. G. Aubrey-Rees ejected   Martin-Baker
Flt. Lt. D. Oakley ejected   Martin-Baker
22nd October 1981 RAF Jet Provost T3A  XM366/87 7 TFS Engine fire. Stalled during emergency landing at Holme
on Spalding Moor, Humberside
P.O P. B. Smith ejected   Martin-Baker
30th October 1981
F-4 Phantom II     Karkook, northern Iraq Martin-Baker
Davood Akradi KIA Lt Afzali


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
5th November 1981 SAAF Mirage       Major B. Newharn   Martin-Baker
5th November 1981 SAAF  Mirage       CMDT  S. Venter ejected   Martin-Baker
November 1981 RAAF Mirage        ejected   Martin-Baker
18th November 1981     160996 / AJ-5 VA-35
CVN-68 / USS Nimitz
crashed into the sea of  after undercarriage
collapse during a boltered night landing
ejected ejected Martin-Baker
30th November 1981
Kuwait AF
Mirage       CDT Ali ejected   Martin-Baker
November 1981 RAF  Hunter        Flt. Lt. D. K. Wakefield ejected   Martin-Baker
04   nov   1981     A-7E     USN   w/o    
17   nov   1981   160150/AJ-706   S-3A     USN/VS24   w/o    
22   nov   1981   158678/AJ-310   A-7E   E-304   USN/VA-82   w/o    



Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
1st December 1981 Netherlands F-104G D-8047 311 Sqn
Loose fuselage hatch caused engine failure. Crashed South of Vlieland pilot ejected rescued by the SAR within 15 minutes   Lockheed
1st December 1981 RAF Hunter T7 XL583/84 1 TWU crashed on approach to Brawdy     Martin-Baker
Flt. Lt. R. E. Lotinga ejected  Flt. Lt. D. K. Wakefield ejected Martin-Baker
3rd December 1981 Sing S.Mas       Lt. A C. K. Tan ejected   Martin-Baker
8th December 1981 USN    F-14 Tomcat            Martin-Baker
Lt.JG P. Fisher ejected Lt. S. L. Saunders ejected Martin-Baker
11th December 1981 USAF A-7D 69-6206 120th TFS / Colorado ANG

Control  lost during ACT. crashed Pawnee Nat Grassland, c10 M E of Keota, north of Denver,

Pilot ejected   Douglas
15th December 1981
Iraq Air Force
Mirage     enemy action pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
15th December 1981
Iraq Air Force
Mirage     enemy action pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
18th December 1981 USAF          Lt. T. W. Tiller ejected   Martin-Baker
19th December 1981 USN   Martin-Baker
F-14A Tomcat 159623/NG CV-64 / USS Constellation 4-wire broke while landing  on board USS Constellation crashed into the Indian Ocean Cdr. W. H. "Bill" Switzer ejected Lt.(jg) Dave Baranek  ejected Martin-Baker

I was on the USS Constellation during December 1981 when that F-14 tore out the wires and went over the angle deck. I was in the forward starboard catwalk.
We rushed over and saw the plane and crew floating and alive. They both ejected below the flight deck level or I would have seen their seats firing.
I was told (at that time) that the first out got 3/4  of a chute and the second almost nothing.
 I am enclosing photo's from CV-64 during that time frame.
The aerial shots were taken by Ltjg. Baranek. . . . . He was nice enough to take my camera up with him.
Paul Jarvis
Phoenix, Az in email 11th November 2007

30th December 1981 Venez  Mirage        Lt. Perra ejected     Martin-Baker
31st December 1981 Switz   Vampire       R. Emeri ejected   Martin-Baker
??-??-1981 Yugoslavian Air Force Galeb       Lt. Radovan Rakovic ejected Folland  
??-??-1981   Galeb       Cadet Janz Blanz ejected Folland  
??-??-1981   MiG-21       Lt. Miladin Bogicevic ejected KM-1  
??-??-1981   Galeb       Lt. Ivica Golisija ejected Folland  
??-??-1981   MiG-21       Lt. Branko Kovacki ejected KM-1  
??-??-1981   MiG-21       Captain Milan Djukic ejected KM-1  
??-??-1981   MiG-21       Lt. Zoran Ristic ejected KM-1  
??-??-1981   Jastreb       Ghasan Yasih Abdul ejected Folland  
??-??-1981   MiG-21       Marjan Bojic ejected KM-1  




Jean Vincent Brisset (AF Brigadier, ret,) for information on the Mirage IV crash on 10th June 1981