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Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
5th January 1982
TA‑4J 158076
B 2

NAS Kingsville, TX, USA
crashed near NAS ejected   Escapac
ejected   Escapac
7th January 1982
Hawk T1  XX344 RAE Lost control in the slipstream of Britannia aircraft on approach to
pilot Flt. Lt. P. Bennett ejected injured   Martin-Baker
navigator stayed with the aircraft  injured    
20th January 1982
F-18 Hornet       Lt. Cdr. T. S. Heath   Martin-Baker
20th January 1982
F-16A Block 10C 266
253 sqn Collided with F-16 (80-0657, 276) Ilan Ramon, ejected ACES II
21st January 1982
 TA‑7C AD VA‑174
NAS El Centro, CA, USA
landed short of runway pilot ejected safely   Escapac
22nd January 1982
EA-6B Prowler 160708
NF 604

caught fire nr Clark AB, Philippines Lt. Cdr. R. Pinnell   Martin-Baker
Lt. M. R. ejected safely   Martin-Baker
Lt. Cdr. J. Powell ejected safely   Martin-Baker
Lt. T. Wood ejected safely   Martin-Baker
26th January 1982
Grumman OV-1D Mohawk Sn. 67-18920   crashed in Georgia, USA Mr. Lindsay ejected safely   Martin-Baker

During a two engine approach at an airspeed of approx. 104 kts the left engine failed from an unknown cause. The aircraft began rolling to the left. Power was reduced on the right hand engine to stop the left roll. The IP commanded the RSP to eject then he, the IP, ejected. The RSP did not attempt to eject and was killed when the aircraft struck the ground in a near vertical dive. The IP, Mr. Lindsay, was severely injured and transported to hospital and then transferred by the Medical Center for treatment.

27th January 1982
F‑16A 79‑0318
388th TFW flight control system failure just SW of Luke AFB, AZ, USA pilot ejected safely   ACES II
27th January 1982
F‑111D 68‑0110
27th TFW engine fire after take‑off nr Woodlin, CA, USA 2 crew ejected safely   Capsule


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
4th February 1982
A-6 Intruder 155612
VMA(AW)‑533 Crashed after take‑off into sea 6 NM off lwakuni MICAS, Japan Lt. Col. W. D. Carr   Martin-Baker
Col. K. C. Bateman   Martin-Baker
6th February 1982
F-14 Tomcat   USS John F. Kennedy crashed into the Red Sea during routine training Lt. T. J. Davis   Martin-Baker
Lt. G. Gayax   Martin-Baker
10th February 1982
Indian A. F.
HF-24 Marut        Flg. Off. S. Mohan   Martin-Baker
11th February 1982 Classified NFD           Martin-Baker
12th February 1982
A-6 Intruder       Capt. J. E. Bull   Martin-Baker
1st Lt. T. J. Spegle   Martin-Baker
25th February 1982
Canberra B.2 WK116/CE 100 Sqn Crashed into the aircraft stalled on a climb out from Akrotirir, Cyprus. Mediterranean Sea     Martin-Baker
Flt. Lt. M. S. McGeown Flt. Lt. T. J. B.Tucker Martin-Baker
26th February 1982
Hawk           Martin-Baker
Capt. Kundu Capt. Ndeti Martin-Baker
28th February 1982
Ger AF 
F-104       O.Lt. D. Kall   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
3rd March 1982 Iraq Mirage       Major Ryad   Martin-Baker
3rd March 1982 USAF F-4 Phantom II       Major R. L. Myer   Martin-Baker
6th March 1982 USN F-14A Tomcat 159599
AG 111
USS Eisenhower
Cable broke during landing and aircraft went overboard into Mediterranean off Sardinia, Italy Lt. Kandalec   Martin-Baker
Lt. Spilman   Martin-Baker
15th March 1982 Classified NFD           Martin-Baker
15th March 1982 Tunis MB326       ejected   Martin-Baker
15th March 1982 Tunis MB326        ejected   Martin-Baker
ejected   Martin-Baker
16th March 1982 Pak SY.F6       P.O F. H. Sikander   Martin-Baker
17th March 1982 RAF Hunter T12  XE531 RAE Crashed on take off from Farnborough, Hants after the engine
Flt. Lt. Rod Sean   Martin-Baker
Mr. John Leng   Martin-Baker
19th March 1982 USAF F-4E Phantom II 67-0250 21 TFS
35 TFW
George AFB
Crashed in the Panamint Valley, 36 nautical miles north-northeast of China Lake Naval Air Field     Martin-Baker
Capt. Michael A. Christensen
Major William L. Miller

I was enjoying your website, and found I have some additional information concerning the crash of a USAF F-4E on March 19, 1982. I was newly assigned to George AFB, and managed to get a photo of the mishap aircraft, 67-0250 as it was taxiing out just a few days before the accident.  Then after the accident investigation was completed, I was "volunteered" along with a half dozen other men to go out and help clean up the wreckage. I also took photos of the wreck just before we began the cleanup.
  Aside from the tail number, the info I have is the unit that the aircraft was assigned to, the 21 TFS, 35 TFW; and the names of the crew were Major William L. Miller, who was the instructor pilot, and Captain Michael A. Christensen who was the student pilot. I presume Major Miller was in the back seat, though I don't know that for sure.  They were doing an "advanced handling" exercise when the aircraft departed and spun to the left. It crashed in the Panamint Valley, 36 nautical miles north-northeast of China Lake Naval Air Field.
Scott Wilson
in email 5th January 2011

22nd March 1982
A‑10A 80‑0148
81st TFW
RAF Bentwaters
engines stalled, nr Herford, West Germany 1Lt Jim Preston
ed safely
31st March 1982 USMC F-4N Phantom 151513
EC 14
VMFA‑531 Lost control during ACM, crashed into Pacific off California, CA, USA      
1.Lt. J. W. Williams   Martin-Baker
1.Lt. M. J. Flood   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
1st April 1982 Italian Air Force F-104 Starfighter  MM 6572
154°Gruppo CBOT
Ghedi A/B
Hit electrical cables at low level Maj Rocchelli, ejected    
5th April 1982 USAF F-4 Phantom       Capt. R. W. Bundschub     
Capt. W.C. Welde    
6th April 1982 USAF  F‑15C 78‑0524
ZZ y
18th TFW Fuel leak. 40 NM NW of Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan pilot ejected safely   ACES II
7th April 1982 Pak SY.F6       P.O Bilal   Martin-Baker
7th April 1982 Singapore Air Force Skyhawk     Engine failure. Crashed near Williamtown N.S.W Lt.
Jaspal Singh ejected safely
12th April 1982 USAF F‑16A 78‑0016
388th TFW Lost control and crashed during attempted emergency landing. Michael AAF, Dugway range, UT, USA pilot ejected safely   ACES II
14th April 1982 RAF Phantom FGR.2 XT912/F 228 OCU
Coningsby, Lincs
collided with the underside of  Phantom FGR.2 XT903/X. Crashed near Billingham. XT903 landed safely Sqn. Ldr. George ejected    
Sqn. Ldr. Slocum ejected    
14th April 1982
Mirage III E     Engine failure just after take off
from Solenzara AFB.
Three cows killed
Lt.COL Michel Courteille ejected safely and managed to be back on the base
within minutes
14th April 1982 Civ Alpha       CAPT. C. Sirot   Martin-Baker
19th April 1982 USN A-7E Corsair II 156842
AB 3
NAS Cecil Field
on approach to NAS Cecil Field. FL, USA pilot ejected safely   Escapac
Crashed into Middleburg, a residential area of Jacksonville, Florida. The aircraft was inbound to NAS Cecil
Field from Puerto Rico when the engine lost power. The pilot attempted to steer clear of the town
but was forced to eject at 1,000ft. The Corsair demolished one house, injuring three people.
19th April 1982
West German Air Force
Alpha Jet A 40+55 Jagdbombergeschwader 49 Furstenfeldbruck collision with another Alpha Jet, other Alpha jet landed at Neuberg with slight damage MAJOR Hans VINNEMEIER ejected safely   Stencel
21st April 1982 Ger AF  F-104       HPT P. Heidmann   Martin-Baker
22nd April 1982 Ind AF Hunter       P.O A. Yadav   Martin-Baker
22nd April 1982
 Jet Provost T4 XP564 1TWU Throttle linkage failed. Crashed near Nant‑Y‑Moch Reservoir      
Flight Lieutenant D M McIntyre ejected
Commander Arun Prakash ejected
Commander Prakash also had baled out of Vampire FB 52 in 1967
26th April 1982
French Air Force
Jaguar     Hit a car  when it crashed near the Bordeaux-Merignac airport. ASP Wurtz ejected   Martin-Baker
27th April 1982


MiG‑21 SPS‑K

JG‑2 Technical problems in take-off. Crashed Woggersin, Germany Ltn Jurgen Somnitz ejected   KM-1


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
Mirage IIIEA I-015  
         shot down by AIM-9L fired from RN Sea Harrier,
Primer Ten. Carlos Perona ejected safely. First aircraft to be shot down in the Falklands War!    
Canberra B.62   Grupo 2 shot down north of Falklands Martin-Baker
            Lt. Ibanez ejected - not recovered Lt. Gonzalez ejected - not recovered Martin-Baker
4th May 1982 USAF F-16A Fighting Falcon 79‑0390
474th Tactical Fighter Wing
Nellis-based F-16 was operating on temporary detachment to RAF Bentwaters

main fuel pump failed causing engine failure during post­maintenance check

Crashed  nr Beccles Suffolk, England
ejected safely.
5th May 1982
Indian A. F.
HF-24 Marut     Jodhpur Basani Indl Area Pt BO Sqn. Ldr. S. N. Garg   Martin-Baker
6th May 1982
Impala Mk.I 536   near Port Elizabeth Capt. R. M. "Robbie" Turner

see also 11th April 1991

via André Kritzinger
Student made late ejection and was killed    
10th May 1982 USN TA‑4J Skyhawk 158145
VT‑7 lost power after carver touch & go ejected safely   Escapac
ejected safely   Escapac
10th May 1982 USMC A‑4M Skyhawk 160038
MCAS Twenty‑Nine Palms, CA, USA
engine flamed out after target run ejected safely   Escapac
12th May 1982 RAF Hunter FGA9 XE649/P 1 TWU engine failure. Crashed fifteen miles south est of Aberystwyth, Dyfed Flt. LTC. Robinson ejected   Martin-Baker
13th May 1982 USN EA‑6B Prowler 158546
NJ 917
VAQ-129  during aerobatics 80 NM NE of NAS Fallon, NV, USA 1.Lt. T. R. Trueblood   Martin-Baker
LTC. G. Elcock   Martin-Baker
Lt. R.C. Perkins   Martin-Baker
14th May 1982 Fr AF Mirage           Martin-Baker
Capt. Perret CDT Moisset Martin-Baker
15th May 1982 Pak Mirage         pilot ejected Martin-Baker
15th May 1982 USAF F-4 Phantom           Martin-Baker
2.Lt. J. M. Bell Capt. M. E. Sams Martin-Baker
17th May 1982 RAF Sea Harrier XZ438
development aircraft
A. & A.E.E. being used for various ramp trials. Aircraft had fuel transfer / imbalance problem whilst taking off from ramp with 330 gallon
ferry tanks
Lt. Cdr. D. Poole ejected safely suffering minor injuries   Martin-Baker
20th May 1982
Mirage       ???   Martin-Baker
????   Martin-Baker
20th May 1982 Pak  SY.F6        Plt.Off.  Z. Malik    Martin-Baker
Dagger       1st Lt. Senn ejected  
COmando de Aviacion Naval argentina
A-4Q Skyhawk 0660
3 Escuadrilla de Caza y Ataque Combat loss over Falkland Sound shot down over San Carlos area, Falklands Capitán de Corbeta Alberto Philippi ejected safely.
Escapac 1

Harrier GR3 XZ972/33 1 Sqn
HMS Hermes
Hit by a Blowpipe SAM over Port Howard, West Falklands
while on reconnaissance mission from carrier

Flt. Lt. Jeff Glover
He was rescued by Argentine forces and became POW
COmando de Aviacion Naval argentina
 A-4Q Skyhawk 0665
3 Escuadrilla de Caza y Ataqu
 Rio Grande
Combat loss over Falkland Sound, damaged by AA near Puerto Argentino (or Port Stanley), Falklands after bombing HMS 'Ardent'

Teniente de Navio Arca
ejected safely

Escapac 1
A-4C Skyhawk C-309 Grupo 4 de Caza Combat loss over West Falkland

Teniente Lopez
ejected and was killed

Escapac 1



Maj. Carlos Tomba

Pucara       Cpt. Benitez ejected   Martin-Baker
Dagger       Cpt. Donadile ejected Martin-Baker
Dagger        Maj. Piuma ejected Martin-Baker
Dagger       Lt. Luna ejected Martin-Baker
also seen as


Sea Harrier FRS1 ZA174
801 Sqn. Slipped over the edge of HMS Invincible whilst
positioning for take off due to deck movement as ship rolled heavily in rough seas
Lt.Cdr. Mike
Broadwater ejected safely
23rd May 1982
COmando de Aviacion Naval argentina
A-4Q Skyhawk 0659/3-A-306 Base Aeronaval Alte. Quijada, Río Grande aircraft suffered brake problems when landed fully armed with bombs from a mission during the Falklands War, when the aircraft was bouncing off the runway. The aircraft was repaired! the pilot, Capitán de Corbeta
Carlos Zubizarreta ejected, but hit the ground hard and killed
Dagger       Maj. Puga ejected   Martin-Baker
Dagger       Cpt. Diaz ejected   Martin-Baker
25th May 1982 RAF Jaguar GR1 XX963/AL 14 Sqn Shot down 35 mile3s north east of Bruggen, West Germany by a sidewinder missile accidentally fired by an RAF Phantom Flt. Lt. D. S. Griggs ejected   Martin-Baker
A-4C Skyhawk C-319 Grupo 4 de Caza Combat loss San Carlos Water

Teniente Lucero  ejected successfully and was recovered

by HMS Fearless

Escapac 1
A-4C Skyhawk C-304 Grupo 4 de Caza Combat loss when returning from a mission on San Carlos Water Capitan Garcia
successfully ejected  but was not recovered from the water. His body was washed ashore  in a dinghy at Golding Island in 1983
Escapac 1
COmando de Aviacion Naval argentina
MB326       Lt. Col. Mazorra   Martin-Baker
Lt. Col. Chiaretio   Martin-Baker
27th May 1982
 A-4B Skyhawk C-215

Ex- USN 4B BuAer 142102

Grupo 5 de Caza Combat loss at Ajax Bay, 40 mm AAA from HMS Intrepid
[see FEEDBACK below]
Teniente Mariano  A. Valasco
ejected succesfully
  Escapac 1

". . .  In 1982 I served onboard HMS INTREPID and spent most of my time in the Falklands in San Carlos, on the 27th May that year I opened fire on two A4 Skyhawks hitting one of them and for 25 years believing I had killed that pilot.

Last year 2007 I was watching a documentary about the Falklands and noticed that the pilot I had shot down and thought I had killed was still alive, I have traced the pilot, his name is Valasco, we have exchanged many e-mails and he has confirmed to me that HMS FEARLESS could not have hit him as previously thought, as we were the sister ship to Fearless i believe it was mistaken as them when really it was us who hit him!

I spent Friday last week sat with my old Captain, Rear Admiral Dingemans and he once again confirmed to me that it was Intrepid who shot the A4 down."

Best Wishes
Neil Wilkinson
in email 4th August 2008

Harrier GR3 XZ988/34 1 Sqn Hit by small arms fire while on a bombing run over Goose
Green, Falklands
Sqn. Ldr. Robert "Bob" D. Iveson ejected and was rescued Martin-Baker
Pucara     His damaged pucara returned to BAM Pto Argentino (Stanley) Teniente Argañaráz
did not eject.
Pucara       Teniente Miguel Cruzado ejected

Harrier GR3 XZ963/14 1 Sqn
Fuel exhaustion after the tanks were hit by small arms fire
over Port Stanley, Falklands. Crashed into the sea 30 miles from carrier
Sqn. Ldr. J. J. Pook ejected Martin-Baker
May 1982                
31st May 1982    A‑7E Corsair II 156803
VA‑147 ade emergency landing after fire warning but ran off runway White River, AZ, USA pilot ejected safely   Escapac



Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
1st June 1982
Indian A. F.
MiG-21     DNE Ejected after Engine fire Gp CaptK N Pillai    
1st June 1982
Sea Harrier FRS1 XZ456/008 809 Sqn. from HMS Invincible brought down by a Roland AAM during Falklands
campaign on a reconnaissance
mission south of Port Stanley airfield
Flt. Lt. Ian Mortimer ejected safely landing in the sea off Port Stanley. He was
rescued eight hours later.
8th June 1982
A-4B Skyhawk C-228 Grupo 5 de Caza Combat loss over Choiseul Sound

 Alferez Vazquez
unsuccessfully ejected 
and was killed

Escapac 1
8th June 1982   F‑16A 79‑0392 474th TFW CHECK pilot ejected safely    
8th June 1982   F‑16A   79‑0378 474th TFW CHECK pilot ejected safely    
8th June 1982   T‑2C 159167 VT‑26 Cold cat shot during launch. Crashed into sea 26 NM SE of Corpus Christ, off LISS Lexington, TX, USA      
pilot ejected safely    
11th June 1982 RAF Jaguar GR.1 XX820/BD 17 Sqn Suffered engine failure and loss of control while on
approach to Bruggen, West Germany
Flt. Lt. Turner ejected safely    
12th June 1982 Ind AF          Flt Lt A K Mathur
Canberra         Martin-Baker
Captain Pastrain ejected Capt. Casado is killed  
14th June 1982 USN F-14 Tomcat            
Lt. Cdr. G.Sottile
Lt. E.  R . Riley
14th June 1982 Civ MB339             
Capt. G. B. Molinaro MR R. Durione  
16th June 1982 Fr AF Mirage            
Capt. Elizeu  ASP Vegas  
17th June 1982 RAF Buccaneer S2B XX898 12 Sqn Crashed at Easter Untyhank Farm, Duffus while on approach to Lossiemouth, Grampian      
Flt. Lt. N. Maddox
Flt. Lt. J. Jolly
18th June 1982   A‑4M 158189 VMAT‑102 engine flamed out, AZ, USA pilot ejected safely    
21st June 1982
S YANG F6       Flt. Lt. A.Bashir   Martin-Baker
21st June 1982   TA‑4J 158086 TW‑2 4 NM SW of Edmondsville, TX, USA      
pilot ejected safely    
22nd June 1982 USN F-4N Phantom 150411
VF‑21  lost control during ACM near NAS Miramar, CA, USA      
Lt.JG S.E.Sheely
ejected safely
Lt. B. E. Koenig
ejected safely
23rd June 1982   F‑111 F 72‑1447 492nd TFS/48th TFW

Experienced violent pitch up manoeuvre. Crashed near Pond, Strathconon, Rossshore, UK

    Escape Capsule
  Here's an ejection I didn't see on your site.  ?? June1982, Capt Joe Plummer and Capt Steve Slick, OA-37, USAF, Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizone, Tucson, 602nd TACW, 23rd TASS, not sure what kind of seat.  Both, in the same jet, survived after hitting a powerline.  As shown, date is an approximate, plus or minus a month or two.
13th November 1980
4th September 1980

2 Americans Are Killed in Crash Of U.S. Air Force Jet Near Cairo

August 17, 1980, Sunday

Page 17, 136 words

CAIRO, Aug. 16 (AP)--A United States Air Force F-4 Phantom jet crashed in the desert southwest of Cairo today, killing the two American crewmen, the United States Embassy said. The victims were not identified.


20th August 1979

U.S. Identifies 2 Crash Victims

March 5, 1979, Monday

Page A3, 51 words

HAHN AIR BASE, West Germany, March 4 (AP)--The Air Force identified two officers today who were killed in Friday's crash of an F-4 Phantom jet as Capt. Kurt M. Browne, 29 years old, of Indianapolis, and First Lieut. Raymond Reed Jr., 24, of Petaluma, Calif.


17th June 1982 Two United States Air Force pilots were killed today when their plane crashed at Papenburg, near the Dutch border. The Air Force said their Phantom plane had been taking part in a tactical air exercise near Jever Air Base, which is close to the North Sea northeast of Papenburg.
7th July 1983
Published: July 7, 1983
Both crewmen were killed when an Air Force F-4D Phantom jet on a training mission crashed Tuesday in the Straits of Florida, an Air Force spokesman said. The victims' names were not released.


19th June 1986

Crash of Air Guard Jet Starts Pine Barrens Fire

Published: June 19, 1986
A New Jersey Air National Guard jet fighter crashed in a remote section of the Pine Barrens in Burlington County yesterday, starting a fire that scorched at least 90 acres of woodland. The two fliers aboard ejected safely before the crash and were reported to have sustained minor injuries.

The plane, an F-4E Phantom of the Guard's 108th Tactical Fighter Wing, went down in a heavily wooded area southeast of Chatsworth, N.J., at 4 P.M. while on a training mission from McGuire Air Force Base, 20 miles to the north. It exploded upon impact in a region of scrub pine, part of the preserve that covers one million acres in southern New Jersey.

The resulting fire was brought under control in about two hours.

The pilot, First Lieut. Benjamin J. Zerbey, 29 years old, of Florence, and the flight systems operator, First Lieut. Michael L. Cunniff, 29, of Cedar Grove, were rescued by a state police helicopter and taken to Walson Hospital at Fort Dix. Lieutenant Cunniff was reported to have sustained a shoulder separation and possible broken arm. The hospital said both men were being held for observation.


22nd January 1987

Military Jets Collide in Texas

Published: January 22, 1987
LEAD: Two military reconnaissance jets collided and crashed in flames in a remote area today, killing two crew members while two others parachuted to safety, the authorities said.

Two military reconnaissance jets collided and crashed in flames in a remote area today, killing two crew members while two others parachuted to safety, the authorities said.

One crew member's body was found after the crash of the RF-4C Phantom II about 4 P.M. near Lake Brownwood, Texas Ranger Norman Autrey said. Debris from the aircraft was spread over a two-mile radius, he said.

Fire Capt. Donald Reiger said officers found smoldering airplane parts and human remains in a field just west of Texas Highway 279, a half-mile from Lake Brownwood.

Witnesses said they saw three parachutes, one empty, falling to the ground after the crash, said Steve Wittenberg, a dispatcher for the Department of Public Safety.

Ranger Autrey said a witness told him he saw the planes overhead, and that as they passed one was flying right side up and the other was inverted.

Captain Reiger said investigators were told the pilots were practicing a dogfight. Airman Sean Ruark, a spokesman at Bergstrom, said she could neither confirm nor deny that report.

The RF4C Phantom II reconnaisance planes were from Bergstrom Air Force Base.

One crewman, Richard Dietrich, 28 years old, of Austin, was in good condition at Brownwood Regional Hospital with second-degree burns and leg bruises, the hospital's director of public relations said. Another crew member, James Johnston, was not treated.

INDEPENDENCE, Mo., Jan. 21 (AP) - One of those presumed killed in the collision of a private plane and a military aircraft Tuesday was Brig. Gen. David H. Stem, deputy commandant general at Fort McClellan, Ala., and commandant of the military police school there, the Army said today in Washington.

The collision occurred over one of the Army's largest munitions plants, killing five other people on the planes, the authorities said.

An Army spokesman, Maj. Bill Auer, identified the dead pilot of the military aircraft as Maj. Michael G. Johnston of Alexandria, Ala.




Published: July 29, 1985
The National Transportation Safety Board has begun a special inquiry into hazardous incidents involving control of planes at the nation's airports.

The agency's longtime concern over the problem was rekindled by an incident in Minneapolis March 31 in which a DC-10 jumbo jet that was taking off flew just 50 feet above another DC-10 that had been cleared to taxi across the takeoff runway.

This was followed by numerous other incidents, including a nighttime accident in Birmingham, Ala., June 20 in which the pilot of a small cargo plane awaiting clearance for takeoff was killed. His plane was struck by a National Guard F-4 Phantom jet that had been given permission to land on the runway where the cargo plane was.

The safety board is looking for recurring reasons for traffic mistakes at airports - those due to controllers, pilots or difficulties in communication between the two. Its goal is to establish the extent to which the breakdowns are due to simple human forgetfulness, overwork, distractions or inadequacies in training or procedures. And the board aims to come up with recommendations for reducing the hazard.

Last week the head of the Federal Aviation Administration, which operates the air traffic system, made conference telephone calls to personnel at more than 400 airport towers to give his views on the problem and announce some corrective measures of his own.

'Surface Error Incidents'

The F.A.A. Administrator, Donald D. Engen, disclosed that despite previous preventive efforts the number of airport traffic conflicts was increasing. Through July 5, he said, there were 54 ''surface error incidents,'' compared with 41 for the same period in 1984.

Mr. Engen announced two initiatives to cope with the hazard and said there would be other follow-up actions.

The immediate step is aimed at improving coordination between the two tower controllers usually responsible for aircraft movements on particular runways. The ''local'' controller has the job of radioing permission to pilots to land or take off on what is known as the ''active'' runway. The ''ground'' controller radios instructions for taxiing to and from runways, or across them.

In busy periods, Mr. Engen said, a third person, perhaps a supervisor, should be present to help the two controllers dovetail their moves ''and to provide an extra set of eyes.''

''He or she,'' the F.A.A. chief said, ''should insure that proper vigilance, particularly the scanning of runways, and coordination is taking place.'' He noted that of the 54 incidents this year, ''30 involved some sort of breakdown in the ground and local control position coordination procedures.''

Emphasis on Standardization

In the Minneapolis incident involving the DC-10's, the controllers, standing alongside one another, apparently got their signals crossed on how many planes would be allowed to taxi across the active runway before further takeoffs were permitted. A third ''coordinator'' might have detected the conflict in time to avert the near-collision.

The second action announced by Mr. Engen was the acceleration of a program to standardize the procedures by which those two control positions would be operated.

Other follow-up actions that officials say are under consideration include limiting points at which planes may taxi across active runways, developing ''memory aids'' to help local controllers remember when planes or ground vehicles, such as snow plows, have been given permission to move onto active runways, and equipping the controllers' training school with a tower cab where operations for specific airports could be simulated.

The safety board's special inquiry is expected to be completed in about three months. Such investigations are undertaken occasionally when the board detects a possible pattern in accidents. Normally it concentrates on individual crash investigations.

Among the special inquiries conducted in recent years were studies of commuter airline safety, the overall traffic-control system, the ability of aircraft to tolerate crash forces and the safety standards for airport design.

The study of the on-the-airport traffic problem is to be directed by Jack Drake. Mr. Drake said in an interview Friday that the survey might cover more than the eight incidents this year on which individual investigations had been started. In addition to the near-collision at Minneapolis and the fatal Birmingham accident, they included a second Minneapolis incident and others in Philadelphia, Austin, Tex., Midway Airport in Chicago, Boston, and West Palm Beach, Fla.



2 Marines Rescued in Crash

Published: October 23, 1982
Two United States marines ejected from their F-4 Phantom jet fighter and were rescued from their rubber raft early today in the Pacific Ocean 65 miles southeast of Okinawa, a Marine Corps spokesman said. They were not identified and the cause of the crash is being investigated. They were on a training mission from Kadena Air Base on Okinawa.



2 Fliers Die in Florida Crash


March 21, 1968, Thursday

Page 6, 70 words

FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla., March 20 (AP)--Two pilots from Elgin Air Force base were killed when their F-4 Phantom 2 attack bomber crashed on a test range 25 miles northeast of here on a test mission last night. The victims were Maj. Charles M. Dray, 36 years old, of Tampa, commander of the aircraft, and First Lieut. Charles V. Townsend of Guthrie, Okla.






Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
6th July 1982 USN F-4 Phantom        Cdr. J. H. Findley   Martin-Baker
7th July 1982 Ger AF F-104        O.Lt. F.Genge   Martin-Baker
9th July 1982 USAF A‑10A 78‑0585
118th TFS stalled during finals, 3500 ft short of runway 06 threshold, Bradley IAP, CT, USA pilot ejected safely   ACES II
9th July 1982 USN TA‑4J 155073
VT‑22/TAW‑2 control loss, nr Laredo, TX, USA pilot ejected safely   Escapac
13th July 1982 USMC F-4 Phantom       Capt. W. B. Hankins   Martin-Baker
13th July 1982 Sing S.Mas       GOH T.Chuen   Martin-Baker
Capt. K. H. Yick   Martin-Baker
20th July 1982 Civ F-86 Sabre       Mr. Costain   Martin-Baker
Wednesday 21st July 1982 IRIAF F-4E Phantom II 3-6570 Nojeh Shot down on outskirts  of Baghdad near al-Mossana airport by Roland 2 SAM WSO Captain Mansour Kazemiyan ejected - captured - POW   Martin-Baker
[Pilot Captain Dowran did not eject]    
28th July 1982 RAF Hawk T1 XX305 4 FTS cockpit filled with
fumes and control was lost. Both crew ejected on finals to Valley
Flt. Lt. N. J. Demery
Student pilot ejected but was killed Martin-Baker
30th July 1982 USN Prowler           Martin-Baker
Lt. Cdr.C. E. Thompson Lt. (jg) C. M. Rowell Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
4th August 1982 Ger AF  F-104       HPT H. Renger    
4th August 1982 Ind AF Kiran            
Cadet A. Golani S.Lt. T. S. Tomar
[Indian Navy]
5th August 1982 RAF Hunter T.7 XL593/82 1 TWU engine failure and crashed near Carmarthen,
G.Capt. P. D. Oulten
Flt. Lt. M. B. Stoner
9th August 1982
Indian A. F.
Kiran HJT-16 IN-056 551 Sqdn Cr in sea after TO from Dabolim Lt M K Mishra   Martin-Baker
9th August 1982 Civ Tuc            
MM T. O. Pimental Mr. R. K. Moraes  
9th August 1982 Mor Mirage            
15th August 1982 Venez Mirage            
18th August 1982 USAF F-4 Phantom             
1.LTC. A. Dunn Capt. D. J. Bohac  
18th August 1982 Den F-104       LTC. T.Peterson    
21st August 1982 USAF F-4 Phantom            
Capt. R.C. White Capt. W. W. Taylor  
23rd August 1982 Switz Hunter            
26th August 1982
F-104G Starfighter 26+10 JaboG 33   O.Lt. E.Sudmeyer


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
7th September 1982
9th September 1982
Impala Mk1 544 7 Sqn  Near Hopefield       Martin-Baker
Lt. P.C. McMillan Capt. F. J. Sevenster Martin-Baker
13th September 1982 RAF Jaguar GR.1 XX760/AA 14 Sqn Engine fire. Crashed on moorland on the Dalreavoch Estate, Rogart
near Braegrudie, Sutherland
Flt. Lt. D. S. Griggs ejected    
14th September 1982 USN F-4 Phantom             
  Lt. A. E. Lippert  
20th September 1982 USN F-14 Tomcat            
Lt. D. E. Berry Lt. K.L. Norris  
20th September 1982 RAF Buccaneer S2B XV160/X 16 Sqn Stalled and crashed into cliffs after carrying out a
bombing run on the Capo Frasca Range, Sardinia
Flt. Lt. P. Braithwaite Flt. Lt. D. R. Major  
27th September 1982 Mor Mirage            
28th September 1982   Classified            
28th September 1982 Spain Mirage     Capt. Dias      
29th September 1982 RAF Jaguar GR.1 XX768/BA 17 Sqn engine fire on approach to
Bruggen, West Germany. Crashed at Heinsberg-Rauderath
W.C Lovett ejected    


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
11th October 1982 Mor Mirage       Lt. Hamri   Martin-Bake
11th October 1982 Pak SY.F6       Sqn. Ldr. K.Chaudhary   Martin-Bake
12th October 1982 Ger AF F-4 Phantom       O.Lt. B.Bode   Martin-Bake
HPT A. Turmer   Martin-Bake
18th October 1982 Fr AF Mystere       MAJ Gendreau   Martin-Bake
19th October 1982 Zaire MB326       Mr. L.Somers   Martin-Bake
???   Martin-Bake
20th October 1982
RAF Hawk T1 XX300
151 Sqn
RAF Chivenor
bird strike while on approach to Abingdon. Crashed onto the airfield at Chivenor, Devon Flt. Lt. G. J. Rawles ejected   Martin-Baker
20th October 1982 Switz Hunter       ejected   Martin-Bake
20th October 1982 Ger AF F-104       MAJ D. Fetzer   Martin-Bake
22nd October 1982 USMC  F-4 Phantom        1.Lt. G. D. Yoder   Martin-Bake
Capt. K. E. Kitchens   Martin-Bake
27th October 1982 Fr AF  Mirage       Sgt. Poirier   Martin-Bake
29th October 1982

Indian A. F.
MiG-21U U-553 7 Sqdn Bird Hit after TO from Knpur to      
Flt Lt R M Arora KKD Sandy Ejected  


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
1st November 1982 Classified NFD           Martin-Baker
3rd November 1982 Ger N F-104       FKPT H.Muller   Martin-Baker
5th November 1982 Fr AF Mirage       CDT Gaudemarie   Martin-Baker
6th November 1982 RAF Harrier GR3 XW767/06 1 Sqn Engine failed following a fire. Crashed into the sea off Port Stanley, Falklands Wing Commander P. T. Squire   Martin-Baker
15th November 1982
Indian A. F.
Sukhoi-7     Cr Manmad after TO from Lohegan Pt BO Flt Lt Ravish Malhotra  
15th November 1982 Libya Mirage           Martin-Baker
15th November 1982 USA Grumman OV-1D Mohawk 68-15948   crashed in California, USA      
While conducting static
VMC testing at 6,400ft MSL [4,000ft AGL] the pilot called the VMC point at 78 KIAS and
announced initiation of recovery. The aircraft rolled left slightly past 90 degrees and entered a
nose-low attitude from which it did not recover. Both crew sustained fatal injuries. One occupant
attempted ejection but it was not succesful.
Thursday 25th or Friday 26th November 1982
Kenyan Air Force
Northrop F-5   Laikipia AFB Crashed on escort mission over the Kinangop area Captain  Seth Shava
30th November 1982 Fr AF Mirage       Lt.COL Amberg   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
1st December 1982   F‑16A 8O‑0564 313th TFS/50th TFW, Hahn AB, West Germany Crashed on approach pilot ejected safely    
7th December 1982 Ger AF F-104       O.Lt. M. Doetzer   Martin-Baker
10th December 1982
Impala       Lt. A. A. Stapa   Martin-Baker
10th December 1982
F-4E Phantom II 68-  369 369th   TFS
347 TFW  Moody AFB, GaEglin AFB range
Crash due to bleed air duct failure, fire in front cockpit   Martin-Baker
Pilot Mike Mangold
 ejected at approx  5000 ft  400-500 kts. Minor cut on forehead
WSO   CW Massey
 ejected at approx  5000 ft  400-500 kts.  Left elbow dislocated by windmilling due to high speed
15th December 1982
Block 15E
8th TFW
Yellow Sea off the West coast of South Korea Captain Daryl Hower ACES II
21st December 1982
IAI Kfir C2       Engine failure Michael "Mickey" Kamil ejected safely   Martin-Baker
22nd December 1982


 53 TFS

Zulu-alert mission. Crashed near Herschbach, Rheinland-Pfaltz, Germany  Cpt. Jeffrey Roether killed ACES II
USAFE F-15C Eagle 80-0025
28th December 1982
F‑15C 78‑0481
18th TFW Collision. Crashed into Pacific 92 M NE of Okinawa, Japan one pilot killed
ejected safely
28th December 1982
F‑15C 78‑0540
78th TFW   ACES II


29th December 1982
Mirage           Martin-Baker

Hi,  regarding your page http://www.ejection-history.org.uk/project/year_pages/1982.htm

Please do not refer to Argentine Navy Aviation as COAN 
COmando de Aviacion Naval argentina , is a wrong foreign designation,
The official abbrev always was and still is COAN  (for COmando de Aviacion Naval argentina)
See our page at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argentine_Navy#Aviaci.C3.B3n_Naval_.28Naval_Aviation.29

Seems strange you need to add the "Later Released" sentence on Jeff Glover entry. All Argentine pilots which were POW were la
ter released too



1982 - exact date needed

Indian A. F.
Sukhoi-7 B-854 222 Sqdn Bird Hit aircraft then  crashed in Delhi Fg Offr K C Kuruvilla  
K C Kuruvilla also ejected from IAF Sukhoi's on 6th December 1971, and 24th October 1980. This makes him one of, if not the only person, to have safely ejected three times from an Su-7


Jean Vincent Brisset (AF Brigadier, ret,) for information on the Mirage III crash on 14th April 1982