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Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
14th January 1988
French AF
Mirage F.1C EC.12   crashed near Solenzara, Corsica Lt. F. Demonsais ejected   Martin-Baker
14th January 1988
French Navy
Aeronavale F8E(FN) Crusader No. 42   crashed near Guessant, France, during practice
Pilot ejected but was killed   Martin-Baker
18th January 1988
French AF
Mirage IIIB     crashed near Mont-de-Marsan, France     Martin-Baker
S.Lt. Huillier ejected  STDT Chaisse ejected Martin-Baker
19th January 1988
Corsair II 158664
NH 305
VA‑22USS Enterprise  into the sea, lost control during Dissimilar Air Combat Maneuvering pilot ejected and was recovered uninjured   Escapac
22nd January 1988
French AF 
Mirage F.1CR  
Two French AF Mirage F.1CRs of ER-33 crashed near Haguenau following mid-air collision in bad
weather. One pilot ejected, the other landed safely.
C.Sturn   Martin-Baker
23rd January 1988
Ecuadorian AF 
Mirage F-1JE   FAE / Escaudron de Caza 211 Crashed during bad weather
near Taura Air Base, Ecuador.
Major G. Chico   Martin-Baker
28th January 1988
F/A‑18A Hornet 163109
NAS Lemoore
crashed in the Sierra Nevadas, California, following
mid-air collision. One killed, one ejected.
Lt.JG D. T. Morgan    Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
3rd February 1988
Thai Air Force
Tiger II AF-5E     shot down near Na Kok, Thailand. Pilot ejected safely    
3rd February 1988 Classified             Martin-Baker
11th February 1988
AV‑8B 162071
VMA‑331 engine flamed out on target run pilot  ejected safely   Stencel
12th February 1988
Royal Netherlands Air Force
Fighting Falcon AF-16A J-639 306 Squadron from Volkel Air
Crashed near Haasbergen after pilot reporting engine failure. He intended to divert to Twente
Air Base. The
aircraft crashed in moorland and was destroyed
Pilot forced to eject. He parachuted across the border and landed in Germany.    
14th February 1988
Impala       CMDT T. J. Schroeder   Martin-Baker
14th February 1988
Royal Thai Air Force
Bronco OV-10C     shot down by Laotian ground fire during a
reconaissance mission near Laos border
Pilot ejected safely and was captured. Co-Pilot ejected safely and was captured.  

Notes: February saw the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) suffer its first casualties in fighting along
disputed border areas with neighbouring Laos. Both countries lay claim to a 30 square mile area
close to the Laotian capital of Vientiane some 250 miles north of Bangkok. During the short,
sharp battle in the remote mountainous region, rich in timber, a RTAF F-5E Tiger II was brought
down by a shoulder-fired Laotian SAM-7 on February 3rd. The pilot was killed.

This appears to contradict the report that the pilot ejected safely - or were two F-5s brought down??

15th February 1988
Iraqi AF
Mirage           Martin-Baker
18th February 1988
French AF 
Alpha Jet E6/314-UG GE-314 crashed near Vouzailles, France.     Martin-Baker
Cdr. F. Garbani ejected Lt. M.Chavand ejected Martin-Baker
18th February 1988
RF-4C Phantom 68‑0563 26th TRW crashed at Kaiserlautern near Zweibrucken, West Germany.     Martin-Baker
C. D. Finney S. N. Kohler    Martin-Baker
20th February 1988
Mirage F.1     brought down by a SAM over Angola. Pilot ejected safely.   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
1st March 1988
Royal Saudi Air Force
F-5F   Taif crashed in northern Saudi Arabia. One killed (pilot ?),
one ejected safely    
8th March 1988
TA-4J Skyhawk   TW-2 crashed 8 miles north of Escobas in Zapata County, Texas, after
an engine fire
crew member ejected safely   Escapac
crew member ejected safely   Escapac
10th March 1988
Macchi MB.326H A7-046 Roulettes aerobatic team (RAAF/CFS) collided in mid-air
during aerobatic practice with another MB.326H (A7-054) over RAAF Base Laverton, near East
Sale, Victoria.

The other pilot made a
wheels-up belly landing at Laverton,
East Sale.

Flt. Lt. R.Crispin   Martin-Baker
11th March 1988
F‑16A 81‑0766 159th FIS FL ANG, Jacksonville IAP, FL, USA crashed on approach following engine flame‑out Pilot ejected   ACES II
17th March 1988
F‑111D 68‑0132
27th TFW, Cannon AFB, NM, USA crashed during single‑engined emergency landing crew ejected safely   Capsule
20th March 1988
Tornado GR.1   20 Squadron crashed in the desert during Exercise Green Flag in Nevada,
Pilot ejected.   Martin-Baker
Navigator ejected   Martin-Baker
25th March 1988
F-14A Tomcat 159441
AC 203
 VF-32, operating from
CV-67 USS John Kennedy.
cold cat shot from LUSS John F Kennedy, crashed into the Atlantic off Norfolk, Virginia Lt. N. A. Filippone   Martin-Baker
Lt. E. P. Lampela    Martin-Baker
30th March 1988
Tornado GR.1 ZA448/EB 15 Squadron Crashed on the Nellis AFB
ranges during a "Green Flag" exercise. Control lost after taking avoiding action due to a SAM contact.
Flg. Off. T. D. Robinson
(20 Sqn) ejected safely
Flt. Lt. S. P. Townsend
(20 Sqn) ejected safely
31st March 1988



 crashed in northern South West Africa during training mission.
Pilot ejected.   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
1st April 1988
French AF 
Mirage   IIIE     crashed near Bar-le-Duc in Eastern France. Capt. J. Bellot   Martin-Baker
4th April 1988
F-4 Phantom        Capt. T. Ganiko   Martin-Baker
COL T. Grirnsley   Martin-Baker
5th April 1988

SHOULD this be the 25th April ??

Macchi 2 FTS   crashed at Pearce RAAF Base W.A following an engine failure     Martin-Baker
Pilot Wg. Cdr. Frank Atkins ejected Plt. Off. Andrew
ejection at 300ft. level flight at 200kt. Suffered slight compression fracture of the spine
7th April 1988
MB.326GB     3 MB.326GB trainers crashed in bad weather during a joint exercise with US Forces. 4 crew killed - 2 ejected

Crew status of each aircraft unsure - were the 2 ejectees from the same aircraft ???

ejected   Martin-Baker
7th April 1988
MB.326GB     ejected   Martin-Baker
11th April 1988
RF‑4C  67‑0431
67th TRW
Bergstrom AFB, TX. USA
Crashed near Riverside drive, Austin, 1 m from air base      
ejected safely ejected safely  
IS THIS THE 4th April Loss wrongly dated ??
11th April 1988
Lightning  XR769 11 Squadron crashed in the North Sea five miles east of Easington,
Humberside, following an engine fire
RAAF exchange Pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
12th April 1988
RF-4C Phantom   67th TRW . Crew
crashed into a row of small warehouses just off Riverside Drive in
southeast Austin, Texas, approximately one mile short of the runway at Bergstrom AFB
Pilot ejected safely.   Martin-Baker
RIO ejected safely   Martin-Baker
14th April 1988
Impala       COL S.C. Forreira   Martin-Baker
16th April 1988
Impala of the Silver Falcons aerobatic display team     crashed in mountains near
Langebaanweg Air Force base during air display.
Capt. K. Griesel ejected    Martin-Baker
18th April 1988
F-16C Block 30A Fighting Falcon 85-1462
526 TFS
86th TFW
Crashed at Erzberg, Germany near the town of Hermeskeil pilot ejected safely   ACES II
27th April 1988
RF-4C Phantom II 64‑1020 192nd TRS NV ANG, Reno IAP, NV, USA hydraulic failure on landing, nosewheel collapsed left runway     Martin-Baker
Lt.COL R. J. Bath W. R. Burks Martin-Baker
28th April 1988
Mirage       MAJ J. Molina   Martin-Baker
28th April 1988
Somali AF
Hunter       Sqn. Ldr. J. R. Blythe-Wood   Martin-Baker



Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
4th May 1988
French AF 
Mirage       CNE P.Charaix     Martin-Baker
10th May 1988
F/A‑18A Hornet 163112 VFA‑125
NAS Lemoore. CA, USA
engine stalled shortly after take‑off LTJG N. S. McEachern    Martin-Baker
12th May 1988
Mirage IIIDE CE 11-30/11-75 Ala 11 Crashed into the sea 15 miles off
Gandia after losing control during combat practice. 2 crew ejected.
J. T. Albert F. G. E. Amian  Martin-Baker
13th May 1988

Hawk T.1A XX 197 TWU/79 Squadron Crashed on take off at Brawdy, Dyfed following a bird
strike. Both crew ejected safely.
R. F. Passfield Martin-Baker  
A. Threadgold Martin-Baker  
18th May 1988
Mirage       ? Martin-Baker  
MAJ J. Avila Martin-Baker  
20th May 1988
F-16A Block 15A 80-0574
309 TFS
31st TFW
 In‑flight fire. Crashed Leach Lake range, California pilot ejected safely   ACES II
25th May 1988
Hunter FGA.74     Crashed near Clark Air Base in the Philippines. LTC.C. Wen
ejected but killed
25th May 1988
TA‑4J 153530
VC‑10 engine fire     Escapac
ejected safely ejected safely Escapac
26th May 1988
 TA‑4J 158457
A 709
VT‑7 engine failure     Escapac
ejected safely ejected safely Escapac


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
1st June 1988
French AF 
Mirage       CNE J. P.Castel   Martin-Baker
4th June 1988 Dutch Air Force F-16A J-625 KLu/311 Squadron crashed near Goose Bay, Canada. Pilot
ejected safely.
7th June 1988
French AF 
Mirage 5F 54/13-PL EC 2/13 Alpes crash landed on approach to Gutesloh,
West Germany, after running out of fuel. Pilot
Lt. J. M.Clament ejected safely.   Martin-Baker
7th June 1988
F-16A 81-0713 159th FIS
Florida ANG
crashed into two wild pigs on the runway while landing at Jacksonville International Airport, Florida. The aircraft veered off the runway and
crashed into a clump of trees
. Pilot ejected safely.   ACES II
10th June 1988
Belgian AF
Mirage VBA BA63 3 Squadron 8 Wing crashed at Mancheim (Marchin ?). Capt. V. Schoenwinkle ejected safely   Martin-Baker
14th June 1988
 Hunter GA.11 WT809 /867 FRADU crashed in circuit near Ilchester, Yeovil, Somerset following engine failure. Lt. Cdr. Braithwaite ejected safely at low level.   Martin-Baker
16th June 1988
Portuguese AF
F.G91       Capt. H. Borges    Martin-Baker
17th June 1988
Austrian Air Force
SAAB 105S     crashed on landing at Salzburg crew ejected   SAAB
crew ejected   SAAB
19th June 1988
67‑14654 27th TASS
602nd TACW
Engine failure, crashed 110 NM SW of Albuquerque, NM, USA     North American
ejected safely ejected safely North American
20th June 1988
French Air Force
Mirage F.1CR   ER 1/33 crashed on take-off from Strasburg-Entzeim. Pilot ejected.   Martin-Baker
22nd June 1988
AT-38B Talon 60-0569
434th TFTS
Crashed 5 miles north of Holloman AFB      
pilot ejected safely   Northrop
22nd June 1988
A‑7D  72‑0184
112th TFS OH ANG
Toledo MAP, OH, USA

Engine trouble on approach. Crashed 1 NM short of the runway

pilot ejected safely   Escapac
24th June 1988
Hawk T.1
of the Red Arrows
XX304 RAF Scampton   crashed on take-off from RAF Scampton, Lincolnshire.
Pilot, Sqn Ldr Pete Collins, .
Sqn. Ldr. Pete J.Collins
deputy leader, ejected suffered back and facial injuries
27th June 1988
Indian Navy
Sea Harrier       Lt. R. Sharma   Martin-Baker
27th June 1988
Indian Navy
Sea Harrier       Cdr. S. K. Danile   Martin-Baker
28th June 1988
T‑37B 61‑2506 71st FTW
Vance AFB, OK
Crashed 23 NM N of air base USA pilot ejected safely    
29th June 1988
F-16C Block 25F 84-1395
313 TFS
50th TFW at Hahn
Mid air collision during an air combat
manoeuvring session, south of Mainz.
Captain Bob McCormack  sustained
neck burns and back injuries on ejection

Captain Mike Crandall

29th June 1988
F-16C Block 25F 85-1401
313 TFS
50th TFW at Hahn
29th June 1988
F-16C Block 30C 86-0247
23 TFS
(52nd or 57th ?) TFW
Low level flight. Engine problems. Crashed near Merxzell-Burbach, near Baden Baden during TAM 88 (Nato Tactical Fighter Meet) exercise Germany Capt. Jack Friedman ejected safely   ACES II


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
4th July 1988
German AF 
F-4 Phantom      crashed near Stade     Martin-Baker
Capt. J. Vergin 1.Lt. G. Borowiak Martin-Baker
19th July 1988
F-4E Phantom     shot down by Iraqi AAA over Kirkuk     Martin-Baker
Pilot ejected RIO ejected Martin-Baker
25th July 1988
F‑16C 84‑1232 19th TFS/363rd TFW engine flamed out during ACM, , into Atlantic 61 M NE of Charleston, SC, USA

pilot ejected safely



Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
2nd August 1988
Phantom FGR2 XV501/B 56 Sqn Crashed near Mayenne in western France due to a
technical fault while on a sortie from Reims
Flt. Lt. D. Johnson   Martin-Baker
N. S. Hacke   Martin-Baker
2nd August 1988
F-18 Hornet       P. D. Ford   Martin-Baker
3rd August 1988
Macchi CFS   crashed near Barrington Tops NSW due to failed BFCU sea caused
engine to fail
    Martin-Baker AUO4B
Flt. Lt. Brendan Heslin ejected through canopy at 4,000ft. 200kt. in high wind.
Suffered back injuries, slight hypothermia due to delay in rescue because of snow showers in the
area. Picked up after 3 hours.
Flt. Lt. Dennis "Rhino" Hume spent 3 hours trapped in a tree until rescue. Also suffered back
injuries and hypothermia.
Martin-Baker AUO4B
4th August 1988
Soviet Air Force
Sukhoi SU-25
    shot down 190 miles southwest of Islamabad after straying over
the border from Afghanistan
Colonel Alexander Rutskoi
(2nd ejection - previous one in 1986 from Su-25 -date not yet known)

Soviet Air Force Sukhoi-20 Fitter shot down 190 miles southwest of Islamabad after straying over
the border from Afghanistan. Pilot ejected and was captured.
[afm s/6/88]

 Sqn. Ldr. Athar Bukhari of No. 14 Squardon (PAF Minhas) became the first PAF pilot to shoot down a Russian aircraft. On August 04, 1988, Sqn. Ldr. Bukhari was asked to patrol near Bannu at a height of 10,000 ft. He was vectored on a heading of 300 degrees, and the controller reported the target 30 degree left, 15 NM. The contact was made and the GCI controller clearly told Bukhari to go ahead and shoot the target. The missile was launched from about 2.5 NM from the target which was soon followed by a ball of fire. Descending to 5,000 feet, and dispensing chaff and flares, the pilot then took a safe passage home.

The wreckage of the shot down aircraft was located, but not the pilot. The tribal people caught him the next evening and handed him over to the authorities. His name was Colonel Alexander Rutskoi
7th August 1988
Belgian Air Force
Mirage V     crashed near Sanicole during an airshow Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
12th August 1988
MB339        C. Speziali   Martin-Baker
17th August 1988
Israel DF/AF
F-4 Phantom       Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
Fate of navigator not known   Martin-Baker
18th August 1988
Harrier GR3 XW921/E 3 Sqn Engine fire. Crashed on approach to Gutersloh, West Germany Flt. Lt. P. W. Leach ejected   Martin-Baker
 22nd August 1988
F‑16C 84‑1221 19th TFS/363rd TFW struck a radio mast during low‑level training flight, pilot ejected safely   ACES II
25th August 1988
Omani AF
Hunter       Flg. Off. A. A. AI-Baluchi   Martin-Baker
25th August 1988
Moroccan AF
Mirage       STDT Tazerny   Martin-Baker
28th August 1988
Pakistan AF
SY.F6       Sqn. Ldr. Abid   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
1st September 1988
F-16C Block 30 85-1414
14 TFS
432nd TFW

Misawa AB, Aomori Prefecture
Flame out. Crashed near  into mountain,
Oguni, Kawai Village, Shimohei County, Iwate Prefecture, Iwate, Japan
Pilot ejected safely   ACES II
7th September 1988
Jaguar T.2A XX834/EZ 6 Squadron Rrashed during low level flight near Stuttgart, West
Germany. Struck HT cables near Wilbad-Kreuth. RAF Pilot killed, USAFE back-seater/navigator
pilot killed 1.Lt. J. O. Black
8th September 1988
F-14A Tomcat 162609 VF‑111 Crashed into North Arabian Sea, during ACM     Martin-Baker
Lt. Cdr. M. A. Bruder Lt. J. A. Abrams Martin-Baker
8th September 1988
Malaysian AF
A-4 Skyhawk     crashed into the sea off the south east coast of Malaysia Pilot ejected   Douglas
9th September 1988
F‑16A 79‑0338 72nd TFTS/56th TFW into Gulf of Mexico 39 NM SW of Sarasota, FL, USA pilot    ejected safely   ACES II
9th September 1988
Japan Air Self Defence Force
Fuji T.1A     crashed into the sea of Kyusha Island Pilot ejected but died later   Weber
(Daicel License Built seat ??)
10th September 1988
Italian AF
F-104      crashed on take off from Miranare Air Base Capt. D. Aloisi ejected   Martin-Baker
10th September 1988
A‑7E 157579
VA‑203 Baker County, FL, USA pilot ejected safely   Escapac
12th September 1988
F-14 Tomcat    NAS Mirimar crashed on landing at Gillespies Field, San Diego, following
loss of control
Lt. Cdr. J. Barnett ????? Martin-Baker
14th September 1988
Pakistan AF
SY.F6        Flt. Lt. Arshad   Martin-Baker
13th September 1988
F-16A Block 15N 82-0994
388 TFW

Exploded flight, possibly as a result of a lightning strike. Crashed, Great Salt Lake, Utah 25 M W of air base

pilot ejected safely   ACES II
14th September 1988

also seen as 13th

F-16C Block 25D 84-1249
17 TFS
Shaw AFB
Crashed on take-off Hit the ground near Sumter, on a training mission from Shaw AFB in South Carolina, USA. Pilot ejected,
two injured on the ground by debris
15th September 1988
Argentinian AF
MB326            Martin-Baker
Lt.COL Rodemo Lt.COL Gianelli Martin-Baker
18th September 1988
Somali AF
Hunter       M. Seegmuller   Martin-Baker
18th September 1988 Classified             Martin-Baker
22nd September 1988
F-14A Tomcat 162596 VF‑2
NAS Fallon, NV, USA
Crashed 70 km NE of air base     Martin-Baker
Lt. Cdr. J. H. Russell LTC. P. Liptak Martin-Baker
26th September 1988
Indian AF
Kiran       Flt. Lt. V. Satyamurthy   Martin-Baker
26th September 1988
F-14A Tomcat 161144 VF‑111 in northern Arabian Sea     Martin-Baker
Lt. Cdr. R.C. Sweeney Lt. M. S. Helwig Martin-Baker
29th September 1988
Greek AF
Mirage F.1     crashed in central Greece following an engine fire. J. Parliaris ejected   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
6th October 1988
A‑4E 151090
VFA‑127   pilot ejected safely   Escapac
7th October 1988
F/A‑18A Hornet N844NA
Edwards AFB,
shortly after take‑off 3 M N of Boron, CA, USA Mr. S. Ishmael ejected safely   Martin-Baker
8th October 1988
AV‑8B 162952
VL 02
VMA‑331 into Mediterranean off Turkey, engine caught fire RAF pilot ejected safely   Stencel
11th October 1988
F-16C   50th TFW 10th FTS crashed near Hahn AB, West Germany Pilot ejected   ACES II
12th October 1988
F-16C Block 25E 84-1289
496 TFS engine failure. Landed just short of runway at Hahn AB, Germany Pilot egressed safely on ground
also seen reported as an ejection
16th October 1988
Jordanian AF
Mirage       Lt. Afif   Martin-Baker
18th October 1988
F-16C Block 30E 86-0344
613rd FTS
401st TFW
Fuel transfer problem. Crashed  near Incirlik, Turkey pilot ejected   ACES II
18th October 1988
Phantom GR.2 XV437/'Y' 92 Squadron crashed near Holzminden, 40nm east of Gutersloh,
West Germany following engine failure
Flt. Lt. Fryer ejected, injured Lt. F. L. T. Lines ejected, injured Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
1st November 1988
Phantom     crashed near Polle, West Germany Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
Navigator ejected   Martin-Baker
3rd November 1988
Afghan AF
MiG-23 Flogger     shot down by Pakistan Air Force F-16 over Pakistan territory Pilot ejected and captured.   KM-1
5th November 1988
Impala     crashed near Tafelkop soon after take-off from Bloemfontein Capt. M. Bates   Martin-Baker
7th November 1988
F/A-18 Hornet Ala 15   crashed near Zaragoza Air Base following a technical
Capt. I. A. Ortiz ejected   Martin-Baker
7th November 1988
AV‑8B 163184
Maxwell AFB, AL, USA
rolled over during landing ‑ heavily damaged but SOC later pilot ejected safely   Stencel
Tuesday 9th November 1988
B‑1B Lancer 85-0063
96th Bomb Wing, Dyess Air Force Base, Texas
Crashed near Abilene, Texas. Fire in left wing caused engine failure during  practising  "touch-and-go" landings Pilot ejected safely   Weber ACES II
Co-pilot ejected safely   Weber ACES II
Defensive Systems Officer (DSO) ejected safely   Weber ACES II
[left seat rear]
Offensive Systems Officer (OSO) ejected safely   Weber ACES II
[right seat rear]
Three crew ejected on pilot's command - he ejected after steering aircrfat away from residential area
The Strategic Air Command ordered the fleet grounded for a mandatory, one-time inspection of all electric, fuel and hydraulic fluid lines.
8th November 1988

Indian AF
MiG-21     crashed at Bahadurgah, in the outskirts of New Dehli killing a three year old girl and seriously injuring eight others. The aircraft was part of a flypast and suffered a
The pilot ejected safely.   KM-1
9th November 1988
French AF 
Mirage       Capt. Genty   Martin-Baker
10th November 1988
Hawk       Capt. J. K.Chepkwony   Martin-Baker
Capt. T. N. Giati   Martin-Baker
10th November 1988
Atlas Impala 8 Squadron   crashed on take-off from Bloemspruit. CMDT R. Masson   Martin-Baker
14th November 1988
Indian AF
Hunter       Flt. Lt. G. R. S. Reddy   Martin-Baker
14th November 1988
Impala 1     crashed shortly after take-off from Jan Smuts Airport,
Johannesburg following a mid-air explosion
Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
back seater killed
17th November 1988

Belgian AF
General Dynamics F-16A Fighting Falcon 10 Wing at Kleine -Brogel Air Base   birdstrike just after take-off The pilot ejected safely   ACES II
17th November 1988

Belgian AF

General Dynamics F-16A Fighting Falcon 1 Wing at
Beauvechain Air Base
  The engine failed on finals The pilot ejected safely   ACES II
18th November 1988

also seen as 17th November

B‑1B Lancer 85-0076 Ellsworth AFB, SD Struck a high voltage and utility poles  on approach to Runway 31 and crashed during landing in bad weather at Ellsworth AFB, S.D pilot, Maj. Thomas C. Skillman ejected safely   Weber ACES II
co-pilot, Capt. Mick R. Gunthals ejected safely   Weber ACES II
defensive systems officer Maj. Dean C. Spraggins ejected, suffered a back injury Taken to a hospital at Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio, Tex   Weber ACES II
[left seat rear]
offensive systems officer, Capt. Grover M. Gossett ejected safely   Weber ACES II
[right seat rear]
An Air Force investigation concluded that the pilot and co-pilot lost track of altitude because of weather conditions.
20th November 1988
T‑2C 159156
A 981
CTW‑1  lost control pilot ejected safely    


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
7th December 1988 Classified             Martin-Baker
7th December 1988 Classified             Martin-Baker
8th December 1988
Angolan AF
MiG-23 Flogger     crashed during training flight following technical problems Pilot ejected   KM-1
8th December  1988
OA‑10A 77‑0223
23rd TASS Tohono O'Odham Indian reservation, 80 M W of Tucson, AZ, USA pilot ejected safely   ACES II
16th December 1988
Finnish AF
Hawk           Martin-Baker
Lt. P. Tikkanen Lt.JG M. Jakonen Martin-Baker
16th December 1988
F-14A Tomcat 159865
NJ 422
 VF‑124, NAS Alameda, CA

struck F‑14A 160888 during landing, ran off the runway into San Francisco Bay

Lt. J. F.Campbell Lt.JG D. A. Guerrieri Martin-Baker
19th December  1988
Argentine Navy
AerMacchi MB326 Nr 101   Sudden impact over  Uruguay River at 350 kts...and 100 ft    
Lt. C. Gustavo Rodaro ejected but did not survive Co-pilot Lt. Gustavo Yannielli  ejected at low level
[personal testimony]
21st December 1988   F‑111 D 68‑0130 27th TFW
Cannon AFB, NM. USA
engine caught fire on take‑off crashed 6 NM SW of air base

crew    ejected safely

  McDonnell Capsule
22nd December  1988
A‑10A 81‑0986
511th TFS/10th TFW nr Needingworth, Cambs, UK pilot ejected safely   ACES II
27th December 1988
A-10 Thunderbolt II   10th TFW based at RAF Alconbury crashed near Willingham,
Cambridgeshire, following a technical fault
Pilot ejected   ACES II




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