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Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
9th January 1992 Belgian AF F-16B  FB-13 10 Wing / 23 Sqn   ejected   ACES II
ejected   ACES II
11th January 1992 Polish AF TS-11 Iskra   62nd Fighter Regiment engine failure in weather recce
ejected - killed    
13th January 1992 USN F-14A Tomcat 161443
NE 2
NAS Fallon
Crashed on airfield Lt. D. T. Armstrong ejected   Martin-Baker
Lt. J. V. Stauffer ejected   Martin-Baker
13th January 1992 CIS AF MiG-31 Foxhound   Yelizovo air base crashed just after take-off ejected but
was killed before  parachutes was able to deploy fully
ejected but
was killed before  parachutes was able to deploy fully
13th January 1992 USAF F-16C 84-1267 Kansas ANG/184thTFG/127thTFS Lost control during circuit training and crashed  into a house near McConnell AFB,
14th January 1992 USAF F-16C 88‑0470 388th FW Crashed southern part of Utah Test and Training range, Hill AFB Pilot ejected   ACES II
15th January 1992 USAF F-15A Eagle 75-0071 Georgia ANG/116thTFW/128thTFS collided with F-15A Eagle75-0075 of Georgia ANG/116thTFW/128thTFS in mid air over Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee which landed at McGhee Tyson Airport, near Knoxville pilot ejected


21st January 1992 USAF F-15C Eagle 81‑0052 57th FW
Nellis AFB, NV, USA,
Crashed on Nellis AFB ranges 75 M from base Pilot ejected. Recsued by helicopter of 66th
23rd January 1992 USAF F-16C 85‑1496 Ml 432nd FW en route Misawa ‑ Tyndall - collision with
tanker aircraft. crashed 715 miles east of Tokyo, Japan into the Pacific Ocean
Pilot ejected and rescued safely


29th January 1992
Spanish Air Force
Mirage F1EE C.14B-59
  EdA/Ala46   Ditched six miles off Gando AB following
birdstrike three minutes after take off
Capt. J. I. P. Diez  ejected into Atlantic Ocean   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
4th February 1992 French Navy Super Etendard     bird strike with
a gannet whilst flying low-level at 100 ft and 480 kts. Crashed in the Bay of Biscay off Penmarch
pilot ENS DV Toussaint ejected safely   Martin-Baker
4th February 1992
Italian A. F.
AMX MM7113/3-03 3S   Capt. R. Valotti   Martin-Baker
5th February 1992 SAAF       Mirage  L. A. Bath   Martin-Baker
6th February 1992
German Navy
Tornado 46+16 MfG.1 crashed into a field at Cloppenburg, near Oldenburg, northern
Lt. B. Bardischewski ejected suffering minor injuries   Martin-Baker
Lt. A. Hug ejected suffering minor injuries   Martin-Baker
15th February 1992
Hunter T8C WV363/872/VL FRADU Engine failure. Crashed into the Minch seventy miles off
Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. It was carrying out
exercise air raids on HMS Battleaxe
Flt. Lt. Spon Clayton ejected
 3 crushed vertebra

1st Ejection see also 8th October 2001


15th February 1992 Qatar Mirage     CMDT Chaukai     Martin-Baker
17th February 1992 CIS AF MiG-23 Flogger     crashed near Spassk-Dalniy, Russian far east pilot ejected at
low-level and was slightly injured
21st February 1992 USN F-14 Tomcat       Lt. J. W. Nolan   Martin-Baker
Lt. B. Merrill   Martin-Baker
27th February 1992 Yugoslav AF fighter     engine problems crashed to  near Djevreske Pilot ejected    


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
2nd March
3rd March 1992


French AF
Mirage 2000C 6/2-LH EC.3/2 in collision with Mirage 2000B 503/2-FO of ECT.2/2 near Montigny-Montfort near Dijon. Two seater B crew killed Lt. Torechio ejected   Martin-Baker
3rd March 1992 USAF F-16A 81-0706 Michigan ANG191FIG/171FIS collided in mid air with another fighter at
Elkton near Bad Axe, Michigan - this pilot killed
Pilot ejected   ACES II
6th March 1992 USMC  AV-8B Harrier II 163882
VMFA-214 Aircraft was returning
to MCAS Iwakuni. It crashed just after take off into an oil palm
plantation near Paya Lebar air base, Jahore, Singapore, Western Malaysia
Pilot ejected   Stencel
13th March 1992 Ind AF  Kiran       Sqn. Ldr. V. Jain   Martin-Baker
Cadet S. Chowdhary   Martin-Baker
15th March 1992
NANCHANG A5       Sqn. Ldr. K. F. Lodhi   Martin-Baker
15th March 1992 USMC F/A18A Hornet 162845
AE 302
VFA‑132 Control lost  during cross country navigation exercise after attempting to divert to Grissom AFB. Crashed near McCoysburg, Indiana. . Lt. Schultz   ejected safely   Martin-Baker
19th March 1992 USN EA-6B Prowler 162229
NAS Whidbey Island
crashed 55 miles south west of Whidbey Island, near Mount
Olympus, Washington
Lt. Vince M. Verge
ejecteds, serious injury (loss of hand)
Cdr. T. R. Miller
ejected, minor injuries.
Lt. C. B. Becker
ejected, minor injuries.
Lt. J. P. Hogan
ejected, minor injuries.
21st March 1992 RAAF Pilatus PC-9/A  A23-055 2 FTS  Two RNZAF
exchange aircrew ejected at low level after engine failure. Crashed near Albany, Western Australia
G.Capt. F. Sharp (RNZAF), ejected - injured.   Martin-Baker
Flt. Lt. R. J. Thacker (RNZAF), ejected - injured.   Martin-Baker
21st March 1992 Chile C.101       H.F. Josehf   Martin-Baker
23rd March 1992 RNoAF F-16A [early Block 10]   332 Skv Crashed shortly after take off from Banak near Banak
in northern Norway. Engine failure at 18,000ft relight tried three times
then pilot turned aircraft to unpopulated area
Pilot ejected at 3,000ft   ACES II


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
2nd April 1992 USN TA‑4J Skyhawk     Engine failure during ACM. Crashed into the Pacific Ocean near San Clemente Island, 50 miles off Los
ejected   Escapac
ejected   Escapac
2nd April 1992 USAF EF‑111A 66‑0056
42nd ECS
RAF Upper Heyford, England
Engine fire. Crashed shortly after take‑off near Dalgety food plant factory car park destroying 15 cars, Barton Hartshorn, nr Finmere, Bucks, UK

2 crew ejected safely

5th April 1992 Iran  F-4 Phantom       ejected   Martin-Baker
ejected   Martin-Baker
8th April 1992 Ecuad  Mirage       Benitez   Martin-Baker
8th April 1992
MiG-21UM 9566 86 Rg Fetesti        
Col. Nistor Constantin killed Maj.
Staicu Sterie
11th April 1992 USAF A‑10A Thunderbolt II 76‑0526 45th FS AFRES

Lost during instrument check ride 3 M S of Grissom AFB, IN, USA

Col. Marvin A. Evens
anesthesiologist, chief of a medical squadron of the 930th Tactical Fighter Group

ejected but was killed
12th April 1992
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
MiG-21R serial 261111   shoot down in Herzegovina Captain Predrag Grandic ejected, captured and heavily tortured, suffered many injuries, exchanged together with Goran Pantic   KM-1M
13th April 1992 R. Saudi AF Northrop F-5B   15 Sqn crashed 20km from Khamiss Mushayt ejected   Northrop
ejected   Northrop
15th April 1992 USAF Cessna T-37B 60--119 14th TFW mid air collision 50 nm north west of Columbus AFB, Mississippi.Crashed in Tombigbee National
ejected   Weber
ejected   Weber
15th April 1992 USAF Cessna T-37B 60-0161 14th TFW ejected   Weber
ejected   Weber
15th April 1992 USN T-2C Buckeye     crashed after launch from carrier in the Gulf of Mexico ejected    
22nd April 1992
Chengdu Chengdu F-7P     Crashed in an industrial area in Western Karachi after engine failure. Two killed  on ground Flt. Lt. Akmal ejected   Martin-Baker
24th April
29th April 1992
Ind AF  Kiran Mk.II   Tambaram A. B. crashed near Thirupporur after taking off W.C S. P. Singh   Martin-Baker
Flt. Lt. J. D. Pillai   Martin-Baker
23rd April 1992 
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 
J-21 Jastreb     shot down in Herzegovina

Lieutenant Goran Pantic ejected, captured, heavily torchured, suffered many injuries, exchanged after 3 months

  Folland B-1
24th April 1992
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 
J-21 Jastreb     shot down in Herzegovina

Branko Gavrilovic ejected. Walking and hiding for 7 days, came to base on foot

  Folland B-1
24th April 1992
Serbia and Montenegro 
G-4 Super Galeb serial 23631   shot down  in Herzegovina Major Nikola Djerfi ejected, badly injured captured, tortured, exchanged together with Goran and Predrag   Martin-Baker MkY-10LB
26th April 1992 Indian AF MiG-21 Fishbed     crashed at Simolodonga, North Lakhimpur pilot ejected    


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
2th May 1992
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 
MiG-21 serial 17152 117.LAP/124.LAE shot down by Strela AA missile over  Slavonski Brod  after a 4 km chase. Slobodan Medic ejected,  but badly burned by flames in the cockpit.fate unknown, still missing, some witnesses say that saw him captured, officially missing   KM-1
FEEDBACK [Captain Medic died in the accident not attempting any ejecting – he was flying extremely low adn the plane exploded immediately]
5th May 1992 USAF F-16A 80‑0610 Montana ANG/120thFG/186thFS Engine problems. Ran off runway crashed at Great Falls, Montana pilot ejected successfully


6th May 1992 USN A-4F Skyhawk 155017
NJ 621
VF‑126 crashed into the Pacific Ocean off California following loss of power Pilot ejected   Escapac
10th May 1992
Abu Dhabi
Mirage       Pilot Capt. Cketby   Martin-Baker
12th May 1992 RAF Tucano T1 ZF316 CFS FIRST TUCANO LOSS.  On a sortie from RAF LossiemouthCrashed on Chapelford Farm, Clochan, Fochabers, Grampian after
loss of control during spinning trials.
Flt. Lt. W. Hinmers [208 Sqn] ejected   Martin-Baker
Flt. Lt. P. Harrison [208 Sqn] ejected   Martin-Baker
13th May 1992 USN F/A-18C Hornet 163712
NF 311
 USS Independence
crashed into the Indian Ocean after speed
decayed during catapult launch from carrier
Lt. S. M. Thompson ejected   Martin-Baker
*[The microprocessor-controlled Martin-Baker Navy Aircrew Common Ejection Seat [NACES]
,350 of which have been delivered to the USN for F-14D Tomcats and T-45A Goshawks. 6,140
lives have now been saved with Martin-Baker ejection seats]
[afm/july/62/92] & [afm/oct/59/93]
Martin-Baker NACES
USN F/A/ F-18D Hornet 164196
AD 357
VFA-106  Crashed in Atlantic, 90 miles east of Jacksonville, Florida Lt. Cdr. J. R. Muir ejected safely  
16th May 1992 CIS AF Myaischyev M-4 Bison 7300505 Long Strategic Aviation Unit collided
in mid air at 25,000ft, 220km east of Saratov as they were en route from Engels to Semipalatinsk,
near Dargachi, Russia and crashed killing 11 of the 14 crew
Three pilots ejected safely    
16th May 1992 CIS AF Myaischyev M-4 Bison   Long Strategic Aviation Unit    
18th May 1992
Mirage           Martin-Baker
21st May 1992 USAF F-16 83-1071/TX AFRes 704thTFS 924thFG
( Bergstrom AFB Texas)
deployed in Alaska
DACT. Entered a slideback but found the aircraft slow and lacking engine response. Crashed at Stony Military Operating Area 250nm north of Anchorage, Alaska pilot ejected
24th May 1992   Classified           Martin-Baker
24th May 1992   Classified           Martin-Baker
26th May 1992 KLu F-16A J-618 crashed during training sortie 120 miles south of Goose Bay, Canada Pilot ejected safely     ACES II
28th May 1992 RN Sea Harrier FRS1 ZA193/126/N 800 Sqn Ditched into the Mediterannean Sea alongside
HMS Invincible, off the coast of Cyprus, when forward pitch nozzle control was lost during
approach to land
Lt. P. N. Wilson ejected safely   Martin-Baker
28th May 1992
  F/A‑18A 163125
AJ 314  
VFA‑15 Birddtrike [vulture]  during low­ level flight. Crashed Santa Fe river, nr Worthington Springs, FL, USA pilot killed during    ejection   ACES II
28th or 29th May 1992



USMC F/A-18D Hornet 164035/04/VK VMFA[AW]-121 Crashed in hilly jungle area in
Tanjung Siang, Jahore State, Southern Malaysia while returning to MCAS Iwakuni, Japan from
Paya Lebar, Singapore.  The aircraft developed engine problems while attempting to refuel in flight
and was attempting to return to Paya Lebar when control was lost
Pilot Capt. T. E. Tumer ejected,
rescued safely
WSO died of his injuries after ejection  
31st May 1992 USAF F-16C 90-0749/SW 363rd FW /17thFS Smoke and fumes in cockpit. crashed in a remote area of western  Nevada while
returning to Nellis AFB from Ft Irwin ranges
ejected safely and rescued by Las Vegas police helicopter


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
1st June 1992 French AF Mirage F-1CR 644/33-NS ER.33 engine trouble. crashed near Arbil, Northern Iraq pilot CDT Testaut
ejected safely
4th June 1992 McDonnell Douglas T-45A
162787 Edwards AFB, CA, USA veered off runway during landing and struck a structure Lt. O. P. Honors ejected    
9th June 1992 Italy MB326       R. Monza ejected    
10th June 1992 Czech AF MiG-21MF Fishbed 4315   crashed into wooded area near Teplice, Kostomaty district Pilot ejected but killed when his parachute did not deploy    
14th June 1992 Fr AF  Jaguar       Capt. Reboul ejected    
23rd June 1992
F-104G   336Mira  crashed at Larissa after aircraft entered super stall Z. Vasilios   Martin-Baker
28th June 92
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 
J-22 Orao serial 25105   shot down over Brcko Captain Zoran Lukic ejected found dead    
29th June 1992 USMC AV-8B Harrier II 163875
WE 15
VMAT-214 Crashed on take off from Davenport
Airport after taking part in an Air Show
Pilot ejected but died later of his injuries   Stencel


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
1st July 1992 Turkish AF F-104 Starfighter     mechanical problems during armed reconnaissance mission. crashed four miles inside Northern Iraq Pilot ejected found four days later    
6th July 1992

"29" N50903016229  57 Regiment, Mihail Kogalniceanu

Crashed near Mihail Kogalniceanu
NO Ejections ?

Lt. Col. Tudor Ioan killed Mj. Edu Adrian killed
13th July 1992 Greek F-5B 66-9230   Mikra
Airbase, Thessaloniki in Greece
T. Zisios   Martin-Baker
A. Ioannou   Martin-Baker

photo via Andre Jans

"I shot this around April 1999. Mach III book mentiones W/o 13-7-1993. I am not aware of the circumstances
but surely the frontseater ejected above the airfield of Thessaloniki-Mikra AB."
13th July 1992 USAF F-15C Eagle 33rdTFW/60thTFS   During a training mission after experiencing loss of control during
BFM training mission on overwater range. Crashed into the Gulf of Mexico approx. 90 miles south
of Elgin
pilot ejected . Rescued by Navy Helicopter and transferred to Elgin
hospital where treated and released
Tuesday 20th July 1992 also seen as  20-Oct-92
Spanish Air Force
Mirage F1CE C.14-24



Mid air collision  between Chuignes and Dampierre in the Sum Capt. C. I. I. Krauel  CAN ANYONE CONFIRM WHICH AIRCRAFT THE PILOT EJECTED FROM Martin-Baker
Tuesday 20th July 1992 also seen as  20-Oct-92
Spanish Air Force
Mirage F1CE   C.14-23




Ala 14

from Spanish media


Two Mirage of the Spanish Air Force ran up in flight,  towards 12 noon 30, . One of the two pilots was ejected. It is slightly wounded. Second is reported missing. The two apparatuses accomplished a flight of transit above France

22nd July 1992 USN  T-2C Buckeye 158310
A 999 
TW‑1 Crashed near NAS Meridian, Mississippi      

killed ????


killed ????

23rd July 1992
New Zealand
A-4 Skyhawk NZ6208 75 Squadron Ohakea Engine flame out due to fuel feed problems.  Crashed on the South East Coast of the North Island Flt. Lt. Scott Armour ejected successfully   Escapac 1G3
24th July 1992 CIS AF Tu-22U Blinder D   Zyabrovka crashed near Gomel, Belarus after engine turbine disc separation at
3,000ft after take-off
Pilot ejected too late having steered aircraft away from town    
29th July 1992   Yak-38 Forger   Zhukovsky hovering in close formation, when the aircraft suffered an engine surge / flame-out, in one of its three engines pilot  auto-ejected landed safely   auto-eject
30th July 1992 Malaysian AF TA-4PTM Skyhawk 6th Sqn crashed near Kuantan base, Central Pahalng        
ejected ejected  





Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
5th August 1992 USAF Lockheed F-117A 82-0802
Holloman AFB, New Mexico
Night take-off routine training mission. Hydraulic and flight control system malfunctions. Crashed  8 miles from  air base pilot ejected, walked to a nearby house for
help and was taken to base hospital.
5th August 1992 Polish Navy MiG-21bis Fishbed 8645 34 PLM-OPK
Malbork AB naval airfield, near Gdansk
Crashed into the Baltic Sea during approach to air base pilot ejected    
7th August 1992 RAF Harrier GR5 ZD350/05 1 Sqn
RAF Wittering
Engine failure shortly after take off from Wittering, Cambs. Crashed onto the runway. pilot Flt. Lt. C. R. Huckstep ejected, low level,  safely suffered only minor cuts and
8th August 1992 French AF  Mirage F-1C 102 EC.4/30 crashed at Djibouti pilot Lt. H. Hamon ejected safely    
10th August 1992 USAF F-15E Eagle 89-0479
57th FW
Nellis AFB, Nevada
entered a spin and impacted the ground Pilot attempted ejection. Unsuccesful   ACES II
14th August 1992 Canadian Forces CT-114 Tutor     Engine failure, crashed near CFB Moose Jaw      
Instructor  pilot ejected, ejection seat fouled his parachute, injured ejected OK  
15th August 1992 CIS AF Su-7 Fitter     Crashed at Zhukovsky.  Reheat malfunction. Aircraft continued flying until it crashed several miles from the airfield Dummy occupied rear cockpit and was ejected during
zero-zero ejection demonstration at MosAeroshow
pilot also
17th August 1992 Polish AF MiG-21PFM Fishbed   1 PLM-OPK Warszawa/2 Pluk Engine failure. Crashed while approaching to
land at Minsk Mazowiecki, Warsaw. Pilot flew the aircraft away from the village towards a forest
pilot safely ejected over Cyjanka    
21st August 1992 Royal Malaysian AF TA-4PTM Skyhawk 6 Sqn   crashed over Bukit Rangin in Pahang State      
Instructor, Major Suri Mohamad Duad ejected safely student ejected safely  
25th August 1992
IAR-93DC RO-602 67 Rg
Stalled during manoeuvres     Martin-Baker Mk10
Maj. Dan Cosaceanu ejected safely Cpt. Traian Neagoe ejected safely Martin-Baker Mk10
26th August 1992 USN  TA‑4J Skyhawk II   NAS Meridian, MS, USA left runway      
ejected OK ejected killed  
28th August 1992 USAF A-10A Thunderbolt II 78‑0695 AFRes
917th FW
Barksdale AFB, LA, USA,
Post maintenance check flight. Engine would not restart during test. Crashed 55 miles from Barksdale AFB,
Pilot ejected safely   ACES II
31st August 1992 Argentine AF IA63 Pampa E-813   Failed to
pull out of a dive during a practice display routine for the Farnborough Airshow. Crashed alongside the runway at Hurn Airport
Cdr. Juan Carlos Sapolsky killed Cpt. Omar Dario Gelardi killed Ejection sequence believed to have been initiated too late
31st August 1992 USAF F-16C 81-0697 Montana ANG/120 FS Engine failure. crashed near Great Falls, Montana Pilot eject safely   ACES II


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
1st September 1992 USAF F-16C 83-1139
58th FW Temperature and Engine problems. Crashed  at Barry F. Goldwater range near Gila Bend, Arizona pilot ejected safely   ACES II
3rd September 1992
Mirage 2000EG     114 PM     Lt. N. Martidis   Martin-Baker
8th September 1992 USAF F-16C 85-1451
86th Wing
Incirlik AB, Turkey
During a flight in support of Operation Provide Comfort. Crashed 150 miles east of Incirlik AB, Turkey Pilot ejected   ACES II
15th September 1992 French AF Jaguar A A97/7-IJ EC.3/7 Crashed 2 km short of the runway pilot ejected safely    
16th September 1992 CIS AF MiG-29 Fulcrum     Crashed near Parchim, Germany pilot ejected safely    
18th September 1992 USAF F-16A 80-0566 Minnesota ANG/179thFS Multiple bird strikes.  Flew through a flock of golden
plovers. Engine failure. Crashed shortly after take off 2 miles north of
Duluth IAP, Minnesota
Pilot ejected safely   ACES II
25th September 1992
Indian A. F.
3 Sqdn
A demonstration low level flight for the press  at Leh. Aircraft was taking a turn thru a valley. Crashed during the approach due to a combination of rarefied air and sluggish engine response Flt Lt Ranjit P. Damle ejected on impact. Chute failed to deploy in Rarefied Air. Died of injuries at crash scene
photo : Damle family  
22nd September 1992 Portuguese AF A-7P Corsair II 5525 Esq 304
On detachment at Volkel air
base, Holland
Engine failure. Training mission Crashed near Hemmelte, Germany. Two cows killed in field Pilot ejected safely    
23rd September 1992 Dutch AF F-16A  J-359 323 Sqn Engine problems. On route Leeuwarden to Florennes. Several relight attempts failed. Crashed at Arum near Lollum, 4 miles south of Franeker. pilot ejected near
Leeuwarden base

[see also ------]

30th September 1992 RAF Hawk T.1A XX334 7 FTS / 19(R)Sqn crashed onto the airfield at Chivenor, Devon while
attempting a practice engine failure and return after take-off
Instructor stayed with the aircraft and sustained
serious burns in post crash fire. Died later of injuries
student Flt. Lt. BIair in the front seat ejected
safely and suffered only minor injuries
THESE DETAILS NEED CONFIRMING - Different source give the instructor  pilot ejecting and the student remaining in aircraft. Flt. Lt. Blair ejected safely but was he instructor or student ??


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
1st October 1992 USMC F/A-18B Hornet 161719 
NAS Patuxent River, MD, USA

Arrested landing failed after flight control difficulties. Crashed into a truck, driver was killed

Lt. COL T. Pennington MAJ D. P. Yurovich  
7th October 1992
Mirage 2000EG   331 MPK     G. Kormentzas   Martin-Baker
10th October 1992 Civilian Tucano       Mr. B. Sandberg    
16th October 1992 USN F-14A Tomcat 159606
ND 212
VF‑302 Engine failure. Crashed near NAS Key West, FL, USA,     Martin-Baker
Lt. Cdr. John Kesterson
Lt. Cdr. Glen R. Mickle

I was the pilot of an F-14 that had a catastophic engine failure resulting in extreme internal aircraft damage and fire leading to the aircraft departing controlled flight. The departure was completely incapacitating to both myself and the RIO inhibiting our attempts to initiate ejection. I was able to get a hold of the lower ejection handle and we both survived.

John Kesterson
in email 17th February 2009

17th October 1992
NANCHANG A5       Flt. Lt. F. A. Baig   Martin-Baker
20th October 1992 Thai AF PC9            
Flt. T. Sueksamet Flt. T. Tamoon  
26th October 1992
Spanish AF
Casa C-101 412‑28 EB01 E.25‑39 Base Area Matacan

Area of Cuenca

Capt. F. G. Buergo   Martin-Baker Mk.10
2.Lt. A. G. Hevia   Martin-Baker Mk.10
26th October 1992
Spanish AF
Casa C-101 ?? ?? Area of Cuenca CAPT  C. R. Resa   Martin-Baker Mk.10
27th October 1992

Japanese DF
F-15J 72-8884 204th Hikoutai
Hyakuri AB
crashed in the sea 55 km from Kitaibaraki City, Ibaraki Prefecture Pilot ejected and recovered by a fishing boat and taken by a SAR helicopter, but died   ACES II
27th October 1992
New Zealand
BAC-167 Strike Master NZ6368
14 Squadron  Ohakea Control problems. Crashed  Kaitawa, south-east of Pahiatua Flt. Lt. S. L. Singleton Turner (RAAF) ejected at 9700'
(received minor injuries)
  Martin-Baker Mk(NZ)PB4
30th October 1992   F‑16A 82‑0985 15th TS Crashed during post‑maintenance check flighton I‑84 nr South Weber, UT, USA pilot ejected safely   ACES II
22nd October 1992   F‑16C 85‑1485
86th FW Crashed  Konya ranges, Turkey pilot ejected safely   ACES II
27th October 1992   F‑16C 90‑0761
17th FS/363rd FW, Shaw AFB, SC, USA Crashed on landing approach pilot ejected safely   ACES II
28th October 1992   A‑4M Skyhawk II 160034 55   NFWS control lost during ACM. Crashed near Yuma pilot ejected safely   Escapac


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
1st November 1992
Mirage             Martin-Baker
1st November 1992 USMC F/A/-18D Hornet 64649
VMFA[AW]-225 Ran off runway after an aborted take-off causing serious damage to the nose, centre
section and undercarriage. Crashed at 29 Palms MCALF,
MAJ E. B. Cassady Ejected Capt. John Rupp Ejected NACES
  There is an error on the page that contains the vmfa 225 crash in November of 1992.  It occurred on November 1st and the crew was:  Major E B Cassady and Capt John Rupp, not the names that are listed
3rd November 1992
  EA-6B Prowler 161776 ???
NAS El Centro
Crashed in a field near the Naval Air Facility El Centro, Calif  ejected    
        All three crew ejected  at very low altitude while inverted.All killed
7th November 1992


Flt. Lt. Taimuri   Martin-Baker
12th November 1992 USAF OA-10A Thunderbolt II 79-0184
Pennsylvania ANG/111th FG Port engine failure during a training flight from Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. Crashed into a wooded
area 2 miles south east of Warren Grove test range, southern New Jersey
pilot ejected   ACES II
13th November 1992 CIS AF Su-27 Flanker     crashed on landing at Gudauta air base, Abkhasia Pilot ejected    
18th November 1992 Columbian A. F. Mirage       Moreno ejected    
20th November 1992 Fr N Etendard       E. Michelet    
22nd November 1992 USN F/A-18C Hornet 162833
301 NL
USS Kittyhawk
crashed into the Pacific Ocean soon after night
Pilot Cdr. E.Wattam ejected   Martin-Baker
25th November 1992 USN T-2C Buckeye 156707
C 615
NAS Kingsville, Texas
Crashed on landing at  after precautionary
single - engined approach
Pilot ejected    
26th November 1992
Mirage 2000EG   332 MPK crashed in North east Aegean Sea during a training mission  Pilot seen to parachute
26th November 1992
Mirage 2000EG   332 MPK crashed in North east Aegean Sea during a training mission D. Bratsios ejected, rescued   Martin-Baker
27th November 1992 Spanish AF Mirage F.1BE CE.14B-28/14-71 Ala 14 crashed on Albacete airfield instructor killed    
ejected safely

27th November 1992

Rebel Forces of


Rockwell OV-10D Bronco FAV-1103   During coup d' etat Rebel pilot attacked loyal Military objectives in Caracas was hit by an RBS-70 missile fired by the Venezuelan Army. Shot down by small arms fire
and IAI TVM-20 20mm AAA while attacking Palo Negro and Sucre air bases during failed coup
attempt. Crashed in Venezuela.
May. Luis Miguel Magallanes "Chokos" ejected over the Base Aérea Francisco and was captured




May. Miltic ejected



Ejected NAA

27th November 1992

Rebel Force of


Rockwell OV-10 Bronco     Shot down by FAV F-16 while attacking Barquisimeto air base using Vulcan M61 cannon. Crashed at BAEL in Maracay killed NAA
30th November 1992 USAF F-15C Eagle 83-0021
1stFW 71stFS  a mechanical problem during a routine training flight during 2 v 4
air training against four Mirages. while on detachment from Langley AFB as part of the Operation
Southern Watch force crashed near Dhahran in the Persian Gulf area
pilot ejected safely   ACES II


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
9th December 1992 RoKAF F-4D Phantom II   11th FW
Taegu A. B.
crashed into a mountain 175 miles south of Seoul, near
Kochang, South Korea after developing engine trouble
ejected   Martin-Baker
ejected   Martin-Baker
9th December 1992 USMC AV-8B Harrier II 163181
crashed after several attempts to relight following
flame-out during training
Pilot ejected safely

61861   F‑14A   AB 212      VF‑33, NC, USA, lost control after engine ,

            failure, crew    ejected safely ,

15th December 1992 USN F-14A Tomcat 161861/212 VF-33 Crashed into the Atlantic 25nm off North Carolina 30 M E of Oregon Inlet, Cape Hatteras,   after
entering a flat spin during ACM
pilot Lt. Joseph Burns   Martin-Baker
RIO Lt. Gregg ejected safely
Hilliard ejected safely
17th December 1992
Spanish Air Force
Mirage F1BE   CE.14-28
Ala 14
Vrashed Villarrobledo near Minaya, 124 miles south east of
Madrid during training mission
Pilot killed co-pilot Lt. J. A. B. Castano ejected safely Martin-Baker
17th December 1992
USAF F-16A 83-1078/TX AFRes/924th FG Engine ingested
large bird en route to range crashed at Bergstrom AFB, Texas, wingman observed flames from the engine
Pilot ejected safely   ACES II
18th December 1992 Dutch AF F-16A J-238 Leeuwarden speed brake problems and ran off the runway and overturned. Pilot ejected safely   ACES II
21st December 1992 RJAF F-5E     Training Pilot ejected    
21st December 1992 RJAF F-5E     Training

Pilot ejected [should htis be an F-5F or were two aircraft involved??]

22nd December 1992 Libyan Arab AF MiG-23 Flogger     Crashed 15km from Tripoli Airport after mid-air collision with
Libyan Arab Airlines Boeing 727-2L5 5A-DIA. All 159 on 727 were killed.
Ejected   KM-1
Ejected   KM-1
December 1992                
December 1992                
December 1992                
23rd December 1992 USN F-14A Tomcat 162708/101/AF VF-201 crashed during ACM with an A-4 Skyhawk 30
miles south west of Dallas
Pilot Lt. Cdr. J. A. Summers ejected safely   Martin-Baker
RIO killed.    
??-??-1992 Yemeni AF Su-22 Fitter       pilot baled out    

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