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Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
26th January 2004

Italian Air Force
F-16A MM7265 7 Stormo (Cesare Toschi) unit at Trapani-Birgi AB Crashed while while preparing to land at Decimomannu AB, Italy, into the Mediterranean sea north of Sicily Captain Giuseppe Morana ejected recovered byAn HH3F Pelican SAR helicopter   ACES II
8th January 2004

                                                                                                                    photo by & via Richard Chevrier
Mirage 2000D
n°621 / 3-JG 

Mirage 2000D n°621 / 3-JG  EC 02.003 "Champagne" from BA133 Nancy
night mission - bad weather at high altitude (Ice)
crash at Mas-Saint-Chély (Lozère)
PILOT ejected safely   Martin-Baker
NOSA (navigator) ejected safely   Martin-Baker
28th January 2004 HAL[Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd] HJT-36 Intermediate Jet Trainer (IJT) Prototype S3466/"275"

Bangalore Division
During simulated "ejection" Intermediate Jet Trainer (IJT) prototype hangar of HAL Bangalore Complex      
Inadvertent ejection   Zvezda K36CT Russian ejection seat
During a simulated ejection exercise, a pilot occupying the rear ejection seat suffered burn injuries on his face and an engineer from Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd sustained injuries, when an ejection seat from an aircraft accidentally fired. A pyro-cartridge had not been removed before the test. The ejection exercise was conducted inside the .   The seat shot up over the aircraft and penetrated and landed on the hanger roof.


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
13th February 2004

T-27 TUCANO     during a EDA´s flight training - known as Smoke Squadron - over an uninhabited area 10 km away from the city of Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, interior of the state of São Paulo Major Luiz Francisco Tolosa

Captain Márcio Guimarães de Oliveira

Captain José Márcio de Almeida

Lieutenant Fabrício Calomeno Machado

Further details needed to ascertain who was in each aircraft

13th February 2004

T-27 TUCANO       Martin-Baker
20th February 2004
10 a.m. (0430 GMT)

MiG-21     Technical error. Flying over a practice range in Lakha Bawala village when it crashed near the city of Jamnagar in northwestern Gujarat. Casualties on ground due to flying debris pilot Flying Officer Ghumman ejected safely   KM-1
25th February 2004
A-10 Thunderbolt   Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska crashed 3.5 miles north of air base  two minutes after takeoff on a night vision goggle takeoff and landing upgrade mission Capt. Jonathan P. Scheer low level ejection but was fatally injured   ACES II


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
11th March 2004
9.30 p.m.

MiG-21   Nal airbase in Bikaner near Kanasar, about 360 km from the state capital Jaipur Flying Officer Shashank Mitra    
16th March 2004
Su-30MKK     Birdstrike or double engine flameout ejected at low altitude   K-36
ejected at low altitude   K-36
19th March 2004
 F-7 Fighter     crashed 20 Miles west of Jhang in Punjab province. Routine operational training mission, technical malfunction. No loss of civilian life Pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
24th March 2004
F/A‑18C Hornet 165204
AB 3
Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, South Carolina
 in Atlantic 30 M off St Catherine's Sound, GA

pilot ejected safely

26th March 2004
F/A‑18C 164689 
AJ 307
VFA‑15 ran off runway during take‑off, Raleigh ‑ Durham IAP, NC, USA

Lt. j.g. Wesley Baumgartner ejected safely

29th March 2004
F‑14D Tomcat 164344
NK 1
USS Stennis
Engine problems, crashed in Pacific 2 M W of Point Loma, San Diego, CA, USA on the way to North Island     Martin-Baker
pilot Lt. Dan Komar ejected safely RIO Lt. j.g. Matt Janczak ejected safely Martin-Baker
29th March 2004
10 a.m. CST

F/A‑18A 162839
AF 301
VFA‑203  hit power lines at low level nr Piney river S of Spring City, W of Watts Bar Lake, N of Chattanooga,crashed near U.S. 27 TN Navy Reserve Cdr. Kevin T. Hagnstad, broke an ankle when he ejected   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
22nd April 2004

Pilot Colonel Helmar Storm ejected at 5000 metres lieutenant colonel Bert Bert-Ullrich Schmidt ejected at 5000 metres Martin-Baker
22nd April 2004
51 Immelmann reconnaissance squadron, Jagel
Two German Air Force Tornado jets both from the same squadron collided in mid-air above the St Peter-Ording beach resort on the North Sea at an altitude of 5000 metres     Martin-Baker
Major Arndt Freiberger ejected but did not survive First Lieutenant Sebastian Schulz ejected but did not survive Martin-Baker
22nd April 2004
Guinean air force
MiG 21     Mechanical problems  crashed near Kassa Flight Sergeant Nama Keita successfully ejected but drowned after plunging into the Atlantic Ocean off Conakry    


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
Thursday 6th May 2004
5:10 P.M

F‑15E 88‑1701 335th FS/4th FW Bird strike with black vulture, near Callaway near Franklin County Speedway, W of Rocky Mount, 20 M S of Roanoke, VA     ACES II
Pilot Capt. Darren Wees ejected WSO Capt. Daniel Spier ejected ACES II
14th May 2004
CT144 CT155202   Crashed 1 mile north of 15 Wing, Moose Jaw, Canada

Capt John Hutt (CAF)

F/L Ed Morris (RAF)

Canadian Hawk loss where the two crew ejected

Type: Hawk CT155202

Date: 14 May 2004

Location: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

thanks to MH for his update of the details follow this link


 (large file takes time to upload)

17th May 2004
 F‑16C 85‑1555 113th TFS IN ANG collided over southern Indiana with F‑16C 86‑0260 crashed  about 40 miles southwest of Terre Haute   Major Thomas Sims ejected

Major William Burchett, was killed

Who was in which aircraft ??

17th May 2004
 F‑16C 86‑0260 113th TFS IN ANG collided over southern Indiana with F‑16C 85‑1555 crashed  about 40 miles southwest of Terre Haute    
21st May 2004
F‑15C Eagle 81‑0027 1st Fighter Squadron,
325th FW
  Tyndall AFB
An air-regulating valve detached from his torso harness and became lodged in the ejection seat handle. When the pilot moved to check his position and pulled the control stick toward him, enough tension was put on the detached valve to raise the ejection seat handle, causing him to eject. Aircraft crashed in Gulf of Mexico 5 M off St George Island, FL, USA

Lt. Col. Patrick Marshall un-intentionally ejected - safely



Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
4th June 2004
Aermacchi MB339CD MM55083

Crashed on take-off from Aermacchi, Venegono, Italy.

Pilot Maggiore Lorenzo de Stefano ejected   Martin-Baker
6th June 2004
Sri Lankan Air Force
MiG-27 CF 734 Katunayaka Air Force base Engine problems shortly after take off. Crashed into the Negombo lagoon Flight Lieutenant Poojana Goonatilake ejected at 1300 metres KM-1
9th June 2004
French Air Force
Mirage 2000N 318 02004 Sqdn, Luxeuil les bains 116 AFB  crashed in the sea 2.5 miles off shore of Gruissan Beach     Martin-Baker
Pilot ejected WSO ejected Martin-Baker
Both rescued by a FAF helicopter from Istres 125 AFB
18th June 2004
 F‑15C WA 57th W

Fuel starvation. Nellis AFB ranges nr I‑15, nr Moapa, NV, USA

pilot ejected safely   ACES II
21st June 2004

Fuerza Aérea Argentina
Mirage V "Dagger" C-434 Grupo 6 de Caza
Tandil AFB
Rountine training flight. Engine flamed out. Could not restart. to Las Higueras Airport. Engine stopped during appraoach to landing. Crashed  Rio Cuarto city, Cordoba province Argentina   Primer Teniente Sebastián González Iturbe ejected safely without any injury at aproximatly 700 ft AGL

[personal testimony]

Martin-Baker JM-6



Saving lives since the 1940s

If any firm typifies the entrepreneurial spirit of the UK aerospace industry over a number of generations, it is ejection seat manufacturer Martin-Baker. Founded just before the Second World War, it fired its first ejection seat in 1946 and has gone on to dominate the market ever since. Based in Denham, near London, the company has made 70,000 ejection seats - one in 10 has saved an airman's life. A prominent meter in the company's offices clocks up the successes to date: 7,061.

Martin-Baker has a 75% share of the Western market and 80% of its sales are exports. Current production is 400-500 seats a year. It has fought off competition from major US companies that have tried to break into the market. Its main rival today is Goodrich, which supplies several US fighters including the Lockheed Martin F-16. It has also fought off all offers to sell out and remains family owned.

Later this year, Martin-Baker will carry out the first test of the ejection seat destined for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter - the "evolution of 50 years of design", says business development manager Andrew Martin. Since the 1950s, the company has been sole supplier to all US Navy aircraft, including the Boeing F/A-18.

With fewer programmes coming on to the market, the company is looking at other growth areas, including support. "Historically, air forces would handle all this themselves but no one knows our products like we do," says Martin. "We are still supporting products we delivered in the 1950s." The trainer and light attack market remains promising, with some programmes in the offing: it already provides the seat for the Raytheon T-6 Texan.

Martin-Baker also branched out 20 years ago into helicopter crashworthy seats and has been selected to retrofit the Boeing UH-60 Black Hawk. It is also sole supplier for the Sikorsky S-92. It is a growing market, says Martin, "but barriers to entry are lower, so competition is higher".

source: Flight International 16th July 2004


Smart ejection seat from Martin-Baker on display

An aircraft ejection seat (pictured) that thinks for itself is on display for the first time at Farnborough 2004. Ejection seat and escape technology manufacturer Martin-Baker is showing its Mk16E for the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter at Stand D3, Hall 4.

Currently in an advanced stage of development, the seat will provide an escape system able to eject pilots in the event of problems during short take-offs and vertical landings.

An on-board computer selects the best mode of seat operation by monitoring the aircraft's speed and altitude. This gives the pilot the best chance of survival in emergencies. And where the pilot is unable to react quickly enough to a rapidly developing crisis, an automatic ejection capability kicks in.


If retained for production, this automatic system will eject the pilot if the aircraft departs from previously established parameters, during transition from conventional to vertical flight and vice versa, and while hovering.

The seat can be adjusted vertically and tilted to accommodate the size and weight of its occupant and has full life support. Its design also reduces the aircraft's weight and manufacturing costs.

Also on display at the stand are the US16LA seat for the Raytheon T-6A, and the K16K seat for the Korean-built KAI T-50.


source: Flight International 19th July 2004

Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
1st July 2004
Photo of Alpha Jet E161 / 8MK
  photo by & via Richard Chevrier

Alpha Jet E161/8-MK ETO 01.008
crashed near the village
of Hourtin-Plage, north-west of Bordeaux, not far from a lake d'Hourtin-Carcans, Cazaux France
Pilot ejected - serious wounds Hydraulic Mechanic ejected - serious wounds Martin-Baker
12th July 2004
T‑45C 165487
A 144
TW‑1, NAS Meridian, MS, USA ran off runway during landing

pilot ejected safely

21st July 2004
F/A‑18A   VMFA‑134 collided with F/A‑18B 162870 nr Arlington, over Columbia River, OR, USA pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
6th August 2004
Pakistan air force (PAF) Mirage     Technical malfunction while on routine operational training mission, crashed 28 miles north east of Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan, Islamabad pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
26th August 2004
Mirage 2000D N°633 3/3 “Ardennes”  The accident happened during a air combat training between two Mirage 2000D of the 3/3 “Ardennes” squadron. Engine failure at 14500ft  Aircraft crashed just beside of Colmar Air Base Pilot ejected at 1800ft - seriously injured Martin-Baker
NOSA ejected at 1800ft - OK Martin-Baker
26th August 2004
F/A‑18C NE303 VFA‑151 NAS North Island, CA

Ran off end of runway at NAS North Island, CA and ended up in San Diego harbour

Lt. Jason Doyle Walker ejected safely
Thursday 27th August 2004
Romanian AF
    During training mission. Collided over the town of Cristesti. One of the MiGs crashed nearby a house giving the owner injuries to his legs. The other aircraft crashed on a garage and caught fire Pilot ejected - sustained minor injuries   KM-1
Thursday 27th August 2004
Romanian AF
    Pilot ejected - sustained minor injuries   KM-1


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
1st September 2004

Mirage 2000     Mid-air collison during a simulated dogfight between three Mirages 2000. Crashed in the sea region north of the island of Skyros The other Mirage, although damaged landed at Skyros island airfield Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
Thursday 2nd September 2004
2230 BST
RAF Canberra T4


WJ866 39 (1 PRU) Sqn
RAF Marham, Norfolk
Involved in "touch and go" training, where the crew practise landing and take-off. Crashed on runway Navigator Sqn. Ldr. ???? ejected at low level and he was taken to a Nottingham hospital with severe back injuries Martin-Baker
Flight Lt Lawrence William John Coulton ejected at low level out of seat envelope - killed Martin-Baker
Flight Lt Paul Gareth Morris ejected at low level out of seat envelope - killed Martin-Baker
14th September 2004
F/A‑18C 164904
WD 00
VMFA‑212 about 10 M SW of RAAF Tindal, Australia pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
20th September 2004
F/A‑18A 161970
MG 00
MCAS Quantico, VA, USA
ran off runway, MCAS Quantico, VA, USA pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
23rd September 2004
Indian Air Force
Mirage 2000   Gwalior base in central India   pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
12th October 2004
Indian Air Force
Mirage 2000H trainer    Maharajpur AB, Gwalior in central India  taking part in exercises with the Singaporean air force developed technical fault engine at 18,000 feet stalled, at 1,800 feet apparently because of a compressor failure.  crashed in a sparsely populated area four nautical miles away from the Maharajpur runway Wg Cdr Venkatesh ejected   Martin-Baker F10QA
Flt Lt Rangachari ejected   Martin-Baker F10QA
21st October 2004

Kfir TC-2     Bird strike. Final aproached to Taura AFB Capitan Alex Padilla ejected with minor injures. Martin-Baker
Capitan Patricio Velasco  ejected with minor injures.   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
Tuesday 9th November 2004

Royal Malaysian Air Force
MiG-29N Fulcrum   19th Squadron Kuantan airbase crashed 16 nautical miles north west of the of the air base at the Ketengah Perwira oil palm plantation in Kemaman, Terengganu pilot Mejar Fajim Jusfar Mohd Mustafa ejected safely - suspended in tree for over four hours - rescued next day K-36
9th November 2004
F/A‑18C AG VFA‑131 5 M N of Nellis AFB, NV, USA  pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
1st December 2004
AV‑8B WE VMA‑214
Marine Corps Air Station Yuma
hydraulic failure, engine caught fire near Highway 95, Cibola range, Yuma proving ground, AZ, USA pilot ejected safely   Stencel
1st December 2004
F/A‑18A   Blue Angels Hit water 6 M offshore in Gulf of Mexico nr Perdido Key, FL, USA Lieutenant Ted Steelman  ejected safely taken by helicopter to Pensacola Naval Hospital -later released Martin-Baker
Friday 10th December 2004
CT-114 Tutor     Mid-air collision Friday morning while on a routine practice flight over southern Saskatchewan.Miles Selby in other aircraft was killed and did not eject Capt. Chuck Mallett was "ejected" still in his seat and manually released himself Weber
20th December 2004

F/A-22A Raptor
[first production aircraft]
53rd Wing's 422 Test and Evaluation Squadron
Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada
Probable solftware malfunction. Crashed during take-off pilot ejected safely   ACES II

Stéphane Pichard

Philippe Poizat


in email 11th June 2006
Just to complete your ejection list with any photos.

 photo of the mirage 2000D n° 621-3JG crashed in 2004 (8th January,and the Alphajet E161-8MK crashed in 2004 too (1st july)

The photos are mine, you can publish them



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