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I noticed that on your ejection site, you list a T-37 crash on 18 Jan 2005. You have listed, "80th Flying
Training Wing
Laughlin AFB
Crew from Sheppard Air Force Base," but really both the crew and jet were from the 80th FTW  - no ties to Laughlin (even though the af.mil image shows a jet from Laughlin).

Under unit/serial, you have "???/XL," which should be "80th FTW/EN" since EN is the tailcode for Sheppard.

I really enjoyed your site! Keep up the great work.

Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
Tuesday, 4th January 2005
MiG 21 Type 75,   Nal Air Base crashed in a farm at Inda village, 20 km from Bikaner, soon after taking off on a routine sortie from the Nal air base near,  Bikaner in Rajasthan Sqn Ldr. S. Kaila, ejected safely KM-1
Tuesday 18th January 2005
T-37 ???
80th Flying
Training Wing
at Sheppard AFB
Crew from Sheppard Air Force Base
midair collision in hazy conditions with
south western Oklahoma
near the town of Frederick.
pilot Capt. Christopher
pilot 2nd Lt.
Roderick James ejected
Friday, 21st January 2005


PC/9-A Roulette Five RAAF Roulettes display team


collided near the East Sale RAAF  with another Pilatus PC/9-A piloted by Flight-Lieutenant Mark Ellis Flight Lieutenant Roland “Arnie” Morscheck ejected at only 300 ft Martin-Baker AU11A
29th January 2005
6:30 p.m., Japan Standard Time

F/A-18F   (VFA) 102
USS Kitty Hawk
(CV 63)
Atsugi, Japan
in an accident on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk, approximately 100 miles southeast of Yokosuka, Japan

Pilot, Lt. j.g. Jon Vanbragt

Lt. Cmdr. Markus Gudmundsson
Martin-Baker NACES


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
18th March 2005

F-16D Block 52P 92-3927
16 WS Crashed at the end of the runway during landing at Nellis AFB pilot ejected safely   ACES II
23rd March 2005   T.45           Martin-Baker NACES
23rd March 2005
Venezuela A.F.
Tucano     Venezuela ejected   Martin-Baker
ejected   Martin-Baker
3/25/2005 - NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. (AFPN) -- An F-15 Eagle crashed at about 8:35 a.m. March 25 about 50 miles northeast of here.

The pilot ejected safely and was flown back to the base. He and the aircraft are assigned to the 422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron.

A board of officers will investigate the accident.

Preliminary report on mig-21 Lancer crash - Chief of Air Force Staff accepted the preliminary report on MIG-......G-21 Lancer crash - Chief of Air Force Staff accepted the preliminary report on mig-21 Lancer/86th Airbase crash on 8th March 2005. Report findings are as follows:

| 3-18-05 | AP cretin
NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. (AP) - An Air Force pilot ejected safely moments before his F-16 crashed Friday just short of the runway at Nellis Air Force Base. The pilot, who was not identified, was taken to Mike O'Callaghan Federal Hospital, where he was being evaluated and treated for minor scratches. Military officials said the pilot has been an instructor since December 2004 at the U.S. Air Force Weapons School at Nellis. The pilot had logged 1,500 hours in the F-16, of which 30 hours came during combat, Capt. Steve Rolenc said. The roughly $20 million aircraft was assigned...



Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
4th April 2005
Mirage 2000-9     Istres, France ejected   Martin-Baker
ejected   Martin-Baker
Tuesday 5th April 2005
Hawk MK 63   ALI-AL-SALEM AB Kuwait Aircraft was on approach when the engine flamed out, Ali Al Salem, Kuwait ejected but hard landing   Martin-Baker KT10B
ejected but hard landing   Martin-Baker

Monday 18th April 2005



20th Fighter Wing, Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, SC crashed five nautical miles southeast of Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina, in an unpopulated marsh adjacent to the Ashley Rive Maj. Steve Granger - OK


Lt. Col. Maurice Salcedo - OK ACES II
Wednesday 21st April 2005


Wing 7 airfield, Surat Thani , Thailand Ban Sri Praiwan village about 5km south of the Surat Thani airfield Phunphin district, Thailand Wing Cdr Somchai Padphai ejected - killed

F/O Arun Lalaeng remained in co-pilot's seat - killed in crash



Friday 29th April 2005

3:30pm local time

training aircraft


Vietnam Air Force Academy, Nha Trang engine failure -

in the sea near Hon Tre island in central Vietnam

One pilot ejected - slightly injured



Other a Lt. Col. did not eject - killed - body recovered




Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
Tuesday 3rd May 2005   F-18           Martin-Baker NACES
    Martin-Baker NACES
Tuesday 3rd May 2005

12:00 approx

Israeli Defence Force / Air Force
F-16D possibly 041 109 Sqn Ramat David Nose wheel collapse runway - Ramat David, Israel

Pilot - ejected OK

Navigator - ejected OK



Wednesday 11th May 2005       
in afternoon

Hungarian Air Force
MiG-29   Hungary Kecskemét, Hungary

Capt. Zoltán Szabó ejected OK


Wednesday 11th May 2005
T-45   Naval Air Station Kingsville Approx 1 mile northwest of  NAS Kingsville, South Texas

Major Gabriel Fabri ejected OK

Martin-Baker NACES
Saturday 21st May 2005
Russian Air Force
Su-25   Russian Air Base, Dushanbe Airport, Tajikistan 25 kilometres from Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Major Vadim Pryadchenko ejected OK

Monday 30th May 2005
Spanish Air Force
   Mirage   F-1M C.14-01 142Sqn/Ala14 (Multi-national  operation "Elite" electronic warfare)


Caught fire shortly after take-off. Crashed near Nueburg-an-der-Donau, Bavaria, Southern Germany

Pilot Ricardo Vidal Diez ejected safely minor injuries

  Martin-Baker  Mk O6A


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
Wednesday 1st June 2005    9:30 am
JAS-39A Gripen 39184 17th Wing


 40 kilometres south of Karlskrona in Hanö, Sweden Pilot Axel Nilsson ejected - OK   Martin-Baker Mk.S10LS
Wednesday 1st June 2005  00:44 h
Russian A. F.
MiG-31 Foxhound ? Khatilovo, Russia Landing accident both engines caught fire, Khatilovo air field in the Tver region.
Crew ejected at zero altitude and sustained  multiple injuries and both were hospitalised

Major Oleg Zabolotny



Captain Aleksandr Abushenkov   K-36
Tuesday 7th June 2005  12:00 h
Bangla-Deshi Air Force
Jian F-7 MB ?
Star Photo 
Flight Lieutenant Ahsanul Kabir ejected - sustained serious burn injuries - parachute caught on electric pole - civilian  casualties included one dead and four injured on ground

[Flight Lt Ahsan]


Martin-Baker  Mk 10L

Kurmitola Airfield routine training mission - aircraft caught fire - crashed in Faidabad area of Uttara, Dhaka,  Bangla-Desh
Wednesday 15th June 2005 

14:30 h

AV-8B Harrier   Marine Attack Squadron 513, Marine Aircraft Group 13, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Arizona landing at Marine Corps Air Station-Yuma, Arizona USA Pilot ejected OK   Stencel
22nd June 2005
Turkish Air Force
F-4E Phantom   Malatya-Erhac. Technical fault during sortie.Crashed at Dogansehir, near Malatya Pilot ejected OK   Martin-Baker
Rio ejected OK   Martin-Baker
Tuesday 28th June 2005 afternoon
Block 30


87-0337 120th "Colorado Cougar" FS -140th Wing, Colorado Air National Guard Lamar Municipal Airport., Colorado, USA Major Julian Clay ejected during emergency landing. Sustained bruises and a sprained ankle



                                                                                                                                                                                   photo usaf

Martin-Baker wins USAF upgrade contract

The UK’s Martin-Baker has won a five-year US Air Force contract, potentially worth $200 million, to supply replacement ejection seats for up to 509 Boeing-upgraded Northrop T-38C Talon two-seat trainers. The initial contract is for 19 shipsets. The company will manufacture at its US facility a version of the Mk16 seat produced for the Raytheon T-6A Texan II turboprop trainer flown by the US Air Force and Navy and already installed in NASA T-38s. A variant of the same seat will be used in the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Martin-Baker was selected over Goodrich to replace the T-38’s 1950s-vintage Northrop seat, which still requires the pilot to strap on a parachute.

source: Flight International 9th July 2005

                                                                          photo esa

Kliper to use Buran seats Russia’s Zvezda has agreed to provide ejection seats for the prototype of Energia’s six-crew Kliper reusable spacecraft. The operational Kliper will not use ejection seats, but the test vehicle will use seats developed for the cancelled Russian space shuttle Buran

The ejection seats used solid rocket motors intended to propel the test pilots up to 600m (1,800ft) from a Buran flying at Mach 3 or less.

The Kliper could be developed from 2006 by a combined Russian, European and Japanese space agency team (Flight International, 28 June–4 July). “Design of the [Kliper] version without wings is close to the Soyuz vehicle,” says Sergei Sergeiovich, Zvezda deputy chief designer.

source: Flight International 19th July 2005

Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
Sunday 3rd July 2005
MiG-29 ? ? north of capital near Emran, Yemen Mohammed Thabet Dareem ejected after engine malfunction   K-36
Monday 4th July 2005
South African Air Force
Impala Mk2 ? 85 Combat Flying School, based at Hoedspruit. Navigational Exercise flight, crashed shortly after take-off having hitting two vultures Student Pilot Captain Colin Sparkle  ejected at 600ft suffered some scratches and bruises   Martin-Baker   Mk O6A
5th July  2005        10:00h

Greek Air Force
A-7H  Corsair II 159963
HAF/336 MV

116th Combat Wing at Araxos airbase, (Andravida airbase)

10 miles north of Sperheiada, Makrokomi region Second Lieutenant Nikolaos Danias ejected safely and was taken to Lamia hospital and then to the 251 Air Force hospital  Escapac
Thursday 14th July 2005     6:10 p.m.
AV-8B Harrier ? 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing

 VMA-542        Cherry Point Air Station

 Plane crashed unpopulated in forest near Pamlico Sound, about 15 miles east of Bayboro Pilot  Capt. J. Tye Bachmann ejected suffered minor injuries and was treated and released from Halyburton Naval Hospital   Stencel
Monday 18th July 2005
F/A-18E Super Hornet ? VFA-122

Lemoore Naval Air Station

Midair collision with F/A-18F - crash site in the Mojave Desert Lt. Bruce L. Clark ejected but was killed.  
Monday 18th July 2005

11:29 a.m.

F/A-18F Super Hornet ? VFA-122 Lemoore Naval Air Station Midair collision with F/A-18E crash site in the Mojave Desert Martin-Baker
(VFA) 14 Lt. John Bonenfant ejected sustained injuries Lt. Noel Sawatzky ejected sustained injuries Martin-Baker
Thursday 21st July 2005

Angolan Air Force
C-424 Lubango, Lubango, Huíla province Major Aniceto Tomás António Cardoso ejected, minor injuries   KM-1
Sunday 24th July 2005
Royal Saudi AF
                                                             file photo
Display Team - Saudi Arabia
Ejected   Martin-Baker SA10B
Ejected   Martin-Baker SA10B
27th July 2005
Pakistan Air Force
Mirage ?   Crashed at Basai, 50 miles southwest of Islamabad Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker

on 9 May

Tver region on 12 May in 11:51 Moscow time

8 June 2005   Major Valerie Gusev MiG-29 Tver region


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
Tuesday 16th August 2005 08:40a.m.
CF-18 188745 425 Alouette Tactical Fighter Squadron 100 kilometers North-East of  3 Wing Bagotville, Northern Quebec, Canada Pilot ejected found safe in a forested area   Martin-Baker
Wednesday 24th August 2005
Argentinian Air Force
A-4AR ? Grupo 5 de Caza near cercanias [?] of River IV province of Cordova

Pilot ejected

Wednesday 24th August 2005

CT-114 Tutor

No. 8 in team

431 Sqn
in Thunder Bay in north western Ontario while on route to airshow Captain Andrew "Andy" Mackay Weber CL.41
Thursday 25th August 2005
Pakistan Air Force
Mirage     plane was on a routine training mission, crashed at an abandoned place in Badin village, 170 (105 miles) east of Karachi, an Air Force official said. not yet named   Martin-Baker Mk.6


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
Monday 5th September 2005
16:27 (Moscow Time)
12:27 GMT

Russian Navy
Su-33   Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov cable broke on landing - aircraft went into the water and sank to 1,100 metres Lieutenant Colonel Yuri Korneyev ejected - rescued from the water by a Ka-27 rescue helicopter five minutes later, uninjured K-36
Thursday 15th September 2005

Russian Air Force
Su-27 Flanker     Navigational problem - violated Lithuanian Air Space. Ran out of fuel at 4p.m.
Crashed in a field 55 kilometers (about 35 miles) north of Kaunas, Lithuania
Major Valery Troyanov ejected safely

Arrested for violation of Lithuanian air space

Tuesday 20th September 2005
Russian Air Force
L-39 Albatross Trainer       no further details   VRB
Wednesday 21st September 2005
S-3B Viking  

NAS Jacksonville

crashed near Jacksonville Naval Air Station in a rainstorm while the area was being battered by storms on the outer bands of Hurricane Rita - - - - there were reports that two parachutes were seen later ejection by the two crew

Lt. Cmdr. Thomas E. Blake

Lt. Cmdr. T. Bracher

has not been confirmed - both were killed

Cmdr. Thomas E. Blake

Lt. Cmdr. T. Bracher
USN Photos
Monday 26th September 2005


On September 26, AERO launched the first of a series of demanding engineering tests of a new, largely upgraded version of the Czech VS-2 ejection seat, which is developed for AERO advanced light combat and training aircraft.

Rescue capability in critical modes, such as static aircraft on the ground used this time, were confirmed. The tests represent a climax in the three-year engineering project of AERO Vodochody a.s. and the Aeronautical Research and Test Institute of the Czech Republic (VZLÚ). The grant project was supported by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade. 

photo J. Kouba VZLU


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
Tuesday 4th October 2005 09:15h
Casa trainers     Two Royal Jordanian Air Force collided in mid-air during training, killing two pilots Two killed, a third survived with serious injuries - name not released in line with military regulations. possible ejection
- not yet confirmed -
  Martin-Baker Mk10
Friday 7th October 2005

Jaguar   Gwalior airbase Routine training mission. Crashed at the Gwalior airfield in Madhya Pradesh Squadron Leader Vishal Gupta ejected safely   Martin-Baker IN9B
Tuesday 11th October 2005
15:30h local

Polish Air Force
Iskra training aircraft     crashed today near the central town of Belchatow

The pilot ejected but was found dead

Wednesday 12th October 2006
Texan T-6A     USA Pilot ejected successfully   Martin-Baker US16LA
Friday 14th October 2005

F/A-18C Hornet 163461

NAS Oceana

Deployed to Key West, Florida for training

crashed in shallow water off the
Florida Keys
 Pilot ejected, rescued form water by helicopter, taken to Lower Keys Hospital -  suffered a broken arm and a collapsed lung   Martin-Baker
Friday 14th October 2005

Tornado F3 ZE962 / XC

nr 35

111 Sqn
crashed into the sea off the east coast of Scotland shortly after taking off from its base     Martin-Baker 10A
Flt. Lt. Sam Cowan ejected Sergeant Iain Logan ejected Martin-Baker 10A
   *** Compiled from information reported in media and postings from members of the MSF Forum    

Thursday 20th October 2005

Italian Air Force
AMX   51 Stormo crashed
near Decimomannu
Pilot ejected safely
ref. 1 & 2
Wednesday 26th October 2005
12:45 h

Indian Air Force
MiG-21UTI ?   Airforce Systems and Training Establishment(ASTE) Crashed on take - off from Bangalaore Air Port Test pilot Sq. Ldr. K R Murthy, ejected but died in hospital during the evening   KM-1
Test Engineer Squadron Leader K D Bhat ejected taken to local hospital   KM-1
Thursday 27th October 2005
AERO Vodochody a.s

                                                                                                            photo aero
  Czech VS-2 ejection seat
modified L159B 6073
375 (??)
Sazena airfield two live seat ejections took place in flight of upgraded ejection seats TEST DUMMY
  Flight tests carried out followed the successfully finished ground tests and crowned the common three-year development project of AERO Vodochody a.s. and VZLU (Aeronautical Research and Test Institute of the Czech Republic).
Monday 31st October 2005
3:30 p.m.

T-45 Goshawk    VT-22, Training Air Wing 2 at Naval,  Air Station Kingsville.
Crashed about 1.5 miles  northeast of base Lt. Brian Iber instructor   Martin-Baker NACES
Lt. j.g. Jason Morgan student pilot   Martin-Baker NACES


Czech seat punches out Aero Vodochody (W504) has completed live tests for an upgraded version of the Czech VS-2 ejection seat. The tests were the culmination of three years of development for the company and fellow Czech firm Aeronautical Research and Test Institute (VZLU).
Two in-flight seat ejections were carried out using a modified L159B aircraft.

     source: Flight International 22nd November 2005

Was November 2005 an ejection free month - ???


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
Tuesday 6th December 2005

AV-8B Harrier Marine Attack Training Squadron 203   Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina Routine training mission about 20 from NAS Jacksonville miles east of St. Augustine, Florida, USA Capt. Jason Thomsen

 ejected safely rescued 3 hours later - minor hypothermia

Wednesday 7th December 2005

French Navy
Super-Etendard ???  


[11.F or 17.F ??]

B.A.N. Landivisiau. flying from Aircraft Carrier Charles-de-Gaulle

Birdstrike - crashed into gulf of Ajaccio from Carrier Charles-de-Gaulle operating south of Toulon Pilot ejected - recovered - transported to the hospital of Ajaccio for tests   Martin-Baker
Tuesday 13th December 2005
11:56 h (IST)

MIG-21 Type 77   Tezpur Air Base On routine flight Crashed into a paddy field in Pithakowa area in Assam Squadron Leader S. Alok [??] Bansal, ejected safely 21 MIG-21s belonging to the Indian Air Force have crashed. Since 2001. The type is being phased out. KM-1
Tuesday 13th December 2005
3:45 p.m

T-38-C 333
47th FTW
Birdstrike -

Plane crashed in open ranchland near Bracketville -

Major Marc Montgomery 96th FTS ejected - reports in US media suggest injured in low level ejection landing into the aircraft's burning wreckage

Major Montgomery taken to Brooks Army Medical Center -"was in critical but stable condition"



2nd Lt. Jonathan Ballard 87th FTS ejected safely at low level

Second Lieutenant Jonathan Ballard, was taken back to Laughlin for evaluation



Thursday 15th December 2005
R.Thai AF
PC-9 F19-4/34

c/n 1

FTS at Khampaeng Saen Crashed into a coconut plantation in tambon Si Muen of Damnoen Saduak district, Ratchaburi province, Thailand Instructor Pilot Wing. Co. Arthit Thammasut ejected minor injuries.
 Thanks to Steve Darke
Martin-Baker Mk CH11A
Student Pilot Flt. Lt.Supat Dudwang ejected minor injuries. Martin-Baker Mk CH11A
Tuesday 27th December 2005
11:15 hrs (IST)

Kiran Mk-1 Trainer   IAF  Systems and Training Establishment (ASTE)  Bangalore Took off on a routine training sortie.from HAL Airport. Engine problems.  Crashed  in the open field, near the BHEL residential layout and gutted by fire.   Rajarajeshwarinagar area, Bangalore

Aircraft crashed

Wg Cdr Rahul Bapat

Both crew  ejected but sustained minor injuries and taken to Air Force Command Hospital Martin-Baker H4HA
co-pilot Sq. Ldr Narayan Deepak   Martin-Baker
Taipei's Central News Agency on September 23 Xinhua, the Hong Kong Sing Pao Daily News reported today, the Chinese Air Force SU-30 MKK fighters in July this year, Yunnan crashed, the pilot parachuted to escape, but a child on the ground unable to avoid being hit, in this plane crash Died.

報導引述中國網友透露,7月17日下午,一架蘇愷三十MKK戰機在雲南上空飛行訓練時失事墜毀。 The report quoted Chinese netizen said on July 17 in the afternoon, a Su-30 MKK fighters in Yunnan over when they crashed on a training flight.

另據現場人士透露,當天下午,多架戰機在附近空域進行訓練,許多民眾目睹戰機在空中飛翔。 According to sources at the scene, the afternoon, more fighter planes in the airspace near the train, many people witnessed the planes flying in the air. 傍晚六時左右,一架蘇愷三十MKK戰機失事墜落,兩名飛行員跳傘逃生。 In the evening around 6:00, a Su-30 MKK fighter crashed crash, two pilots parachuted to escape. 另有消息說,一名機師逃過一劫,另一名飛行員來不及跳傘身亡。 Another source said that a pilot escaped death and the other pilot bailed out too late to death.

報導說,戰機墜落在機場附近魚塘裡,造成一名男孩死亡。 Reported that the aircraft crashed near the airport in the fish ponds, causing the death of a boy. 當時男孩和同伴們在魚塘裡釣魚,其他孩子及時躲過。 At that time, boys and their companions in the fish ponds, fishing, other children escaped in time.

消息指出,當地民眾事後打電話給機場駐軍,僅被告知“空軍摔機了”。 The source said that local people call the airport after the garrison, only to be told "the Air Force plane crashed." 第二天有民眾想到墜機現場看看,但周圍已被封鎖。 The next day the people there think of a look at the crash site, but has been around the blockade.

要不是許多民眾目睹空軍摔機了,摀不住了,否則這消息豈能透露出來? But for many people witnessed the crash of the Air Force, can not cover up, or else how can this information disclosed? 別光看畫報上擺著姿勢的空軍“模特”,別光看空軍司令員無功就受祿升級當了上將,得看肚子裡到底有沒有真貨。 Do not look at them on the gesture illustrated the Air Force's "model", do not look at the air force commander on the reactive power by Lu when the upgrade will be, depends on the stomach in the end, there is no real goods.

據香港明報4月2日報導說,江澤民當政期間,中共軍方十三年來共發生至少二十件墜機及其他嚴重事故。 According to Hong Kong's Ming Pao on April 2 reported that Jiang Zemin in power, the Chinese military for 13 years to a total of at least 20 crashes and other serious accidents. 自從接收蘇愷二十七、蘇愷三十戰機以來,空軍已於1996、1997年、1998年、2000年、2001年、2004年及2005年分別發生多起事故,僅1996年就損失七架蘇愷二十七型戰鬥機。 Since receiving the Su-27, Su-30 fighter planes, the Air Force was in 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2004 and 2005, respectively, the accident occurred, the only loss in 1996 on 7 Su-27 fighters. 3月30日在山東失事的蘇愷二十七型戰機自1992年開始在軍方服役,每架售價在三千萬至五千萬美元間。 March 30 accident in Shandong's Su-27 fighters since 1992, serving in the military, each in the price of inter-3-50000000 US dollars.

而這逾二十件蘇愷戰機事故,除2005年3月30日這次外,其餘均發生在江澤民任中央軍委主席期間。 This is more than the Su-20 warplanes Accident, with the exception of March 30, 2005 this time, the other occurred in the office of the Central Military Commission Chairman Jiang Zemin during the period.

據透露,其中兩起是機械故障,其餘則是人為操作不當;而2001年和2004年出事的是蘇愷三十,其餘都是蘇愷二十七。 According to reports, two of which are mechanical failure, the rest are man-made improper operation; in 2001 and 2004 accident that the Su-30, Su-27 are the rest.

據中國時報2000年6月報導說,俄羅斯總統普京最近訪問北京與江澤民簽定了軍事合作協議。 According to the China Times in June 2000 reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin's recent visit to Beijing and Jiang Zemin signed a military cooperation agreement. 據瞭解,中共向俄方達成的協議是希望先取得四十架蘇愷三十戰鬥機。 It is understood that the Russian side to the Chinese agreement is to obtain first 40 Su-30 fighter jets.

中國時報報導說,蘇愷三十MKK戰鬥機飛行半徑約一千五百公里,和蘇愷二十七差不多,但後者是迎擊戰鬥機,前者是攻擊為主的戰鬥機轟炸,可進行空對地、空對海戰鬥轟炸。 China Times reported that the Su-30 MKK fighter jets flying within a radius of about 1500 km, and the Su-27 or less the same, which is engaged the fighters, the former is mainly to bomb attacks, carried out air-to-surface and air The bombing of the sea battle. 為配合部署蘇愷三十戰機,中共已向俄方購買一百枚「射後不理」的R七七型空對空飛彈,射程為五十公里。 In line with the deployment of the Su-30 fighter planes, the Chinese purchase of 100 Russian side has "fire and forget" the R-77 air-to-air missiles with a range of 50 kilometers.

雖然江澤民購買了一百枚「射後不理」,但不理能行嗎? Although Jiang Zemin to buy the 100 "fire and forget", but it can do it? 訓練時飛彈沒飛到“假想敵”陣地,都飛到自己地盤裡去了。 Training missiles did not fly to the "imaginary enemy" positions, flew into the site itself. 還咋唬說,對台海的軍事平衡將產生重大衝擊。 Ze Hu also said that the cross-strait military balance will have a significant impact.

最令人搖頭的是,今年一月,一架新型蘇愷三十MK2型戰機在訓練飛行時墜毀,兩名飛行員逃生。 The most shaking his head, in January of this year, a new Su-30 MK2 fighter crashed during training flight, two pilots escaped. 香港“漢和情報評論”說,這架戰機是中國向俄羅斯採購的第一批二十四架戰機,去年八月交機,不到一年就墜毀報廢。 Hong Kong, "commented Han and intelligence," said the fighter planes purchased from Russia is China's first batch of 24 aircraft, delivered in August last year, less than a year to scrap the crash. 真不知空軍在台海做重大「衝擊」時,能有幾架戰機不往地上扎? I really do not know the air force in the Taiwan Strait do a major "shock" when there are a few fighters on the ground not to bar? !

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立馬見效! Effective immediately! 軍演就遭報俄當天墜毀兩直升機(多圖) Zaobao Russian military exercise on the crash of two helicopters that day (more than map)
奇怪軍演! Strange exercise! 俄軍人屢遭呵斥中戰機出口被封殺(多圖) People shouted repeatedly in the Russian military aircraft have been exported to block (Figure more)
天災由人禍造成! Natural disasters caused by man-made! 中俄軍演期間出重大事故(圖) Sino-Russian military exercise during a serious accident (Figure)
太哏兒了! Gen a child too! 您不看這幾個中俄軍演小花絮咋行? You do not look at the number of Sino-Russian military exercise in small-Picayune night trip? (多圖) (Multi-map)
中俄各說各話兩張聯合軍演照片做裁判(圖) China and Russia said the two joint military exercises if the photos do appear (map)
逼咱看咱就看吧! Zanjiu force to see us and see! 中俄軍演八大看點 Sino-Russian military exercise eight major point
中俄模擬攻台軍演連戰馬英九有甚麼反應(圖) Sino-Russian military exercise simulated attack on Taiwan Lien Chan, Ma Ying-jeou's response (map)
俄國陪著玩! Russia accompanied to play! 俄中聯合軍演中共讓人民全部買單(多圖) Russia-China joint military exercises the Chinese people of all pay (more than map)
中共兩架蘇愷二十七戰機在山東墜毀 The two Chinese Su-27 fighter crashed in Shandong
又出事了! And something has happened! 江澤民暈倒在大連導彈艦上(圖) Jiang collapsed in Dalian ship missile (map)

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