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Project: Get Out and Walk   


The following lists are to show the numerous companies involved with the production of assisted aircrew escape systems since the beginning of manned flight. Each name will eventually link to a brief description of that company's contribution. Where a company exists due to a merger or take-over will be identified in their descriptions

Please contact the site author if you can identify any omitted Assisted Aircrew Escape System Companies from the past or present and if you can provide an up to date web address mbenshar@aol.com
Ejection Seat, Capsule, Parachute Extraction System and "Flying Ejection seat" system Manufacturers Parachute Manufacturers Associated Life Support, Assisted Aircrew Escape Sub-systems and test equipment


Martin - Baker Aircraft Company Ltd
Autoflug   American Safety Flight Systems S.A.R.B.E.
All American Industries McDonnell G. Q. Parachute Company Ltd.   Baxter, Woodhouse & Taylor Ltd Simula
Bell Messerschmitt Heinecke   British Oxygen Aero Equipment Ltd. Scot
Boeing Mikoyan Irving Air Chute   Capewell
Scott Aviation
Chance North American Aviation Paulus   Carleton Life Support Systems
Special Devices Inc.
Convair Northrop Pioneer   Conax Florida  
Daicel Raven Switlik   Drager  
Dornier Republic     D.V.L.  
    Essex Industries  
Focke-Wulf S.E.M.M.B     P. Frankenstein & Son  
Folland Aircraft Ltd. S.N.C.A.S.O.     FXC  

B. F. Goodrich
Stanley     Gentex  
Goodyear Stencel     Honeywell Normalair Garrett  
Grumman Talley     The Walter Kidde Company  
H. A. L. U.P.Co.     Koch  
Heinkel Vickers     McCormick Selph  

Vought     OEA  
    Pacific Scientific  
Lockheed Weber Aircraft     R.F.D. Company Ltd  
Kaman Yakovlev     Sabre Industries  
M. L. Aviation