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      Ejection statistics                                                                 (please can you help complete these statistics and correct data ??????????)

All American Ind


Grumman   S.N.C.A.S.O  
Heinkel                Over 60 aircrew lives saved during World War II Stanley  
JALI   Stencel                     Over 100 aircrew lives saved worldwide
Martin - Baker

                         Over 7100 aircrew lives saved worldwide                                                             Over 7100 aircrew lives saved worldwide

McDonnell - Douglas                                                                   Over 1000 aircrew lives saved worldwide                                                                      ACES II has saved over 460 lives to date   V.Z.L.U  
North American   Weber  
Saab                                       Over 350 aircrew lives saved worldwide Zvedza et al                                                                                          Over 2500 aircrew lives worldwide have been saved by ejection seats produced by companies in Russia and the former Soviet Union

Chinese Rocket Sled and Track for testing JALI produced ejection seats                   (via JALI)