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How can YOU help this site?

I often get asked how people can help support the website.
Help in any way is very much appreciated

Ejectees & Caterpillar Club Members

Contact me if you, a colleague or a relative ejected or bailed out

Project Publicity

Recommend the website to friends and colleagues
Add a link from Your website



News Alerts

Email me with any  news items that relate to an aviation mishap involving an ejection or bail out that appears in your local newspapers or magazines and if possible provide a scan.


Research Material
Can you send or donate

any ejection or loss you know of that is missing from the website
details of anyone or any mishap mentioned on the website
reference to, or copies of articles from books and magazines
high resolution scans of photographs
old promotional material from Ejection Seat manufacturers
Translation of information published in none - English publications

Ideas and Suggestions

Send these to Mike Bennett

Financial Support

You can help finance the website by buying items from Clifton Curios Models who sponsor this website

Mike's Models & Books
Occasional sales of surplus books used in researching the material for the web site


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